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30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

A family owned, purpose-driven company: CCB Technology


“We’re here for you every step along the way.”

In the late ‘80s, Chris Booth, an accomplished corporate business executive in the auto and publishing industries, recognized a significant discrepancy in the nonprofit world: he and his wife Patti determined to do something about it. As members of multiple nonprofit boards at a time when technology was becoming a mainstream necessity, they realized that charitable organizations had serious IT needs, but lacked the funds to obtain important tools.

Armed with the desire to empower others through technology, Chris decided to leave his corporate executive position to establish a resource for helping nonprofits. Petitioning companies, Chris secured authorization for charity pricing from major software manufacturers; he then partnered with Microsoft directly in order to write their charity program. Chris and Patti then built a business from the basement of their home, and in 1991 they established Consistent Computer Bargains, Inc., the first company to provide discounted software pricing exclusively for nonprofits.

Expanding the Reach

Over 25 years later, CCB has extended its technology offerings across business verticals, saving over 40,000 customers more than $400 million on their IT. CCB continues to focus on the people that use the technology first and foremost, connecting and collaborating with partners and customers all across the country.

‘Unleash your full potential.’ Executives say

Cloud Computing: Scalability, flexibility, and mobility are great promises, but where do you start the climb to the cloud in order to make these benefits a reality? CCB delivers cloud offerings that not only fit your specific environment, but grow as you grow. As a top Cloud Innovator, we have optimized the cloud consulting and deployment process so you can elevate your business through the cloud with ease. If moving your business forward means moving up into the cloud, we will help you start.

End User Computing: No matter how prepared you are to get a job done, there is no avoiding the paralysis that sets in when your cursor transforms into a slowly turning hourglass or spinning beach ball. This is when your computer cannot keep up with your to-do list.

That is why we connect you to the business efficient, to-do list obliterating, high powered computers YOU need. We learn what you need and then find solutions that will get it done. Whether you need a desktop, laptop, tablet, thin client, or hybrid, CCB has the long-time partnerships (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, etc.) to properly equip you. We find a solution that meets your needs.

Networking: CCB gives you the tools for a stable, mobile, and high-functioning network. From wireless routers and access points, to firewalls and switches, we deliver top tier networking devices from innovators like Cisco, HP, Dell, and others.

Success story: Emergency Nurses Association

With over 40,000 members representing over 35 countries, the Emergency Nurses Association is an authority, lobbyist and voice for emergency room workers across the globe. Learn why IT manager Louis Garcia relies on CCB to meet the healthcare IT challenges of its members and the approximately 90 association employees who serve them.

IT is a lifeline: Changes in the healthcare industry often result in urgent IT demands. Working with CCB helps Louis meet his most timely healthcare IT challenge: supporting the people who save lives. “IT is always evolving. People are getting more responsibilities and need more types of software,” he said. “IT is a lifeline. We rely on IT every day.”

Louis looks forward to working with CCB Senior Territory Field Representative Cindy Jeffers because he knows Cindy is there to make his IT life easier. With Cindy’s help, Louis can devote more of his time to helping users, solving technical problems and strategic planning. “One of the benefits [of working with CCB] is the rapport I have with my salesperson, Cindy,” he said. “Working with her makes things very easy, having her research things I need and getting me pricing and getting the items to me has been very, very smooth.”

Resolving pain points: A strong relationship with CCB over the last 14 years meant Louis met every milestone when conducting a server migration. CCB helped Louis resolve his association’s biggest healthcare IT challenges: getting the latest hardware, making sure employees had the right work equipment and dealing with last-minute software licensing requests.

“As new technology comes out, I look forward to having CCB as my partner and having them provide the services I need,” Louis said. “We’ve had a great relationship and I look to the future to having more of a closer relationship.”

“When it comes to growing your business, CCB Technology is your end-to-end solution provider for all things IT.”

Meet the Executive Duo

In 1991, A. Chris Booth, founder and CEO, established CCB as the first authorized IT solution provider to exclusively work with nonprofit organizations. Prior to CCB, Chris served in corporate executive positions for over thirty years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee and a Financial Management degree from the Wharton School of Business.

Patti Booth, co-founder of CCB, has filled a variety of roles within the organization since the very beginning, including human resources, accounting, payroll and logistics. CCB would not be where it is today without her dedication and sacrifice to help CCB grow into the company it is today. Patti is a native of Arlington, VA, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Tennessee.