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A Global Digital Transformation Company with a winning mindset - an intersection of strategy, UI/UX design, agile development and Mobile, Web & Cloud technologies: InnovationM


"We solve real-world problems. We help you connect with your audiences."

InnovationM provides specialized design & development services in the technology space - focusing on an end to end solution development (product development & custom application development) on mobile, web, middleware, server back-end, cloud technologies, blockchain solutions & big data analytics. InnovationM is continuously rated among the top 10 technology solutions companies by US-based technology research firms. The firm is headquartered in Noida (India) with an account team present in the US.


Business Process Management

OmniFlowiBPS, an intelligent platform for your business that helps you achieve complete digital transformation for complex business process and lets you focus on driving revenue rather than managing the process. The solution can be deployed on-premise and on the cloud depending upon the requirement.

  • OmniFlowiBPS: A versatile solution that drives enterprise-wide Digital Transformation. It facilitates collaboration in design and execution using an iterative approach.
  • Process Modeler: iBPS solution features a user-friendly, drag and drop process demonstrating the tool. The solution enables various businesses and clients to design complex business process and flows with the help of an easy to use interface.
  • Process Insights: Omni Flow iBPS is provided with a process simulator that allows the user to test the process models after deployment with the help of What If analysis. The simulator helps you in running assessments for better decision making.
  • Orchestration: The solution provides an orchestration engine that allows controlling various process flows. It also supports standard workflow operations such as work initiation, rules processing, sequential/parallel processing, and ad-hoc routing of work
  • Case Management: Omni Flow provides case management functionality that allows users to manage dynamic processes. The functionality works as a solution accelerators for use cases like Legal Case Management, Contract Management, Grievance Management, Customer Onboarding, Fraud Tracking and Monitoring
  • Business Rules: The Business Rule Management System featured by Omni Flow lets the user define complex business rules and policies for required operations. It allows implementing custom business rules without any technical assistance.
  • Monitoring: OmniFlow offers a Business Activity Monitoring tool that allowsviewing the processes in real-time. The solution also offers to generate custom reports for better tracking of progress.
  • Unified Interface: The Solution provides OmniApp a unified and extremely user-friendly interface that can be customized as per the user's requirement. User can also get notifications and updates in real time for better management and tracking.
  • Mobile BPM: Newgen provides iBPS Mobile that provides secure access to data or the process that needs to be reviewed by the user to optimize the business performance.
  • RPA: It is one of the core components of OmniFlow, it consists of Process Simulator, Robotic Agents, Robotic Control Center and Business Activity Monitoring. These tools help the user in leveraging the capabilities of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to automate complex business processes.

Enterprise Content Management Suite

InnovationM has partnered with Newgen which is a leading provider of business process and enterprise content management solutions. InnovationM provides Newgen Products Licenses along with Implementation Services like Product Installation, Customizations, and Annual Technical Service contracts.

  • OmniDocs ECM: OmniDocs is an Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform, that can be used for creating, capturing, managing and archiving large volumes of content & documents. The platform can seamlessly integrate with other enterprise applications. OmniDocs handles Scanned Document Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Electronic Data Output.
  • Document Management: A well-optimized document management system that can easily retrieve a big amount of documents. It increases your information accessibility & enhances content security.
  • Image Processing: It provides the ability to capture documents and convert them into digital actionable data. It enables the user to scan documents from any device and in any format through in-built apps.
  • Scan: OmniScan, advanced document scanning solution. It allows scanning documents from any device such as MFP, scanner, and others via in-built apps and web interfaces.
  • Capture: An on the go content capture service for efficient processing. It also enables fast data transmission with automatic image compression and cropping.
  • Extraction: Provides faster data extraction with high accuracy. The solution itself eliminates duplicate and slow manual data entries.
  • Record Management: The solution offers a robust record management system that takes care of end to end handling of physical & electronics documents.

CEO Corner

Manish Seth, Co-founder & CEO

Manish is the Co-founder & CEO of InnovationM. He acts as the chief mentor & strategist for all technology related efforts within the company. He provides strategic direction to the company in terms of focus areas and competencies in various technologies. Manish has around 19 Years of industry experience in delivery, project management, consulting, and solutions in the mobility & software development space. He has excellent exposure in working closely with companies around the world in areas of web & app development, advisory, building mobile strategy & roadmaps, consulting and training. He has traveled extensively across the world (USA, UK, pan-India and Singapore) to provide consultancy in mobile solution development and other development areas. A visionary and a regular speaker at various mobile events and seminars.

“We are the leading technology partner providing design & development services globally on Mobile, Web & Cloud technology with expertise in IoT, Augmented Reality, DevOps& Location-based Services.”