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A global player in telecommunications, Maroc Telecom provides mobile telephony, fixed and Internet access

thesiliconreview-abdeslam-ahizoune-president-maroc-telecom-2017A significant force in the economic and social development in 10 African countries, Maroc Telecom is the leading global telecommunications company in the Kingdom of Morocco, operating in fixed-line and mobile telephony as well as in internet segments. A global operator in Africa, Maroc Telecom is actively involved in the dynamism of the telecommunications sector where it operates: Morocco, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Cost, Gabon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Central African Republic and Togo. It now accompanies more than 54 million customers. Aware of its responsibility as a major telecommunications operator in Africa, the Group has integrated the concerns of sustainable development in its growth strategy for several years. This strategy has also been based on the three principles of economic efficiency, social equity and environmental responsibility.

The Maroc Telecom Group undertakes to fight the digital divide, one of the major axes of its sustainable development policy, through innovative investments and solutions. It contributes significantly to the economic and social development of the countries where it is present and operates for the well-being of populations by supporting several national or civil society initiatives.

An Empowering Vision

Maroc Telecom vision consists of board spectrum of objectives which aim at:

  • Bridging the digital divide, whether in geographic or social terms, to make information and communication technologies accessible to everyone in every region
  • Supporting the digital revolution with the introduction of pioneering services and raising awareness among customers of new digital usages
  • Differentiation through the quality of networks and services
  • Respect of the local culture/traditions and socio economic characteristics of the countries in which the Group operates
  • Contributing to the social and economic development of the countries in which the Group operates
  • Improve customer service (proximity and enhance the customer experience) and ensure that customers are offered the right products
  • Significant network investments to expand coverage improve the service quality and keep pace with growing customer demand for mobile data and all the innovative data-based products (M-payment, Cloud, M2M)

Robust Environment Leading To Staff Growth

Maroc Telecom’s development essentially relies on the expertise, know-how and commitment of its employees. Human resources are one of the mainstays of the Group’s performance. Therefore, to continue its development and feed its ambitions, the company has chosen to promote a human resources policy based on the recognition of performance, skills development, fairness and equal opportunities. The Group values its employees and ensures their wellbeing through:

Training: Maroc Telecom has set up training programs that cover the entire business using the latest learning techniques, provided inside or outside its training center. At end-2016, more than 23,000 trainee days had been offered and nearly 5,200 employees received one training at least. In addition, Maroc Telecom encourages its employees to pursue long-term degree programs. In 2016, Maroc Telecom launched an 80% financial aid program for employees who want to pursue three- and five-year degrees.


Internal Mobility: Maroc Telecom is a strong advocate of internal mobility, which offers employees a means of professional development and gives the business the necessary flexibility to cope with changes in the commercial landscape.

International Mobility: Maroc Telecom also offers international career opportunities. In all its subsidiaries, Maroc Telecom sends talented employees to work on strategic modernization projects. The Group subscribes to the idea of sharing expertise and best practice.

Skills assessment: Maroc Telecom encourages results-based management in the form of an Annual Performance Review. The purpose of the Annual Performance Review is to set formal targets, discuss expectations and review the employee’s career prospects.

Employee benefits: The labor relations policy was set up for the benefit of employees and their families. It offers a host of benefits, subsidies, financial aid and medical-social services.

Maroc Telecom’s Sustainable Development Policy

Maroc Telecom has held the Corporate social responsibility Label from Moroccan Employer Federation since 2014. The label recognizes corporations’ commitment to CSR and in the integration of CSR in their strategies and daily operations. The company organizes events to celebrate employees throughout the year.

Furthermore Maroc Telecom works toward environmental protection as well as training and protecting young people. It aims at nurturing young talent and supports cultural and sports events. Additionally Maroc Telecom is engaged with a number of national foundations and associations that perform humanitarian actions to benefit those who are sick or economically disadvantaged.

Meet the Visionary

Abdeslam Ahizoune, has a graduate degree in engineering from Paris Tech (1977). He has been Chairman of Maroc Telecom’s Management Board since February 2001 and was a member of Vivendi’s Management Board from April 2005 to June 2012. He has been Chairman of the Association of Moroccan Telecom Professionals (MATI) since 2008. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Maroc Telecom from 1998 to 2001, Ahizoune was previously Minister of Telecommunications in four governments, from 1992 to 1995 and from 1997 to 1998, while holding the position of Managing Director of the National Office for Post and Telecommunications from 1992 to 1997. From 1983 to 1992, he was Director of Telecommunications in the Ministry for Postal Services and Telecommunications. Ahizoune has been President of the Royal Moroccan Athletics Federation since 2006, and President of the Maroc Cultures Association who organizes Mawazine festival, since 2015.

“In 2016, the percentage of Staff turnover at Maroc Telecom and its subsidiaries was 1.2% (0, 9% in Morocco). This low staff turnover is a testament to our employee loyalty.”