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December Special Edition 2021

Zillion – Empowering Companies and Individuals to Make Better Health Choices through Robust Digital and Human Interaction


The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years has led to better diagnosis and treatment of patients. Out of all the benefited sectors from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the most important one. Consequently, it improved the quality of life over time, and it has saved many lives. The transformative power of technology could not obviously be missing from the healthcare sector. Tech is being implemented in everything from hospital administrative processes to cancer research and surgery in order to improve efficiency throughout the industry and make the patient experience as painless as possible. Mental health is one of the emerging sectors of healthcare truly benefiting from an influx of technology. Virtual reality is seen as a bright light in the fight against depression, PTSD and even Alzheimer’s. Through exposure therapy, patients gradually train their brains to build up immunity to past traumas until those thoughts no longer negatively affect them. Additionally, telemedicine apps have made access to counselors and healthcare professionals easier by opening the lines of communication and support, and reducing the need to wait for an in-person appointment during times of duress.

Zillion is one such leading health technology company which provides products that blend people, content, and innovative technology to deliver innovative and impactful programs targeting many of the most pervasive chronic health conditions affecting the global population. The company has collected over 100 million data points from over 850,000 users to power the identification of choice patterns that influence and manage high-risk factors for better health outcomes, higher quality of care and lower costs leading to a powerful consumer experience fueled by technology and integrated with human care teams. Zillion’s products include its proprietary well-being programs such as RestoreHealth and Restore Resilience, as-well-as its platform as a SaaS. It is modifying human choices with relevant personal interactions creates sustained, long-lasting change required for positive health outcomes.

Leveraging Top-Class Health Technology Solutions

RestoreHealth: As healthcare costs continue to rise, as an employer, you need to be proactive in preventing medical cost escalations by supporting your employees, and limiting your benefit expenses. That is why RestoreHealth exists and can help. With person-to-person, individualized care, the program is proven to reduce costs, engage employees, and encourage healthy actions one step at a time. Zillion has built a comprehensive delivery platform around the core strength: user engagement and behavioral change. Layered on top of that, its customer’s health and wellness program improve lives at lower cost. RestoreHealth stratifies your employee population and addresses insulin resistance - the root cause of MetS. Its best-in-class technology anticipates an individuals’ needs and alerts the health coaches. The personal coach reaches out to a member via the mobile app through texting, calls, and messages to provide support and guidance because real relationships are a priceless, significant commodity. RestoreHealth is successful because it combines relevant content with innovative technology and live coaches.

RestoreResilience: It is deeper, expert-created behavioral and mental health content. It is data-driven strategies to support early intervention, education, and crisis management. It provides clinically validated screenings for early detection of mental health and substance use disorders and connection to quality treatment, and foster psychological safety. It reduces the stigma around mental health disorders and empowers individuals to get the help they need.

A Relentlessly Reliable Leader

Cheryl Morrison Deutsch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Zillion. She brings over 30 years of experience in translating business and technology requirements into actionable plans to provide a superior user experience. Before joining Zillion, Ms. Morrison Deutsch served as Executive Director of Customer Experience, Collaboration and Transformation at Kronos. Prior to Kronos, she was a thought leader at Cloud Technology Partners (CTP). At CTP she developed both the technical and organizational strategies to support customers’ business transformations.

Ms. Morrison Deutsch spent eight years at Health Dialog as the Chief Application Officer, where she designed and managed the launch of a global coaching application. Throughout her career, she has been a leader at the intersection of healthcare and technology and has been responsible for the delivery of multiple innovative offerings that connect clinicians and patients. These offerings provide world-class care and address the management and improvement of chronic conditions globally. Ms. Morrison Deutsch holds a BA from Curry College and a MEd from the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

“Zillion has built a comprehensive delivery platform around our core strength: user engagement and behavioral change.”