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A complete open source-based data platform for enterprises of all sizes: EnterpriseDB

thesiliconreview-ed-boyajian-ceo--enterprise-db-17PostgreSQL is an open source relational database management system. The term “open source software” often confuses people. With commercial software, a company hires programmers, develops a product, and sells it to users. With Internet communication, however, new possibilities exist.

Its development is managed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and it's made available under the terms of the PostgreSQL License. PostgreSQL evolved from the Ingres project at the University of California, Berkeley led by Michael Stonebraker and was one of the first relational database systems created.

Today, almost every IT industry has embraced the PostgreSQL database platform concept. The technology is serving every vertical at its best level.

Founded in 2004, EnterpriseDB delivers the premier open source-based, a multi-model data platform for new applications and digital businesses, cloud re-platforming, application modernization, and legacy database migration.

Based in Bedford, Massachusetts, EnterpriseDB integrates with enterprise technologies and infrastructures for hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehousing. 17% of the Fortune 500 utilize EDB’s technology and solutions to drive their digital strategies and to address their long-term business and technology requirements. Almost every company around the globe have turned to EDB and Postgres.

The Best-In-Class Products and Services

By offering Postgres, a tested and proven database with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data, connect with existing systems and deploy rapidly across multiple environments, EnterpriseDB provides everything a company needs to succeed as a digital business. And the tier-1 products and services by EnterpriseDB play a major role in the company’s popularity.

EDB Postgres Platform

The EDB Postgres Platform is an enterprise-class data management platform based on the open source database PostgreSQL, complemented by toolkits for management, integration, and migration; flexible deployment options, and services and support to enable enterprises to deploy Postgres responsibly at scale.

EDB Postgres Ark DBaaS for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

EDB Postgres Ark is the best DBaaS infrastructure that makes it easy for app developers to build, deploy and maintain applications on multiple cloud infrastructures including Amazon EC2, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure. EDB Postgres Ark deployments are highly available, have integrated disaster recovery, cross-platform replication, self-healing capabilities and with EDB Postgres make migrations a snap.

EDB Support for PaaS Environments

EDB Postgres is integrated with two leading PaaS frameworks: Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry PaaS solution and the leading containerization framework allowing customers to choose from Docker Containers using Kubernetes orchestration scripts, or a complete deployment through OpenShift V3 to provide a clustered solution for high availability and read scaling.

EDB’s direct to Postgres integration allows a DBA to set up a connection to a PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server database instance and then our EDB service broker provisions databases within that instance. This provides a very cost-effective way to provision development databases.

EDB Public Cloud DBaaS

With the click of a button and a credit card, one can provision enterprise ready high availability clustered database configurations including all the network, storage and compute required. EDB Postgres Plus Cloud Database (PPCD) provides a dev-ops oriented DBaaS framework for Amazon Web Services (AWS). PPCD deployments are highly available, have integrated disaster recovery, and self-healing capabilities.

Use Case

EnterpriseDB has helped many giant firms to deal with their issues using its Postgres data model. Whether it is about new application development, migration to the cloud, application modernization or Legacy migration, EDB solves every single issue.

Use Case Details Of One Of The Projects For New Application Development:

One of EDB's largest U.S. customers is a major insurance company. This insurance carrier supported its home, life, and auto insurance policy systems on separate applications in a way that prevented customers and brokers from accessing their policies from a single interface. The carrier approached EnterpriseDB to build an application based on the EDB Postgres Platform that would provide a single point of access for customers and brokers to all of the policies held by an individual.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server provided the performance and scalability the insurance company needed to support tens of millions of customers and policies. EDB Postgres was deployed to coordinate data stored in multiple data centers. EDB engineers worked with the company to deploy Slony, an open source replication solution, as well as EDB Postgres Replication Server for Multi-Master, to ensure the data stored across multiple locations is synchronized and to ensure the system meets the 99.99% availability requirement.

The company now also deploys EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager for administration across the thousands of databases deployed to support the application.

Marking Territory

Composed of business and technology leaders who had driven revenue growth at some of the world’s largest and most admired corporations, EDB today has a customer base of over 3,600 enterprises and government organizations worldwide with 17% of the Fortune 500 and 8.5% of the Fortune Global 2000.

The company has ensured that EDB remains a leading innovator in the development of PostgreSQL with an internal team of seasoned Postgres community members at the helm of this effort.

Greet the CEO

Ed Boyajian is the President and CEO of EDB. Boyajian drives the development and execution of EDB’s strategic vision and growth strategy in the database industry. As a 15-year veteran of the open source software movement, Boyajian is a seasoned enterprise software executive who emphasizes that EDB must be a technology-first business in order to lead the open source data management ecosystem. He is adamant that great technology above all else drives market leadership.

Boyajian served as a Captain in the U.S. Army and trained as an Airborne Ranger. Within EDB, Boyajian coaches and encourages each employee to hone leadership skills. He is known for his passion, relentless energy, and strategic leadership. Boyajian earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Boston University.

“Our customers benefit from the highest performing, most reliable, flexible, open, and cost-effective data management platform available. We provide our customers deep expertise and best practices to support achieving their goals.”