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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

A 100% Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Class Log Management Solution, Loggly Reveals What Matters

thesiliconreview-charlie-oppenheimer-ceo-loggly-17Big data is the latest trend buzzing in the tech world.One of the most common big data problems is analyzing log data, because every company has logs, usually in enormous volumes. Every type and generation of software and hardware generates logs. These logs are tedious to analyze when you’re trying to gain insights from gigabytes or terabytes of unstructured information. How does one deal with this daunting issue? The answer is Loggly.

Finding stories within logs’ big data, so that the engineers building and maintaining software can understand what’s happening with that software and know how to improve it, is what drives Loggly to be world’s most popular cloud-based, enterprise-class log management service. Serving more than 10,000 customers, Loggly seamlessly manages logs from systems running on public and private clouds, in hybrid environments combining cloud with one’s own data center,  inside containers, on Linux, Windows, Mac or serverless environments, and even on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. If it logs, it can log to Loggly.

Any company that works with web-cloud based applications, including the many large organizations that are aggressively adopting agile and DevOps and moving applications to the cloud, is a potential client of Loggly. The company’s service integrates into the engineering processes of teams employing continuous deployment and DevOps practices to reduce MTTR, improve service quality, accelerate innovation, and make better use of valuable development resources.

Loggly’s Legacy

San Francisco-based Loggly’s founding members, including Jonathan Gifford, chief search officer, came from Splunk and other companies where they had experienced the log management problem first-hand. Vowing to solve this issue, they established Loggly, Inc. in 2009.

Cloud-based log management was still new when the company launched its first product. And offering log analysis without a proprietary software agent was unheard ofLoggly had to convince IT operations teams, who were accustomed to traditional methods of managing their logs in-house or simply accessing individual servers, that sending logs to them was easier. However, fortune was smiling on Loggly as cloud adoption became mainstream at the same time that its product was launched.

To learn about the market challenges and to get a foothold in it, the company launched a prototype product after its one-year tenure, and this prototype was overwhelmingly successful. In fact, the first product was so successful and generated so many learnings that the company decided to build a second-generation, high-scale product from scratch. It was a situation in which one wrong decision could cost the company big, but having confidence in their team and work, they chose to start afresh with a high-scale platform. The result: One-third of the Fortune 500 companies are now Loggly clients.

Influencing Factors and Forte

Loggly’s forte is that it solves an important issue that every software organization faces, at a moderate cost, and propels them in their businesses. Hiring brilliant people who are resourceful, dedicated, and believe in constant innovation, along with investors with long-term goals, are the company’s greatest assets. Fast-paced marketing and transparency in the business are also instrumental to Loggly.

There’s never a dull day at Loggly.The team is always witnessing something new from each customer and learning something new from each other. Loggly never compromises on its beliefs: Decide who you are and be true to that. Loggly is a SaaS company, and even if large enterprises ask it to sell an on-premise software version of its product, Loggly wouldn’t settle. It would rather be great in one segment of the market than mediocre at multiple segments.

Clients’ Stellar Testimonies

“Loggly has been very well received by the whole team, and it has lowered our operational overhead. The invoice amounts are close, but that doesn’t take into account the time my team would have to spend running our own log management solution.”- Jeremy Koerber, Senior Systems Engineer, Creative Market (division of AutoDesk)

“With billions of API calls every month, we generate a huge amount of log data, and it’s difficult and expensive to manage ourselves. It really made the most sense to bring in an expert like Loggly to take it off our plates.”- Calvin French-Owen, Founder, Segment

“Loggly is very fast. I wouldn’t be so addicted to Loggly if it wasn’t so fast.”- Pedro Gomes, Director of Apps Club Business Unit, Bemobi

Laud Loggly’s Triumphs

Take a look at the wide range of companies with which Loggly collaborates:

A-Listed Clientele: EA, MTV, Rhapsody, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Pictures, Hermes, Harvard, eHarmony, and others.

Proud Partners: Amazon Web Services, Atlassian, Docker, Kong, New Relic, PagerDuty, and many more.

Esteemed Investors: Harmony Partners, Trinity Ventures, True Ventures, Matrix Partners, Cisco,

Data Collective Venture Capital, and others.

Standing Ovation for Loggly’s Impressive Growth

  • Doubled its business every year since it first launched its product in 2013
  • Revenue growth of 99% in 2016
  • Up to 300% growth in number of Enterprise-tier accounts
  • Average revenue per customer grew by almost 40 percent
  • Closed $11.5 million in new financing

“The past year was marked by dramatic increases in revenue and data volume. More customers are recognizing the unique value that Loggly offers, especially in a world of complex and expensive alternatives. Our product is getting better and better, and our customers are increasing their reliance on our platform.”

  • Charlie Oppenheimer, CEO, Loggly

Meet the Head Honcho

Charlie Oppenheimer, CEO: A product builder and marketer at heart, Charlie has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Raised in New York, he was recruited by Apple at a tender age. Before serving as the CEO of Loggly, Charlie was working as CEO of Digital Fountain (acquired by Qualcomm). Prior to that he was in the role of CEO in Aptiva (acquired by Yahoo!). He resides in Menlo Park with his wife and sons.

"We offer an alternative to traditional, search-based log analysis by structuring and summarizing your log data before you ask it to."