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A comprehensive management solution to keep pace with rapid change in the industry: KORE

thesiliconreview-romil-bahl-ceo-kore-17With the rapid technology communication between computers has become one of the easiest tasks. It all started with the Electronic Data Interchange that made direct communication possible between two Computers. All the PCs connected to the Internet can talk to each other. Use of mobile devices for connecting internet has revolutionized the entire scenario. With the dawn of IoT, the communication has extended via Internet among all the things that surround us.

The Internet of Things (IoT) means many things to many people - the developer in a lab, the entrepreneur in a garage, the CEO in the corner office - each have their own vision. KORE provides the people, expertise, and technology to support the many visions of the IoT, from the Inspiration of Things and the Innovation of Things to the Internet of Things.

Founded in 2003, KORE is the leading managed service providers for IoT and M2M. KORE simplifies the development and deployment of The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications across the globe. The company offers its channel partners the freedom to build and choose a custom solution specific to their customers’ needs and requirements.

Today, KORE is a global leader in software service and platforms that power the IoT, with millions of active on-network units. KORE is the brand of successful IoT brands.

The World Class IoT Solutions

The world is growing more connected every day and devices are becoming increasingly automated. Managed connectivity is at the heart of what KORE does and is going beyond connectivity to provide end-to-end solutions for IoT and M2M needs.

KORE is the complete, global IoT and M2M solutions provider and brings the best-of-breed solutions to its clients.

Managed Connectivity Solutions

Ubiquitous and affordable IoT and M2M coverage is a requirement for cross-border, regional, or even for global IoT and M2M solution deployments. KORE customers get the coverage and support needed to deliver mission-critical applications from one provider with one single bill and one intuitive global network connectivity platform. As a result, the company’s customers can easily manage devices across multiple operators anywhere in the world.

KORE, in partnership with our leading multi-national cellular and satellite operator partners, offers KORE Global Connect. KORE Global Connect features GSM-based, cellular IoT and M2M communications services available in over 180 countries throughout the world in addition to satellite services, enabling 100% global coverage. Unlike other providers who rely upon complex, limiting, and often expensive international roaming agreements to provide similar services, KORE provides Tier 1, in-country network connectivity on multiple networks for the highest availability.

Power Solutions

KORE Power Solutions simplify IoT deployments by allowing its clients to work with just ONE partner to plan, execute and manage the connected solution.

KORE Power Solutions are bundled, plug-and-play IoT solutions that include:

  • Equipment: Routers, gateways, and/or tablets from leading manufacturers
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE connectivity from Tier 1 providers
  • PRiSMPro: Comprehensive and robust connectivity management platform
  • Customer Support: 24/7 global support means expert help is always available

PRiSMPro: Multiple Carriers. One Platform

KORE’s PRiSMPro platform delivers a global IoT management platform for all devices. It is an all-in-one connectivity management platform that helps in:

  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot device issues and easily verify connectivity status.
  • Provisioning: Activate, deactivate, and suspend devices in real-time.
  • Cost Controls: Access pre-configured reports, or creates custom reports for trending and analysis.
  • Customized Configurations: Setup customized bulk activation profiles for ease of use and scalability.

The PRiSMPro platform is one of the best innovative solutions by KORE that provides leading IoT innovators with:

  • Support: It provides comprehensive support tools including sophisticated coverage maps, ability to manage and update inventory levels, change device rate plans, open and manages trouble tickets and check on the status of existing trouble tickets.
  • Security: PRiSMPro protects customers’ data with encrypted data sessions, permissions-based user profiles to control access to sensitive data and reporting as well as optional, incremental security methods such as VPNs, SMPP binds, private APNs and private and/or static IP addressing.
  • Customized Business Integration: the KORE library of web services APIs allows customers to integrate PRiSMPro functionality directly into those applications they desire to connect directly-whether primary IoT applications or back-office ERP applications.
  • Customer Management: PRiSMPro provides comprehensive online and exportable billing and usage reports that deliver detailed visibility on data usage. The advanced search and reporting capabilities include account hierarchy, threshold alarms for spikes in data usage, and the ability to customize reports and white label the user interface.

The KORE Difference

With every passing year, the popularity of the global leader in IoT and M2M solutions, KORE is touching sheer heights.

KORE simplifies IoT and eliminates the complexity of IoT and M2M solutions. The company believes in:

  • One Contract: Access multiple networks through one relationship and eliminate multiple contract negotiations with multiple carriers. 
  • One Platform: Manage all of the devices on one platform, regardless of technology or network.
  • One Connection: Connect with multiple carriers through one connection.

KORE has a team of amazing people who are the master chefs of IoT. Navigating the complex world of data connectivity on its own is challenging but when a company partners with KORE, it partners with dedicated IoT experts who support the service transition, bring device certification expertise and Meet the speed-to-market needs.

Meet the CEO

Romil Bahl serves as CEO of KORE. He brings almost 30 years of consulting, information technology, professional services, and IoT experience in high-growth and turnaround environments. Throughout his career, Romil has been instrumental in enabling breakthrough growth in information and professional services organizations. His leadership approach reflects deep expertise in developing strong client relationships and creating teams that are driven to innovate and excel.

Romil earned an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Directorate of Marine Engineering & Technology in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

“IoT is transforming industries. The Internet of Things reaches across industries and around the world. So does KORE.”