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3GC Group: Meet the specialists in business communication offering end to end converged network solutions

“Convergence is a movement in technology to combine resources and applications onto one level platform for interoperability and optimization.”

It’s rare to find PBX and Physical Security VARs that have expertise in network infrastructure. On the flip side, most IT VAR’s are focused on standard software implementation or network hardware implementation. Neither type of company understands the nuances of the “Next Generation” Converged Network Technologies that combined both types of technologies into one solution bringing together traditionally disparate technologies and integrating them onto a core data network to ensure that it is optimized, reliable and secure. 3GC Group provides system design, implementation, integration, and management services for a complete end to end solution. With expertise in Core Network Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS) 3GC can be your complete solution provider for a converged business communications and surveillance infrastructure. Since its inception, they have grown to 45 specialized employees with locations in Pleasanton, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul – South Korea, and Tokyo – Japan servicing clients domestically and globally.

3GC Group’s mission is to provide converged network solutions that align with the same goals and objectives of their client’s executive management by creating an efficient network that can be managed in-house with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), driving up profitability by driving down operational costs, and lastly by maximizing human resources to do more with less. Their extraordinaire methodologies are: to discover innovative Converged Network Technologies that provide unique benefits to their clients, implement rigorous sales, project management and service management processes to optimize these technologies and also to focus on their operations to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

…and this is how their journey began
3GC Group was started in January 2003 as a result of enterprise businesses that were ill-served by the technology service providers who were inexperienced with the new “Converged Networks” movement. Starting off designing and implementing networks for calling card companies to leverage VoIP traffic into their services, 3GC pivoted to provide solutions to the commercial business sector in 2007. With clients from SMB up through mid-enterprise and large international multi-site organizations, 3GC has grown with their clients and today, providing LAN, WAN, carrier design, firewall, WiFi, UC, and core networking infrastructure all over the world. Over the last four years, 3GC group has added Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS) to its business solution line up which includes IP video surveillance, building access control, physical intrusion detection and emergency messaging with clients ranging from the public sector to the mid enterprise range.

Solutions Offered

Unified Communications

Enterprise Phone Systems – With a ShoreTel system, clients get the best reliability in the industry, resulting in dramatically improved organizational communications and a low cost of ownership.

Mobility – Fixed mobile convergence technology (FMC technology) improves enterprise mobility by enabling smart phones to roam between VoWiFi (Voice Over WiFi), Vo3G (Voice Over 3G Cellular Data Networks) and Cellular networks seamlessly without dropping calls.

Video Conference – 3GC Group understands that choosing the right video conferencing solution is an important decision, and helps to choose the best solution for each client’s needs.

Web conference – In one easy-to-use interface, Converged Conferencing unifies Web conferencing, audio conferencing, desktop/application sharing, instant messaging (IM), virtual meeting rooms, online presentations, and multimedia recording.


Wireless and Wifi – 3GC Group offers customized Wireless network solutions for all business environments.

Infrastructure – Whether it is routers, firewalls and WAN redesign or switches and LAN upgrades, 3GC Group has extensive experience in end-to-end solutions for network optimization, with layering of real-time applications network.

Assessment – From network and telecom audits to VoIP simulation and WiFi coverage testing 3GC Group can provide all the assessments required for successful converged network systems.

Carrier Consulting – From TDM voice to VoIP and DIA to MPLS as well as cloud based services, 3GC can design and manage the process to picking the right carriers to work with.

Converged Electronic Physical Security

IP Video Surveillance – 3GC Group customizesIP video surveillance solutions, from camera setup planning to switch infrastructure, to servers and storage, to fit the specific needs of each clients, from small offices to multi-site facilities.
Access Control – Delivers cost effective access control management solutions, with both wired and wireless technologies, and provides additional integration into a variety of other technologies including mobility, UC, and emergency communications.

Intrusion Detection systems – 3GC Group uses dependable, high quality solutions to ensure safety and reliability, and helps manage integration with security services and emergency responders.

Other Services

Outsourced CTO: 3GC works with CFOs to reduce client’s expenses in operating their IT infrastructure. Their experts have a proven track record of developing an IT Management strategy that creates efficiencies and drives down costs ultimately increasing business value.

Managed Services and Network Monitoring

  • From basic up/ down monitoring to advanced application performance monitoring
  • Remote secure access for administration, remediation and management
  • Managed updates to hardware and software including routers, firewalls, switches, servers, voice and video applications
    Tier 2 and 3 troubleshooting and engineering
  • On Site Support

Why 3GC Group

  • 3GC Group excels in Converged Networking, Project Management, Implementation, Troubleshooting and Customer Support.
  • 3GC Group is the forward thinking VAR that our clients need to grow with their organization.
  • 3GC Group has the best Project Management and Customer Support.

Knowing the Thought Leader

Henry Park, Founder and CEO – Henry oversees and drives the vision of 3GC Group’s global expansion by spreading the Converged Networks movement in technology to all corners of the world. He brings a unique background in investment banking and technology, with experience in industry trending and analysis as well as sales and marketing. With a B.S. in Economics from UC, Irvine he has aided in several mergers and acquisitions in the plastics and rubber industry to create competing brands against behemoths such as Good year and Proctor and Gamble. Prior to 3GC Group, Henry held several mid and upper management, sales and marketing positions within the CLEC and IT Consulting industries. He also holds a minor in Psychology from UC Irvine, and has an Executive MBA from Tuck University.

“We strive to offer solutions that optimize and empower our clients’ IT department by providing them with technology tools and expertise that enhance their capabilities.”