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10 Best Healthcare Companies 2017

A company with the purpose of Happiness, culture of Helpfulness and value of Truthfulness: DelCure LifeSciences Ltd.

thesiliconreview A company with the purpose of Happiness, culture oThe research-based pharmaceutical industry plays a unique role in developing new medicines and vaccines to prevent and treat diseases and enhance the lives of patients around the world. Its key contribution to global health is turning fundamental research into innovative treatments. The industry’s success rests on continuous innovation for the prevention and treatment of common, complex and neglected diseases and for improvement in existing treatments. Despite the challenging business and regulatory conditions, the industry undertakes investments that are considerably more risky than those in most high-technology sectors. By investing billions of dollars and thousands of scientist hours, it pushes the limits of science, fosters medical progress and contributes to the prosperity of society.

DelCure LifeSciences Ltd. is one such full scale pharmaceutical company which is working with the aim to bring differentiated high quality products international collaboration with innovator companies. It assures high quality products from its manufacturing partner of high repute. It envisions of becoming the most respected, uniquely positioned leading pharmaceutical company in the chosen areas or specialty verticals in India and abroad with distinct value based characteristics.

Changing the healthcare innovation landscape

DelCure has been able to carve a niche for itself through innovation in all areas. It has partnered with discovery and research companies in USA, Germany and other European countries for in-licensing products. It has international collaborations with:

  • Amarillo Biosciences (USA)
  • Cymbiotics (California)
  • Pharma Base (Switzerland)
  • Helixor (Germany)
  • Vefailac (Europe)

DelCure LifeSciences Limited has entered into strategic long term manufacturing collaboration with Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Limited, which is the country’s largest formulation manufacturer, known for state of art facility and is capable of manufacturing all dosage forms of high quality medicines.

It is accredited with WHO-GMP, ISO 14001-2004, HACCP, US-NSF, NAFDAC, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17025-2005, GLP, NABL, ANVISA Certifications. The company maintains highest quality standards under supervision of best personnel of the industry in QA, QC, production & engineering departments.

Unique culture

What makes DelCure unique is the diversity and inclusiveness. The employees coming from different culture and background create work force diversity. The diversity also reflects in the thoughts and ideas which in turn help in making unique strategies and working styles.

DelCure believes that every employee is unique and different therefore, everyone’s opinion is valued. The team at DelCure is well connected through various networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+. This enables them to share ideas and seek guidance.

Focus on patient needs

The company has field force of more than 500 people across India to cover its target customers and around 60Brands to suffice the needs of the patients. Along with the field force,it is also using various media to communicate to its target customer via Social Media and the company website, where it keeps on updating latest information.

DLL has launched unique brands adopting new technology that ensures better drug delivery & improved patient health, says Vineet Razdan. Mr. Vineet stressed on the point that innovation in all possible areas is being encouraged to differentiate the company from competitors.

The company has many products and technical advancements to its credit, differentiated introductions:


1st time in India for reducing pain during vaccination.


India’s first Micellized Vitamin D3 Drops


India`s first  and only Suspension for viral hepatitis


The first and only plain Montelukast suspension in India


Worlds No. 1 Formula for Pain relief in Acute Otitis Media with intact Tympanic membrane.


First time in India. Carica papaya leaf extract with combination of goat milk powder, vitamin E and Tinospora Cordifolia. Only brand which is available with sachet form.


1st and only Ready to use Zinc drops in India


Safe & natural alternative of NSAIDS in gouty arthritis


Superior Enzyme combination with fast dissolution technology for faster healing


Safe & sustained release Febuxostat


Unique combination of rose hip extract with Type 1 collagen peptide for Tendinopathy


Combination of Lidocaine & Gabapentin prepared in lipophilic base for better pain management


Natural Egg Shell Membrane peeled with patented technology for osteoarthritis


Preparation of Diclofenac & Thiocholchiside in gel form enhanced with EXEDERM technology for better Absorption


Naturally sourced calcium from algae powered with Multi-mineral benefits

SPAFAST Injection

Only combination of Thiocholchiside & Diclofenac prepared in aqueous base for pain management.

Let’s hear it from the visionary himself, MD & CEO Mr. P. K. Pathak

“I always dreamt of a company, which would help improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the country through innovation in all possible areas. Thought was to create an organization intensely driven by highly competent people, best in class processes & systems and the highest standards of quality”

Since the inception of the company on 31stJanuary  2013, DLL is committed to bring innovative products, introduce new drug delivery systems for the larger benefit of the community. In the top management team, I have hand-picked people whose name itself is collective key to success; therefore our promise to every member at DelCure is a wholesome professional journey leading to life accomplishments under the mentorship of highly accomplished seniors in the company. Sustainability is the order of everyday life at DLL and we are committed to a high performance system to ensure the profitable & sustainable growth for creating value & driving delight factor for all stakeholders.

Knowing the leaders behind DelCure LifeSciences Limited

P K Pathak: Prashant Kumar Pathak is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of DelCure Lifesciences Limited. He has wellrounded experience of integrated business value chain, capabilities in unlocking emerging market advantages with experience of running business arms in APAC, Central & Latin American countries & Africa. During his professional career he has managed large number of licensing assignments and brought new products to India and has been instrumental in collaborating with institutions of repute in the country and USA.

Vineet Razdan: Vineet Razdan is the BU Head at DelCure LifeSciences Ltd. Vineet is a result driven professional who is credited with creating mega brands & successful business verticals. A visionary strategist, he has a strong interest in strategic planning, defining long-range goals and is capable of pursuing the same through tactical planning & effective execution. Vineet has a passion for developing people. He is skilful in driving cross-functional teams to achieve organizational objectives.

“At DelCure LifeSciences, we strongly believe in promoting the purpose of ‘Happiness’ and creating the culture of ‘Helpfulness’ for DLL family members and the society with learning’s from Mother Nature. We firmly believe in value of Truthfulness.”