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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

A Globally Recognized Technology Solutions Provider:  Diversified 

thesiliconreview fred d alessandro ceo diversified 17What defines a “great” company? Is it their size? Maybe their revenues? Or perhaps their innovation...  Like most things, it’s very subjective but always centers around certain factors: the people behind it, whether or not you purchase their goods or services, and the customer experience.

Many of today’s most admired companies are household names. Others, you might read about but really don’t know too much about…. Then there are those you might rarely hear about but influence much of our daily lives.

Diversified is such a company, and as we live in a world that not only relies on but demands constant connectivity, there is a very good chance you’ve experienced their work. From interactive signage and televised broadcasts to emergency ops centers and collaborative environments, communication is crucial. Whether the audience is the fans enjoying the game, a pedestrian on the street, or a group sitting in a conference room on the other side of the globe, Diversified understands that the ability to efficiently communicate drives any effective operation. Their drive for designing, building, and managing these environments starts with its people, and that passion then fuels an exceptional client experience.

Diversified was founded in 1993, with only a handful of people and a unified vision of being a best-in-class technology solutions company providing design and integration services with experience from multiple disciplines. Former broadcast engineer turned CEO, Fred D’Alessandro, and his small team immediately began tackling the marketplace offering custom solutions backed by an unyielding drive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

A great example, and one of Diversified’s earliest projects, was designing and implementing the new briefing center at Samsung’s world headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The massive scope included auditoriums, boardrooms, breakout rooms, and a broadcast control room—all interconnected. The finished project was not only LEED certified, but included cutting edge AV and communications in one of the most secure technical environments at the time. This not only initiated a long-term relationship with Samsung that has spanned decades, but solidified Diversified as a global player in the technology industry. From the beginning, Fred and Diversified have always understood that these technology solutions must enable their clients to maximize their effectiveness.With client and provider success dependent upon each other, supporting clients in their quest to be their best, in turn, is what makes Diversified the best!

As technologies evolve and the market changes, Diversified is constantly evolving and growing right along with it to meet new demands. Adhering to a strategic growth plan that would maximize the ability to support clients across the world and from a wide array of markets, the company has since grown from a small operation in Kenilworth, NJ to a nationwide network of more than 30 offices across the US—and even a presence in East Asia.

With an expanded geographic reach to serve a growing clientele, the next step was to ensure that their offerings would deliver a diverse mix of solutions. Over the years, their portfolio of services has grown into an unparalleled level of expertise within such markets as media & entertainment, technology, higher education, energy, government, enterprise, and more. Structured in 8 market-centric divisions, these business groups provide the specialized solutions of smaller, boutique companies backed by the resources of a large organization.

Always remembering its roots as the dream of a broadcast engineer, Diversified is still a uniquely engineering-centric organization. With an incredible brain trust behind each and every project, their engineers play a vital role in the process to develop customized solutions that are tailored to each individual client’s unique needs. No two customers are exactly alike, therefore no two solutions are exactly alike. 

Today Diversified partners with Fortune companies around the world delivering innovative solutions that have distinguished them as a trusted technology solutions partner and advisor. However, that original entrepreneurial spirit of working together to provide an uncompromised customer experience still permeates its own corporate culture. To continue delivering today and tomorrow’s best solutions, the team prioritizes the growth of each team member, pivoting the skills sets of its employees to stay relevant to the pace of technology and the IT revolution.

The quest to become “the best company” never ends. Through teamwork, respect, collaboration, and constant learning, the Diversified family conquers every challenge together, bringing a passion and drive that shines through each project.

Meet the executive team

Fred D’Alessandro, CEO: Before founding Diversified, Fred worked as a broadcast engineer, and it was then that his fascination with technology and new applications began. This interest in discovering innovative ways that technology could be implemented to solve communications problems sparked an idea that would ultimately change the industry. His vision was to build a world-class design and implementation team that would offer a wide variety of experience from multiple disciplines. Diversified’s expansive breadth of expertise continues to grow and evolve with changing technologies, still setting them apart today. 

Kevin Collins, President and COO: As one of Diversified’s pioneer employees, Kevin has amassed three decades of experience in the Media & Entertainment and Audio Visual systems markets. He’s played a vital role in the strategic enterprise development as well as building an impressive network of client relationships—many of which have spanned decades as the company has grown and expanded their offerings.

“As the most diverse service oriented technology company in the world, our goal is to be our clients’ trusted technology solutions partner. It’s truly a collaborative effort, and our dedicated team exceeds clients’ expectations every day delivering innovative solutions driven by a single vision, comprehensive strategy, and relentless execution.”