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30 Entrepreneurs Of The Year 2018

A giant leap for mankind: Clinivantage Healthcare Technology Inc. is bringing a new approach to healthcare innovations for patients across technology, transactions & data


The Healthcare ecosystem market is growing rapidly, owing to various factors such as increasing usage of smartphones, tablets, connected devices and apps for various applications in healthcare, rapid growth of connected health ecosystem in emerging countries, and growing market of mobile healthcare ecosystem. In addition, the increasing cost containment in healthcare delivery and rising focus on patient-centric healthcare delivery further increases the demand of the connected ecosystem solutions that can solve the last mile delivery, advanced AI, etc in the healthcare industry. The current care system relies on paper-records, which leads to inefficiencies and negatively impacts the quality of treatment. Technologies like mobility, digitization, cloud storage, big data and AI are changing the way care can be delivered, and this is where Clinivantage makes a difference.

Clinivantage puts patients in greater control of their health. It is an integrated digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals, caregivers and service providers with the patient in real time. By placing the patient at the focal

point in the healthcare loop, Clinivantage brings more momentum to the entire healthcare ecosystem, making it work in tandem to provide better outcomes for patients and improved productivity resulting in profitable care for providers. By digitally empowering healthcare consumers with inclusion of IoT and AI in its IoA platform, Clinivantage provides a predictive tool to manage health, foster preventive measures and enable chronic disease management.

Interview Excerpt: Nilesh Jain, Dinesh Samudra & Dr. Abhay Chopada, Co-Founders

Tell us something about the history of your company.

In early 2017, we announced that we are building a PaaS product that aimed to democratize innovation in healthcare by transformation of ideas into products and services. The startup, what started as a project, began to shape up in reality. It hit us when we got our first customer who was willing to be a part of our MVP product. We took a challenge and decided we won’t build an MVP, but a production ready solution. Given our experience, domain knowledge and eagerness to be the best, we did it. We made a production-ready PaaS healthcare platform, with our own time, money and energy. At the time, we made a conscious decision to try and self-fund this product; that is, we’ll use any incoming revenue on it, and won’t take on an equity investment until we believed that the product risk was solved.

In less than a year, we’ve reached that magical bootstrap nirvana of being across 6 countries and 3 major global partnerships with no external funding and a road to be profitable in 2018. I believe there are a number of factors that have contributed to this, such as our passion to build something from ground up, support from our customers and the urge to revolutionize the healthcare space.

‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it.’ How would you and your team interpret this saying?

At several moments we thought we were going to fail; not because we didn’t have enough confidence in ourselves, but because we had risked everything, but we kept going. We got into most risky projects (and those are the type I prefer) and until the last dying gasp of a project, we would pull a rabbit out of the hat and change that to success. Although that may seem like magic, but in reality, this involved hard work, years of experience and relentless team effort to make every project a success. We know we wouldn’t look back and do what it took for us to be successful. Secondly, we kept a very clear focus on being positive and passionate, execution, money inflow, and client acquisition.

What is it in your company that makes it different from others in the domain?

Clinivantage Platform as a Service, the entire Pro.Care platform that has various modules like PMS, OTIMS, HIS are some of the factors that make us stand out from the rest in the domain. EMR, PACS, etc is on a single cloud-hosted solution making it very easy for hospitals and doctors to train, deploy and adopt Clinivantage solution. We also have Clinivantage DoT integrated device along with other devices like foetal monitor, EGC, vitamins stick, health ATM, etc. Our platform has the ability to integrate across various hardware medical devices, and also allow hospitals and doctors to enable extended and home care using AI/ML and remote care devices.

One of our major differentiators, we think would be our focus on patient outcomes. We are developing cognitive clinical solutions leveraging AI and ML using massive structured data. We go beyond simply predicting risk, to patient-specific effective interventions and assurance of successful outcomes.

What was your business’ mission statement? How has that mission evolved in the time since?

Our mission is to say “Patient, Doctor is here”; this is a very broad statement. It means a lot of things to a lot of people, and ultimately it means 24x7x365 proactive care. Let the healthcare machinery work around you to deliver the utmost care and be preventive in nature at the best possible cost. The mission hasn’t changed but it has now evolved to serve all sections of the society, especially when we talk about accessibility and affordability of healthcare. I believe we can deliver on this mission, globally solving one of the most daunting tasks plaguing the healthcare industry – “Last Mile Care”.

Meet the visionaries who made it happen


Nilesh Jain, Director

Nilesh is a serial entrepreneur and investor with two decades of experiece. He is passionate about mentoring and consulting start-ups to grow. Having served as a CEO and Co-Founder at various firms, he has a proven track record of building and managing startups. His objetive is to invest and work with companies that can impact a Billion lives globally.

Dinesh Samudra, CEO

Dinesh has over 27 years of experience in the healthcare across India, USA, and South East Asian. His experience covers various areas of operation management including business development, and strategic technology planning.

Dr. Abhay Chopada, Director

Dr. Abhay is a consultant surgeon in the treatment of colorectal diseases. He has a strong interest in healthcare IT, he has a keen interest in healthcare technology and has strategized, and developed systems in healthcare. He is passionate about healthcare and how technology can transform it.

“By placing the patient at the focal point in the healthcare loop, Clinivantage brings speed, simplicity, transparency, and efficacy to patient care.”