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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

“A cloud-based platform that enables organizations to transform and improve their business operations” BusinessOptix

thesiliconreview-peter-mclnally-ceo-businessoptix-17Transforming and improving business operations is currently the focus of many organizations who want to achieve increased customer and stakeholder value. 

As a Gartner recognized platform, BusinessOptix enables organizations to understand their current business and use this as a catalyst for designing and delivering transformation and business improvement initiatives across multiple functions and geographies. 

From setting and tracking objectives and milestones to creating and delivering business, operating and process models, setting performance metrics, gathering operational intelligence and decision support, BusinessOptix supports organizations throughout their journey.

Whether transforming business functions such as finance, manufacturing or product development, or improving operational areas such as order-to-cash, customer services, procurement, supply chain or logistics, organizations can start wherever they want and build out from there. For example, some organizations have taken the approach of analyzing, modelling and implementing their processes before using the outputs to define their operating model. While others have defined their business and operating models then created and rolled out new supporting processes. 

Users of BusinessOptix have been able to deliver faster transformations, speed up decision making, reduce the cost of doing business, improve process flows, reduce errors, eliminate superfluous processes and improve collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams and business functions.

CEO’s Vision

“Over the coming years, the business goal is to expand with regional offices in the US and Asia. In terms of the vision, the aim is to further connect and work with like-minded people and partners who share the common goal of delivering more intelligent transformations and operational improvements.”

Product focus

Since its founding in 2010, the company has focused on delivering a product that bridges the gap between Business and IT teams. BusinessOptix started as a product that enabled users to write and convert process steps into simple process models. As new capabilities have been added it has developed into a single platform that both roles can use to create, deliver and manage all aspects of business modelling and process design.

Early hurdles

In the early days the main challenges were around funding and people. As the aim was to be self-funding, a strong focus on generating sales and reinvesting income on product development was required. For example, as soon there was a viable product idea (even in concept mode) the sales process would begin. Once someone committed to a purchase, then it would be built. On the staffing side, it was important to find great staff who were interested in working in an enjoyable growth company rather on just taking home a pay check.

Business assets

As the business has grown and developed, its biggest assets are the staff, technology and relationships.

  • The staff in BusinessOptix have been crucially important. Without the team who are motivated and do not give up too easily it would have been impossible to achieve anything.
  • Not picking technology because it’s new and trendy and then dies out. And equally, not sticking with and investing in old technology that is on its way out have both been crucial to delivering a platform that is relevant today and into the future.
  • Without clients the business is nothing, so it’ has been important to create and nurture great client relationships through listening and responding to their needs.

Creating long-term customer value

BusinessOptix main focus is to create and commercialize a product that its customers desire. Value for BusinessOptix goes beyond software that works and extends to providing great customer support and listening to and meeting their current and future needs. 

Peter McInally, Co-founder and CEO 

CEO Peter McInally’s experience is in the BPM and Workflow marketplaces across financial, telecoms and pharmaceutical and manufacturing market sectors. As well as managing revenue lines in those sectors, he has developed and managed strategic partnerships with CSC, IBM and CAP Gemini.

As CEO of BusinessOptix, Peter’s primary responsibilities are to steer the business and product strategy so the company meets client (end user organisations), partner (consultancies and BPOs), employee and other stakeholder’s needs. On a day-to-day basis, Peter is focused on developing and managing strategic relationships with partners such as Genpact, DST & CAP Gemini, whilst also leading the team to grow and develop all areas of the business. 

Ingredients for success: Mixing client feedback with innovations from the team, a view of the market, analyst insights and the core principles that started the product, have helped to grow and develop the platform.

“BusinessOptix is a simple to use, single platform for business and IT users.”