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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies To Watch 2018

A Global IT Group Providing Best in Quality Information Technology Advisory and Integration Service: Ley-Line Advisory, Inc.

thesiliconreview-mark-chester-ceo-ley-line-advisory-inc-18There was a time when the consulting/advisory space was witnessing a void related to how traditional players are able to react nimbly to the changing dynamics of clients’ requirements, such as the speed to adopt new technology and the move towards quicker, shorter IT programs. And to fill that gap, in 2016, Ley-Line Advisory was established.

The company started its journey by offering very niche services focused around helping its clients in an advocacy role to define, select and price IT programs and provide support to select the System Integrators their client require.

“We supplemented this with very specific technology experts that provided a focus on Architecture, Integration and Transformation leadership,” says Mark Chester, CEO of Ley-Line Advisory

Recently, Ley-Line Advisory has introduced its global blockchain and crypto expertise to the market and, with resounding success, the company is leading the world’s largest ever healthcare blockchain initiative. And this is being spearheaded by its global teams based between Zurich Switzerland and USA.

CEO of Ley-Line Advisory, Mark Chester Spoke Exclusively To The Silicon Review And Gave A Clear Picture Of The Company:

Q.What are the challenges that you faced in the initial years of Ley-Line Advisory?

The biggest challenge for us was trying to get clients to agree to meet. They are inundated with vendors and those they have not specifically sought out get deleted. Cold calling is largely ineffective, so finding a way to get attention was a hurdle. However, we were able to leverage our network to get through doors. That is why I believe starting a business should only be performed if you have strong enough relationships to support you in the early days.

Our first major client is a great example of that. We knew we had a solution, but repeated calls and emails did not get us anywhere. Leveraging relationships we had with senior executives elsewhere in the business, we were able to foster a lunch who made a personal referral for us, resulting, within 24hrs, of us having a signed SOW for exactly the service we had been striving so hard to position to them.

Q.How successful was your first project? Share the experience.

With a fundamental belief in doing things that ‘just make sense’, we have to put our clients first. Our goal was never to be a large business; it was to stay small and nimble. In that, we had agreed at our foundation to develop ‘Clients for life’ and make them successful first, so they can differentiate in whatever space they play.

Our first client trusted us; it trusted a startup to do the right thing and we worked day in and out to deliver what they wanted. This trust played a vital role in our first client success and has allowed us to grow and meet their needs as well as future client needs. It has also shaped many of our beliefs and this includes charities and ways we give back further, aligning us to each other and generating a spirit of trust and lifelong relationships.

We are happy that our first client has achieved our goal of client for life. We have been engaged in many projects for the same client and we hope to continue this relationship for many years.

Q.What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

We have been extremely fortunate that our clients have been receptive to our message and afforded us the chance for a start-up to prove ourselves. And of course, we will evolve; our direction is constantly shifting with the advent of ever-increasing new technologies.

Our expansion has been rapid but controlled. We have carefully appointed the best talent where it aligns to our direction and utilized our partner network to fill positions that are shorter term in nature. Establishing a strong, like-minded, partner network has been critical to our success. We do not need to be great at everything, as long as we know where and how to work with our partners that possess the complementary skills our clients are seeking.

Q.As a question of adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

When we engage with a client, we try as far as we can to live in our client’s shoes, live our client’s problem. Our team has industry experience to provide relevance in order to understand what it is like on the other side. By doing this we remove the ‘we are just a consulting firm’ to becoming a trusted advisor that can make recommendations that just makes sense.

And I believe, this unique position allows us to be relevant, be sticky and bring constant value. In many cases, the privileged role we play affords us the ability to find efficiencies outside of our contracted scope of service and often these efficiencies far exceed our cost of service, providing a win-win situation.

The Future Sight

To drive innovation, Ley-Line Advisory is leading the launch of a global Healthcare platform. “We are launching this in Zurich, initially and expanding rapidly to other territories — the first being Singapore,” says Mark.

Ley-Line Advisory is adapting and succeeding quickly, and it is all because of the company’s ability to change. Looking into the future, it will continue to establish partnerships and will look to leverage what we have built in other markets. Ley-Line Advisory’s blockchain initiative has many applications beyond health care and we will certainly be looking into those.

Howdy Chief!

Mark Chester, CEO: Mark is a globally-recognized executive with extensive experience in the life science and medical device industries. He specializes in leading organizations through major transformations related to Blockchain, Digital Transformation, and ERP programs.

With over 30 years in complex global transformational programs, Mark has guided some of the largest business transformations in the world including various large divestitures and mergers. He is currently leading a global blockchain initiative that will fundamentally support the most advanced breakthroughs in medical science.

Mark has much recognition, including: Winner of the Best & Brightest 2018 and 2018 Best Technology Consulting Firm United States. He has also been nominated for 2018 Entrepreneur of the year and Best in Customer Service awards.

“We pride ourselves on delivering the very best in quality, first time right, to our clients around the world.”