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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

A Consulting Organization committed to Innovative and Dependable Technology Solutions: Njevity Inc.


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, Njevity Inc. focuses on quality rather than quantity. Quality is reflected in its approach to business, highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, and its commitment to small and medium-sized businesses.”

How do you define success for your growing company? For Njevity, Inc., a leading provider of cloud based business applications; success is defined by and attributed to the success of the rapidly growing company’s customers. Chris Dobkins, CEO, explains that “there are many factors that play into what makes a business successful, but for Njevity, by truly caring for the growth and success of our customers, their success not only has propelled our own growth, but pushed us to be better and never stop innovating on their behalf.”

Njevity, founded in 2003 as a Microsoft Dynamics business applications consulting firm, is focused on developing innovative and dependable solutions that with stand time and changing business environments. Following the stock market crash in 2008, Dobkins quickly recognized the need to help businesses continue to leverage current technologies, remain competitive and grow during a time when business owners were holding onto capital and were unwilling to invest in new systems and their IT infrastructure. Courageously venturing into the unknown, Chris and his team worked tirelessly to build an infrastructure optimized to deliver cloud based Microsoft business solutions for business owners who were ready to take their businesses to the next level. Having the opportunity to deploy strategic business applications with low up front capital expenditures, customers of Njevity’s cloud solutions were propelled into achieving more than they dreamed possible.

Cloud-based Innovative Business Solutions
As a result of the success, Njevity started providing cloud-based business solutions to their customers. They further found success extending their reach nationally by collaborating with the Dynamics Partner Community. Through their unique white labeled Partner Program, Njevity gave partners the ability to sell their own branded cloud applications at a low per user per month price without having to invest in building their own IT infrastructure. “It is important that Njevity gives partners full control of their customer relationships,” says Dobkins, “we are here, behind the scenes, to make the Partner successful in helping them shift their business to the cloud.” Once again customers, and in this case partners as well, achieved business success by working with Njevity and their cloud based business applications. Chris, who began his career in the Microsoft Dynamics community, feels a deep sense of pride in being able to give back to this community.

Unwavering Customer Commitment
Through the ever-changing business and technology landscapes, the team at Njevity understands that they are responsible for the technological improvement and innovation of the business application solutions not only for themselves, but for their partners and customers as well. Njevity recently invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud infrastructure, deploying state of the art hardware which allows their solution to offer unparalleled performance. By delegating the management of servers and business application infrastructure to Njevity, business owners are able to reallocate time, energy and resources into growing their business. Working with businesses of all sizes ranging in revenue of a few million to multibillion dollar companies, Njevity’s commitment to their customer’s growth is unwavering. “There are aspects of business and growth you simply can’t control” explains Dobkins, “but Njevity gives business owners the ability to remain focused and poised for explosive growth.”

Future Outlook
Njevity continues to look towards the future as it works with Microsoft in order to deliver sophisticated business application solutions which have been beyond the reach of small business. “One of the biggest lessons I have learned through my career is to never stop wondering,” says Chris, “especially in an industry driven by change.” Sharing a common bond with great explorers of the past, Chris likens the importance with Lewis and Clark’s exploration of America. “If you don’t continue to wonder what is over the next mountain and more importantly, if you don’t try to figure out how to conquer it, others will,” Chris explains. Njevity plans to deploy a new solution targeted specifically at the needs of small businesses that are growing beyond the needs of entry level business applications such as QuickBooks, but have traditionally not been able to afford the sophistication of a solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. This new product offering from Njevity could very well be a game changing solution for small business, allowing them to capitalize upon business applications which have been beyond their reach. Njevity believes the competitive advantage offered to small businesses that take advantage of the new more affordable product offering, will allow them to successfully compete in today’s global business economy.

Exceptional businesses are often strongly driven by their mission and values. Njevity’s unwavering commitment to customer and partner success are the cornerstone upon which the business is built upon. Silicon Review is excited to watch Njevity’s continued success and rapid growth as they help business leaders recognize the full potential of their business goals.

Knowing the Mastermind

Chris Dobkins, President and CEO
Chris brings to every individual and organization he deals with a professionalism and depth of experience that is invaluable. With his exceptional knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM and SharePoint products, Chris founded Njevity in 2003 as a consulting organization. Prior to Njevity, he was the President of The Zeal Group for six years.

“ We provide both On-Premise and Online Accounting and CRM Solutions to Customers, as well as offer Dynamics Cloud Hosting white-label opportunities to Partners through our Njevity To Go Partner Program.”