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1Efficiency: The Perfect Energy Management Product Suite

“Energy and persistence conquer all things” Benjamin Franklin

The process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a building or organization is called Energy Management. If one has a portfolio of buildings, managing energy can be a very difficult affair. 5 million buildings in the United States spend over $200 billion on energy from which 30% or $60 billion is wasted. 28 billion internet enabled devices will be operating by 2020 delivering data that needs to be applied to make buildings more efficient.

1Efficiency, a US based company offers an Energy Management Product Suite that provides customers with complete automation and control over their utility related expenses for their building portfolio. The suite is easy to use and does not require any upfront cost or capital expense. The company has so far completed 55 projects comprising 867 buildings and saving $120 million.

The core technology of 1Efficiency is the Energy Consumption Database. It is a cloud based database that automates retrieval of billing and consumption data directly from utility providers and other sources to eliminate all manual effort.

Headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, 1Efficiency’s mission is to enhance the performance and efficiency of the masses of buildings in an easy and affordable manner while reducing energy usage, operational cost and carbon emissions. The product suite offers control with which customers can launch initiatives that can result in 10-15% savings without any hardware or capital expense. Investment decisions on new projects can then be undertaken to maximize returns. The tool also offers Measurement & Verification capability to track savings and progress of sustainability goals.

1Efficiency offers software- based products and technologies. Their software provides three core capabilities:

Automation- it automates accessing of all energy and related data from disparate sources and devices

Aggregation- it aggregates this data into meaningful information

Application- it applies this information within the context of a customer’s portfolio of buildings to generate timely & actionable intelligence or knowledge that is delivered well.

Product Application Suite
1Efficiency’s product suite consists of 5 applications. They are as follows:

Energy Insight Dashboard- It shows each building in a company’s portfolio to be color coded as red, orange or green based upon its energy performance. With clear Knowledge of portfolio performance, trends and anomalies can be identified based upon 1Efficiency’s building indexes.

Energy Reports- A set of standard energy reports are made available via dashboard or email for one of more of a client’s buildings. Reports can be created with respect to building, utility, meter and zone.

Peak Demand Alert- This application provides timely feedback on a very hot or cold day for the purpose of conserving power on the day when the price of electricity is highest.

Energy Savings Concierge- It provides saving recommendations based on the energy consumed.

Portfolio Builder- It is a point and click interface to easily create building portfolios. A portfolio can then be tracked at the holistic level or by each building.

Benefits Offered to Partners
1Efficiency offers partners such as energy consultants, OEM/ manufacturers and energy suppliers/brokers plenty of benefits. They are elucidated below:

Generate more Revenue- Partners can generate a new recurring revenue source to supplement consulting and product sales. They can also drive their margins as there isn’t any significant cost associated with revenue generation.

Customer Relationship & Stickiness- They can build strong relationships with clients by differentiating and complementing their offerings.

White Labeling- They can use a white-label with their logo and branding to elevate their respective brands.

Competitive Approach- Partners can improve their competitive approach by helping clients to visually understand and justify their proposed energy saving projects.

Client Testimonials
“We manage over a million square feet across ten buildings. I now know which buildings are performing through the red, yellow and green tagging. I was able to cure anomalies in the red buildings painlessly. We are now following their recommendations to achieve savings. Till now we have reduced our expenses by 7% without buying any new stuff. Our tenants also appreciate our effort and are getting involved”. – Cathy B, CFO, Property Management Company

“We’ve been using 1Efficiency’s product for over 6 months in two of our key locations and are looking to integrate the 1 Efficiency product across all our facilities. We like their product because it’s very user friendly, there is no data entry, no equipment to purchase and no upfront investment. The product not only allows us to easily monitor energy consumption, but allows us to compare it to our other facilities and even industry benchmarks. It is a great tool to helps us become a net zero energy company”. –Kevin T, Warehouse Company

Knowing the Master
Tony Giroti, Founder & CEO- He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in high tech. He was the CEO of another company called Bridge Energy Group with which he achieved the INC list 3 yrs in a row with market leadership position as a SmartGrid leader. He was also the Chief Architect of industry’s first Smart Grid Demand Response project at NV Energy in Las Vegas. He has received numerous awards in the energy industry as a visionary and as an innovator. He is an emeritus board member of US Department of Energy’s GridWise Architecture Council, US National Institute of Standards and Technology’s First Smart Grid Council & former Board member of OASIS. He’s also leading DOE’s Transactive Energy track for Commercial Buildings with GWAC.

Tony is an avid speaker at conferences and has authored numerous white papers and articles in trade magazines. He’s the holder of four USPTO technical patents. Tony received Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and Masters of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts.

“We are motivated to bringing efficiency to our customers in every aspect of our business.”1Efficiency