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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

A Global Leader in Enterprise IoT: Lantronix

“IoT is transforming the everyday physical objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information that will enrich our lives.”

Founded in 1989, Lantronix has been a leader in providing smart Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions. Today, their specialized networking expertise is being put to work to enable the more than 50 billion devices, machines and people being connected to, and participating in the industrial and enterprise IoT.

Device and (Big) data management, mobility, enterprise-level security and networking are key pillars in the reality of IoT. And addressing these fundamental pillars is exactly what they do. Their products, solutions, and services enable connectivity (wired, Wi-Fi and cellular) and the management of “things”, machines, devices, sensors, computers, and more; any and every “thing” in the Internet of Things. Customers embed, attach and deploy their solutions to a wide range of devices, from medical devices in a hospital to municipal water monitoring systems to industrial equipment in factories to high powered switches and routers that serve as the backbone for data centers.

In short, they’ve been doing this for more than 25 years – before it was cool or trendy. They’re also a publicly-held company, headquartered in the U.S. (Irvine, California), with offices in Europe and Asia. Their solutions have applications across virtually every industry, including, security, industrial and building automation, transportation, energy, retail, financial, government, consumer electronics, medical and information technology.

Enabling the Internet of Things
Healthcare: Hospitals, laboratories and medical device manufacturers today are doing everything they can to maintain quality and patient care while under major cost containment or even cost-cutting pressures. Reduced staffing compounds the challenge, as doctors, nurses, technicians and engineers are working harder than ever to deliver the same quality in patient care. Medical device networking helps one to do more with less. Lantronix’ products automate and safeguard data collection and dissemination, and facilitate remote patient monitoring, asset tracking and reduced service costs.

Connect Any and All Equipment Easily: With a Lantronix Industrial device server, one can quickly and reliably connect virtually any piece of factory equipment to a network or the Internet to interactively access, manage, control, evaluate and utilize data from the equipment.

Real Time Diagnostics and Repair: Lantronix’ powerful, yet simple-to-implement technology provides the ability to perform real-time remote diagnostics and repair, automate data capture, and generate immediate notification of problems. Imagine the ability to control, monitor and troubleshoot remote industrial equipment from virtually anywhere over an Internet connection.

Security Monitor Breaches and Troubleshoot Immediately: Network the security system, control panels and fire systems to easily access them all from a remote network or Internet connection, making it simple to monitor security breaches and troubleshoot problems without being on site.

Reduce Costs and Increase Peace of Mind: The security of assets, employees and customers is a top priority and Lantronix products can take care of all this while allowing clients to focus on the business.

Energy Control Systems Remotely, Accurately, and Easily: Lantronix products provide remote access, control and troubleshooting – resulting in efficient data acquisition, control, reduced costs and even better customer service. Updates to power systems are made simple, and devices already in place can be networked using Lantronix servers to reduce system construction costs.

Reduce Costs and Save Resources: With Lantronix technology, costs related to power failures, human meter readings, inaccurate data collection and more are all drastically reduced if not virtually eliminated. Now one can control the entire system, read meters, and allocate power according to need from one central location.

IT / Data Center: Troubleshoot Any Equipment from Anywhere: No matter where one is located, one can connect to the equipment throughout the world, then diagnose and remediate problems remotely. Imagine the cost and time savings the business will realize when one no longer have to deploy labor forces to accomplish exactly what one can now do from a central data center. Even more, with Lantronix, one is not hampered by a down network. It simply makes no difference.

Transportation / Fleet: The transportation industry is well-versed in the benefits of wireless technology and the necessity for a networked system. For many transportation applications, Lantronix wireless devices servers –WiBox (external) and WiPort (embedded) are a natural fit. From freeway signage to railways to airports Lantronix technology plays a crucial role in both traffic safety and efficiency; wirelessly connect these and others with Lantronix.

Government: Since the 1980s, Lantronix has been making it easy for government purchasers to get their jobs done. In fact, they even have a resource center to make things as easy as possible including white papers, case studies, information on government contracts, and product descriptions. Lantronix manufactures several products with final assembly in the U.S. to meet trade compliance requirements.

Meet the Key Executive
Jeff Benck, CEO: Jeff is a senior executive with extensive GM, President and CEO level experience who drove shareholder value through execution of a differentiated product strategy, tight operating cost management and close customer collaboration. He worked effectively with the board and top shareholders to enhance value and made several strategic decisions that lead to a successful outcome for all stakeholders. He brings a diverse set of management experiences across multiple disciplines with specific strengths in general management, product marketing, engineering, product development, branding, routes to market, and operations. He has completed several acquisitions and integrated businesses into the company.

“Our goal at Lantronix is for our customers to participate in the Internet of Things, as securely and easily as possible”.