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A complete turnkey deployment of your maintenance & reliability program: Predictive Service

thesiliconreview-donald-frankel-ceo-predictive-service-17In every industry – technology change is skyrocketing. Big or small, almost every enterprise is looking for a system to make their business lean and agile. They need a perfect system to power it.

Managing multiple assets is one tough job, it’s near impossible to maintain and repair while balancing production demands and that’s where Enterprise asset management (EAM) comes into the play. Enterprise asset management (EAM) provides companies with a way to view company-owned assets holistically. The goal is to enable enterprises to control and pro-actively optimize operations for quality and efficiency.

In 2002 Predictive Service was set up with the premises of changing the paradigm in the EAM arena. The company was founded as a technology company in the Predictive Maintenance arena focused on providing infrared inspections of electrical systems.

Predictive Service serves a very diverse customer base including commercial properties industrial facilities, manufacturing, utilities and oil & gas. Predictive Service partners with the clients directly or through third party advisors. Many of the clients manage property throughout the world and depend on the View Point software of Predictive Service to manage their programs. Headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, the company offers services globally with offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Predictive Service is one of the leaders in the arena of EAM and offers an unparalleled approach to Enterprise Asset Management, achieving improved utilization, enhanced performance and reliability while reducing capital and operating costs.

An Unparalleled Approach to Enterprise Asset Management

The company offers the most effective combination of industry leading software, training, consulting, coaching, tools and processes.

Predictive Service’s offerings start at the core. The CMMS and ERP systems effects sustainable change to an enterprise’s processes and workflows. Adding the award winning PdM management software of Predictive service, ViewPoint with the newly developed mobile platform, ViewPoint On-Demand, brings leading-edge solutions to the marketplace. Predictive Service provides proven, quantifiable results in the shortest time. No matter what drives an enterprise’s EAM needs, predictive service has everything required to exceed the maintenance and reliability objectives with sustainable, organizational change.

Predictive Service started its venture with its first software development project called ViewPoint. The company is known for its management of its diverse customer base across the world, and to adapt to their specific needs, it needed a very capable reporting and data management tool, with the flexibility. And ViewPoint had everything that Predictive Service needed. ViewPoint is not a ‘For Sale’ product but as SASS included with every service product the company sells. It is a web-based tool to manage PdM information, history, problems found, corrective actions and the cost benefit derived from proactively maintaining the equipment.

The first project rolled out, was to a client with over 1500 facilities and it encompassed a pilot of nearly 500 locations. The pilot program gave Predictive Service a wonderful opportunity to prove the the value of our service and ViewPoint turned out to be a true game changer.

Predictive Service’s road to success

Just like any other newbie company, Predictive Service also had hurdles in their venture. During its initial days, it was difficult for the company to get customers to trust such a new company with the future of their reliability programs. But ViewPoint was the differentiator that they could not pass on and it allowed Predictive Service to overcome the hurdle.

Predictive Service has been shaped by the ever growing needs of its clients. While the company began as an infrared company in the Predictive Maintenance space, it has grown into a global Reliability Company with a full complement of Predictive Maintenance services, consulting and repair services.

The growth of Predictive Service has been controlled but opportunity driven. Much of the expansion has been to better service its multi-national clients. With time, the expansion strategy grew, and today the company operates in over 75 countries and its software applications are available in eight languages.

Starting from the establishment of Predictive Service till today, the company has always focused on their client’s needs. It hires and trains the right people throughout the world that care as much as the founding members in providing great service to its clients and it is one of the major factors behind Predictive Service’s consistent growth.

There are several individuals who played key roles in shaping the organization’s road map but the company is really thankful to John Harman, CFO/CIO, Ralph DeLisio, EVP of Sales, and John Pucillo, EVP of Operations and the entire board of advisors for their guidance in shaping the organization.

The future roadmap 

Predictive Service’s newest product and its focus for the near future is on creating supporting apps for its predictive maintenance services, its consulting solutions and its hands-on training programs.

The company will continue achieving significant growth in all the market segments and further establish its sales ability in areas outside North America. The executive leadsership are looking forward to expanding their customer base globally and continue to hire talented people to support the continued growth of Predictive Service.

Meet the key executive

Donald Frankel is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Predictive Service. With 18 years of hands-on experience in the electrical and communication industries, Mr. Frankel has led Predictive Service to be one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Previously, Mr. Frankel was President of Encompass - Cleveland from 1999 through 2001. Prior to this, Mr. Frankel was President and CEO of El-O Electric Company and Executive Vice President of Pro Net Communications Company for 15 years.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mr. Frankel graduated from Ohio State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He is also a graduate of the Encompass Leadership Institute, a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) and a 2007 E&Y Regional Finalist for Entrepreneur of the year.

“As an innovative, technology leader for maintenance and reliability programs, Predictive Service is changing the benchmark for service companies.”