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A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Specializing In Building Brands and Increasing Customer Response in the Digital World: Screwtop Media


Get more customers. Grow your revenue. Start with web resources that grab attention and bring them back. Let us help you make that happen!

In 2009, Todd Brown, Brady Tinker and Matt Ferrell started Screwtop Media, LLC. The firm was established to meet the growing need for quality web development and email marketing services at an affordable price. Founded by a small group of marketing and technology professionals that each maintained a different area of expertise in the marketing and technology industry, Screwtop Media is an interactive marketing technology and media production service provider.

Screwtop Media is a full-service digital marketing and media production company that specializes in Marketing Technology Integration which includes traditional web development, mobile application development that includes Augmented Reality technology, data-driven email marketing solutions and traditional media production services. The company’s goal is to assist its clients with brand development, market share expansion, and increased marketing ROI.

Screwtop Media: The Highest Level of Commitment and Professional Integrity

Like most businesses, the biggest initial challenge Screwtop Media faced involved capital funding and properly identifying its true niche within the market. Furthermore, as the traditional website development industry became over-saturated, the company realized that it needed a more specific niche to provide service to the marketing technology industry. It was at that point Screwtop Media looked into the growing demand for interactive marketing that utilizes Augmented Reality technology to promote various business industries including travel/tourism, mobile telecommunications, and the retail sector.

As time passed and the company evolved, Screwtop Media developed an emphasis on three core service offerings. The first is mobile application development that includes Augmented Reality technology. The second core service offering is with data-driven email marketing production. The final core service offering focuses on interactive content development and production

The flagship product: Mobile Eyes®

The company’s core product is Mobile Eyes®, a White-Label Content Delivery Platform is extensible and scalable to any functional need or area.

A brilliant example is the retail industry, where the firm provides Augmented Reality to impart the user a customized, immersive experience, highlighting the various activities that can be conducted at the company’s location. This immersive Augmented Reality functionality and experience isn’t only for brick-and-mortar facilities; this functionality has been used at festivals and other large events, as well as any sort of off-premise user engagement opportunity. The Platform within which Augmented Reality is housed has deep social networking integration points and can be pushed to social networks by the user or by the company. The Augmented Reality functionality provides the user, and once shared socially, those followers, details associated with the value proposition of being at the company’s facility. e-Commerce discounting, geo-location tagging and sponsorship opportunities, all existing within the Augmented Reality functionality of this solution.

Case Study: A Testament of Screwtop Media’s Calibre

A recent case study that clearly defines the value proposition of Screwtop Media in its entirety is WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, OK. Screwtop Media built and delivered a customized program using its Mobile Eyes® Content Delivery Platform, which included Augmented Reality technology.

Additionally, Screwtop Media is deeply involved with WinStar World Casino and Resort’s overall email marketing initiatives (which send out upwards of 50 million emails per year). Combined, the firm can implement marketing initiatives that utilize a coordinated strategy involving both email and Mobile Eyes that include sophisticated audience targeting and trigger related messaging. These marketing programs have provided very robust results and a substantial increase in customer engagement. This client engagement case study shows the depth of service capacity, as well as the ability to customize a solution to increase revenue.

Screwtop Media: Integrity, Trust, Dedication

Headquartered in Carrollton, TX, Screwtop Media, LLC has approximately a dozen team members and a half dozen consulting partners. The business maintains a structure that is split into two groups. One is interactive development and other is media/content development.

The Managing Partner of Screwtop, Todd Brown says, “You have to have faith in what you are doing; you have to be patient because things rarely move as quickly as we would like, and you must LISTEN to your clients.” True to this, Screwtop Media has solidified its business model based on feedback from the clients. Instead of developing X for Y dollars, the firm implemented a service-based model that centered on initial development as well as ongoing program development and maintenance.

Greet the harbingers of Screwtop Media

Todd Brown, Managing Partner: Todd Brown is a third-generation veteran of the US Army and a graduate of Texas Tech University. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Todd and his wife moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to pursue his professional career. In 1996, Todd began working for a local Dallas interactive marketing company that introduced him to the world of digital technology. After many years working for various local and global interactive marketing agencies, he and his colleagues made the decision to start their own business. In 2009, Todd along with Brady and Matt, established Screwtop Media, LLC.

Brady Tinker, President: Brady is a graduate of Kansas State University, where he played Tennis and Golf and resides in the Dallas area along with his wife and five children. Brady has been a television and radio executive since 1996 with experience in all aspects of production, including on-air talent, editing, program syndication and sponsorship sales.

“We developed a detailed five-phase process that resonates in everything we do. It is the process we run our own business on, and has been proven to not only serve our diverse client base but also exceed their every expectation.”