30 Fabulous Companies Of The Year

A Full-service communications provider, offering comprehensive voice, data, and cloud- based solutions: Pulsar360, Inc.

thesiliconreview-robert-harrison-Jr-chief-channel-officer-pulsar360-inc-18One of the oldest VoIP/digital phone service companies in the United States and Canada, Pulsar360, Inc. was founded in 2001. The company is fairly and uniquely positioned in the VoIP, telecom space. Pulsar360, Inc not only provides hosted telecom but premised based IP systems as well as SIP Trunk offerings. Added to its cali- ber is the ability to provide private networks and Business Continuity which is a disaster recovery solution. The company is in a unique position; Pulsar360, Inc. runs a platform that runs at 99.99% reliability which is unheard of in this space.

Pulsar360, Inc : Listen. Talk. Communicate.

Pulsar360, Inc used to have multiple offices in the US but it doesn’t have any brick and mortar now. The company decided to go with remote employees, so its employees are remotely scattered from the West-Coast to Canada,to the North-East and to Madrid, Spain. Having invested more than ten years in perfecting its VoIP platform, Pulsar360, Inc has created one of the most sophisticated, highly-automated systems in North America.

The firm has received numerous awards and accolades which include the “2017 Internet Telephony Hosted VoIP” and being recognized as Top 10 Unified Communications Solutions providers of 2017.

Pulsar360, Inc. is continually ex-panding and improving its portfolio of products and services through partnerships and acquisitions.

Sublime tête-à-tête with Robert Harrison, Jr. Chief Channel Officer

What was the instrumental decision which changed the course of Pulsar’s growth?

Pulsar360, Inc. was started as a Wholesale company and one of the pivotal reasons why we have gained significant market recognition over the last four years is because we changed that model. In the first 14 years of our existence, we were a wholesale provider, reselling our product to other companies and they put their brand on it.

When I joined the company as one of the owners and we made a strategic decision to start selling our services  through the channel. So, as the Chief Channel Officer of Pulsar360, Inc., we have gone out and recruited over 180 companies in North-America, that actually sell our service offerings.

Can you discuss the Challenges you encountered?

Owing to the size of our company and over 300% growth over the last 4 years one of the biggest challenges is managing that growth. Automating the volume of the business that is coming in the door is also a struggle. To tackle it, we kicked off an initiative to automate the entire sales process. From the day opportunity is identified, to generating a proposal, then turning that proposal into an order and then from ordering to provisioning, turn up and billing, everything needs to be 100% automated.

What are the greatest attributes of Pulsar?

Reliability of a platform: We have multiple data centers in North America including Canada. We have a great market strategy in that we are very selective about the partners that sell our services. We go through a vetting process that basically looks at the conduct of that particular business, what their philosophies are, what their goals are, and if those match with Pulsar360, Inc. then their typically a good fit to sell our services.

Execution: Everybody has a busi- ness plan, but it’s the execution of that plan, not just from a business perspective but from a delivery of services perspective that really sets Pulsar360, Inc. apart. Our attrition rate for our customers is less than 4% annualized. Most of our competitors run their businesses at 30+% attrition rate annually.

How have you managed to acquire a loyal customer base?

Our customers are really at two levels; we have our partners who go out and represent our offerings month in and month out, which is almost 200 partners in North-America and then there are the end user customers that vary in size. Loyalty is really driven around our service responsiveness and the reliability of our platform. In fact that we don’t require customers to be locked into a multi year contract  which really speaks to the service we are delivering.

Furthermore, it’s really two levels of customer support that we provide and as result, the loyalty follows. The customers not only have a point of contact with the actual partner that sold them the services but they also have us as a resource, as a support system to work with their partner on applications and if they ever have issues. So, it’s a full circle of solutions that we provide beyond just service offerings.

What is the roadmap ahead for Pulsar?

Well, the growth speaks for itself. Our primary goal is to be a world- wide recognized brand. We have done tremendous things in the last 24-36 months to get our name out in the marketplace. There is still a lot of room for growth, but we aim to continue on the same growth path.

Additionally, we are going to launch an offering called Zulu. The service is in beta testing and we are very excited about it. It is going to present us with many additional opportunities. So, we will have an app that can work on any kind of smart device that will mirror their desk phones, plus screen sharing capability, video, SMS and presence. We will also be doing a formal press release in the coming months when it is out of Beta testing.

Clientele Experience Recalled

“We have been really impressed with Pulsar360, Inc. They have been extremely attentive, responsive, and have provided us with excellent customer service and support. We would recommend Pulsar360, Inc. to anyone that is looking for a telecommunications service partner.”

- Paul Hedgecock, Vice President, Communications, Daniels Communications

“We chose Pulsar360, Inc. to provide our company with VOIP service as well as back up PBX and Toll-Free numbers. We have been extremely pleased with the consistent, reliable uptime as well as the level of tech support and customer service.”

- Bill Bosch, President, Antietam Call Center

Greet the Visionary

Robert Harrison, Jr., Chief Channel Officer: Robert has over 37 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, with Senior Management experience with established, start-up and turnaround entities. He has extensive VoIP and hosted service provider experience dating back to 2001. Robert is responsible for establishing Pulsar360, Inc.'s Channel Partner programs and establishing affiliations with national associations of IT Managed Service Providers and Unified Communications Providers.

“Our VoIP solutions provide high-quality voice communications, which can be delivered over affordable broadband service from other providers and/or Pulsar360, Inc.’s-managed carrier services.”