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A Full-Service General Contractor & Construction Management Firm: The Rinaldi Group


“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”         – David Allan Coe

The Rinaldi Group LLC (TRG) is a full-service general contractor and construction management firm, building upon its foundation and tradition of self-performance in both the public and private industry sectors alike. Its reputation for performance and execution, practicality with ingenuity, timing, and efficiency, quality, professionalism and safety has grown the firm financially strong and healthy with unlimited capabilities in an industry today more competitive than it has even been before.

Having spent half his career building for the nationally renowned firms of HRH Construction and George A. Fuller, and the other half building for himself, Anthony T. Rinaldi and his team of construction professionals and key-person management have been together for over 12-years, expanding operations in December 2003 under The Rinaldi Group, (TRG).

Tapping in to All Branches of Construction
TRG’s diversity has reached all branches of construction, from design-build and core-&-shell to interior fit-out, renovation and rehabilitation; the firm’s abilities are endless. Whether your project is a residential high-rise condominium or it is a mid-rise hotel; whether it is a commercial office building or it is a health-care facility; whether it is a school, college or athletic facility or it is a theater, restaurant or library; and whether it is a public municipal building and court-house or it is a financial data hub, entertainment complex or retail center, The Rinaldi Group is the answer to your question.

Services Capabilities & Cost Control
Led by Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Certified and Licensed Cost Engineers and Estimators, OSHA Certified & NYC Licensed Site Safety Managers, Architects, Project Managers and Superintendents, TRG has the ability to perform much of a project’s work with its own in-house labor and equipment, TRG not only has complete control of any project and owner’s critical schedules but also ensures the quality and integrity of a project through tight adherence to architect and engineer drawings and specification requirements.

From field superintendents, project managers, engineers and executives to bookkeepers, estimators, and accountants, The Rinaldi Group applies a tight control when it comes to cost management. Cost control begins at the construction estimate, which follows CSI divisional cost-coding for all AIA trade classifications. TRG builds and purchases each construction item and activity directly from this well-detailed document. This baseline estimated is done using Timberline Precision Estimating computer software and are integrated with accounting through Timberline Construction Gold Accounting computer software. Every material purchase, equipment rental and subcontract buy is cost-coded and recorded immediately, creating a single cost-coded system and control tool for every job.

Quality Control & Assurance
There are two lines of defense employed by The Rinaldi Group when it comes to quality control:

  • Project management over shop drawing and submittal procurement
  • Field management and supervision over actual installation and workmanship.

TRG ensures these two vanguards are performed with the utmost degree of diligence and assurance. Combined staff technical expertise and field experience, cultivated construction management tools, and exacting standards contribute to the quality control success.

TRG’s ability to professionally review plans and specifications, shop drawings and details, and project submittals by the project architect, engineer and owner is unparalleled. Before each shop drawing and submittal reaches the eyes of the A/E for review and approval, it has undergone a rigorous and meticulous inspection by The Rinaldi Group’s own staff of engineers and construction professionals.

Together, TRG’s highly trained and experiences team provides the A/E and owner with complete assurance of its meticulous quality control abilities and techniques. Perhaps it is best expressed in the CEO’s own words – “We too put our name on each and every structure we build.”

State-of-the-art Tools & Monitoring Techniques
TRG utilizes state-of-the-art tools and monitoring techniques for project progress and development. Microsoft Projects and Primavera Suretrack, two sophisticated computer software applications, are used to perform these functions. Whether using CPM logic and scheduling techniques or Gantt/ bar-chart methods and analysis, actual project performance is continually measured and monitored against that originally planned. By constantly analyzing this information, The Rinaldi Group maintains the ability to proactively address scheduling fluctuations if and when they occur.

Value Engineering
The system backbone for identifying value-engineering opportunities is TRG’s extensive experience and knowledge in construction estimating and cost-engineering. Through a constantly updated and maintained Timberline database, cost substitutions can be easily generated and analyzed. By substituting one construction assembly for another, the overall cost of a particular trade, activity or projects as a whole can be measured and evaluated for viability.

Safety & Risk Management
From TRG’s President, himself a New York City Department of Buildings certified and licensed Site Safety Manager, to all field engineers, project superintendents and managers, jobsite safety is a top priority. TRG’s Health and Safety Program consistently strives to reduce or eliminate all hazards and risks associated with construction, which in turn, helps to further prevent property damage and provide for greater public safety, health and welfare.

Here’s What Clients are Saying about TRG
“We are all so pleased with the pace of the work, the minimal disruption, and the spirit of cooperation.”
– YWCA (

“We are very pleased with the result…appreciated your willingness to keep the cost down while not sacrificing quality.”
– Kaplan, Gaunt, DeSantis (

Meet the Leader

Anthony T. Rinaldi, President/CEO – With 26 years’ experience in both public works construction and private development, Mr. Rinaldi’s hands-on involvement in all phases of construction has previously enabled him to achieve key person status and executive distinction for two of the oldest and most nationally renowned construction firms in New York. During his time at George A. Fuller Company, Inc., Mr. Rinaldi directed all phases of construction management, purchasing and administration on The Residences at Ritz Carlton, a $500M Hotel and Condo-Tower in White Plains, New York and at Trump Tower, New Rochelle, part of a $750M downtown urban redevelopment plan at Le Count Square. Prior to that, his 10-year entrepreneurial success and experience as President and COO in his own firm led to an executive position as Director of Operations for HRH Construction, LLC. Holding Contractor licenses in Arizona, Florida & New Jersey and a NYC Dept. of Buildings Site Safety Manager’s license, in New York, combined with an Engineering degree from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, Mr. Rinaldi’s background virtually spans all facets of construction from low-rise retail, commercial and institutional construction to mid-and-high-rise hotel and residential development, both in the union and non-union marketplaces alike.

Today, as President and CEO of The Rinaldi Group, LLC, he leads the firm of architects, engineers and construction professionals with primary focus in private construction and development throughout the New York, New Jersey metropolitan region and Florida, with an eye set toward future expansion into Arizona and the west coast.

“We put our name on every structure we build.”