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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

4INFO Inc is committed for preventing its customers’ ads from “appearing in the wrong places” and delivering the “value they expect”


4INFO, a company that works in the marketing and industry zone has its headquarter in San Mateo, CA works in helping advertisers drive meaningful results in their mobile and cross-channel campaigns by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. It begins by leveraging its customers CRM data or third party segmentation or purchase data to precisely target its audience. All thanks to 4INFO’s unbeatable scale, accuracy and experience in running successful measured campaigns; it has been producing the results its customers need to prove the value of their mobile strategy.

Only 4INFO delivers the accuracy, reach and experience in delivering campaigns that can be measured based on actual sales lift to make the most of its customers mobile and cross-channel advertising campaigns. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons that makes 4INFO the most suitable company for delivering the best message for advertisers.

Accuracy, being the first reason

Through a unique, patented device match process, 4INFO connects the dots between customers’s digital and offline data. Accurately pairing all the mobile devices at a residential address unlocks a treasure trove of CRM and third-party purchase data tied to that address, including gender, age, presence of children, home value, vehicle ownership, favorite foods and personal care products, purchase frequency, etc. That gives the ability to launch powerful campaigns with precisely targeted ads to all of the screens in that household, including smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, desktops and laptops.

The key to one-to-one, purchase-based targeting is accurately matching people to their mobile devices. Other platforms claim to link devices with consumer data, but when dig deeper, one would find they’re relying on probabilistic methods, IP addresses or desktop cookies, all of which have accuracy issues. And some platforms rely on email addresses, many of which can’t be matched to data sources and degrade over time. Only 4INFO's Multi-Clustering Method has the accuracy of deterministic methods. “Our platform is even better because it's not limited by constraints of reach, in fact, it's so unique, it has earned multiple patents,” speaks Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO.

Reach, being the second reason

Precise, purchased-based targeting is the most efficient way to drive sales, as long as customers can reach enough of those highly targeted prospects to move the needle. And frankly, that’s where a lot of providers fall short. 4INFO reaches more than 95% of all U.S. smartphone users across all of their screens. That’s more than 300 million mobile devices accurately matched to over 100 million households. So in this case, more is definitely more.

As mobile advertisers refine their targeting capabilities using CRM and third-party purchase data, one of their biggest challenges is reaching enough of those consumers to make a difference. Small campaigns generate minimal bottom-line impact, making those efforts of limited value to national brands.

Thanks to 4INFO’s Multi-Clustering™ Method for matching devices to households, it has made more than 95% of all smartphone users addressable across all their screens.

..And Measurement

Everyone says they can measure mobile ad campaign “conversions”. But it’s important to know specifically what they’re measuring, and whether those metrics are useful just for identifying consumer interest, or truly meaningful for determining the bottom-line success of the campaign. Measuring return on ad spend based on incremental in-store sales lift is the best measure of campaign effectiveness. 4INFO has conducted more than 100 real-world sales lift measurement studies that prove it. It’s no wonder more than 200 of America’s biggest brands run their campaigns on the 4INFO platform, including eight of the top 10 CPG companies, six of the top 10 retailers and the five biggest auto manufacturers. With 4INFO, measurement is pure gold.

The challenge of linking mobile ad exposure to offline purchase data often causes advertisers to rely on the wrong data to determine the ROI of their mobile campaigns. All ad platforms can provide reporting of clicks, page views, rich media engagements and downloads, all of which can be useful for highlighting interest or engagement. But numerous studies prove there’s zero Co-relation between clickers and buyers.

Measuring store visits, determined by ad requests that come from the vicinity of a targeted retail location, might seem like a good solution. Some platform providers would consider that a conversion. Unfortunately, nobody knows if the visitor made a purchase and if they did, how much. Worse, major flaws in the methodology can result in uncounted or wrongly counted store visits, with one study finding just 1% of store visits are accurately captured.

Greeting to the Eminence

Tim Jenkins is the CEO of 4INFO and a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran with more than 25 years in senior operational and executive roles at several tech companies including Apple and Stratacom (acquired by Cisco). At Apple, Tim was responsible for developing the education business division in Europe. Employing a unique channel and product strategy he helped this division grow to over $500M in annual revenue. While at Stratacom he was a key player in their global expansion, entering 11 new major geographies in Europe and Asia as Stratacom grew to more than $250M in revenue. In 1995, Tim founded Creative Wonders, a joint venture between Electronic Arts and Cap/Cities ABC. Creative Wonders scaled from nothing to $30M in revenue and profitability in less than 3 years and was sold to The Learning Company/Mattel.

Armed with extensive experience in developing profitable strategies and scaling companies, Tim will drive the expansion of 4INFO in the rapidly growing mobile market within the US and globally. Tim graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in business and finance.

“We uniquely enable brands to measure the direct impact of a company’s mobile/digital campaigns using in-store sales transaction data — not just store visits.”