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A key player in the real-time communication revolution: Parker Software


“With no intentions of slowing down, the story is just beginning.”

Parker Software was founded in 2002, after Stephen created the product that was set to change his life forever – WhosOn live chat. Stephen’s self-developed live chat solution was revolutionary back in the early days of the web, and the first reporting and digital engagement tool of its kind. Upon realizing this, Stephen left the software house he was then running and formed Parker Software Ltd.

Under the Parker Software umbrella, Stephen began selling his WhosOn solution via a simple website. The product was immediately successful, and led to rapid expansion for Parker Software.

Not only did the company grow its team and its finances, it also began to grow its offering. WhosOn was followed by business process automation tool, ThinkAutomation (known in its younger days as Email 2DB). Reverse IP lookup solution ProspectAgent was next to join the portfolio of Parker Software products.

The company is now more versatile than ever. Since its formation, Parker Software has moved into global markets, built a client base that is climbing into the tens of thousands, and escalated the team year-on-year. The secret is simple: hard work, passion for technology and ongoing investment in innovation.

Parker stands tall
First and foremost, products set Parker Software apart. Customers often come to the company asking for one specific requirement, and leave blown away after learning about the range of additional options it incorporates. Parker’s suite meets hundreds of digital transformation needs, and it’s growing all the time – meaning that it offers exceptional quality as well as sheer quantity of relevant features.

More personally, Parker Software’s story makes it unique. Starting with a live chat solution and a tiny family team in 2003, it rapidly became a key player in the real-time communication revolution. The company expanded across Europe and the USA, built a global client base that’s 10k strong and increased its own team numbers exponentially – all whilst staying localized and

“We’ll bring you closer to your customers,” says Stephen Parker
“Parker Software has a suite of digital transformation products spanning automation, real-time web engagement and sales enablement. Our flagship product is WhosOn, a live chat and real-time analytics solution with a rich suite of features and integrations. WhosOn is one of the longest standing live chat solutions in existence. A time-tested, ever enriched product, WhosOn offers extensive chat features and advanced help desk technology – all with simple usability.”

“We also offer ThinkAutomation: advanced business process automation software. ThinkAutomation takes all your inbound messages, parses and processes them, and then performs a series of relevant automated actions based on rule-based logic. Those automated actions can include things like data extraction and migration, email syncing, language translation, sentiment analysis, auto-responses, call routing, attachment processing – or any number of intelligent workflows.” “Finally, we offer ProspectAgent, a sales enablement solution that reveals the identity of B2B web visitors to generate live leads. By using IP address tracking coupled with real-time research, ProspectAgent pinpoints, processes and profiles website visitors as they browse. Not only can customers access their ecommerce leads immediately, they can reach out while those leads are still hot.”

“The overarching benefit of all these products is that they bring businesses closer to their customers. Separately, each solution drives efficiencies in communication, cost, and competence. Together, the products create a single, simplifying suite that covers a company’s digital transformation from every angle.”

The client spectrum
The top five industries with which Parker Software works are: manufacturing, financial services, IT, retail, and government/healthcare. However, due to the expansive range of its three-product offering, its software can drive
efficiencies across the full range of business sectors.

The company has over 10,000 clients in over 100 countries, ranging from SME through to global enterprise. Some of these global enterprises include the likes of GSK, Ford, Cisco, IBM, P&G, Telefonica, Fujitsu, Xerox, Virgin and Bank of America – to name but a few.

“I would certainly recommend Parker Software to anyone who has a customer facing website, the software is functional, easy to use and can only help your business improve its customer service.” -Amy Kirk, Centerplate

“Parker’s technology is so straightforward that there have been no problems using it. Whenever we needed support to make any changes Parker Software’s team was on hand to help.”-Gordon Dyet, ScottishPower

“We’re probably just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies Parker Software can provide an enterprise of our size.” -Rheal Dugas, Xerox

Now and next “For the short-term, we’re keen to grow our presence in the existing  regions we service, primarily across the UK and USA. We have an exceptional solution, and see no reason why we can’t continue to seize market share in the areas in which we currently operate. Over the course of the next three years, for example, we’d like to be the UK’s biggest chat provider, and amongst the top five in the USA.”

“Looking further afield, we have a truly global suite which is already mobilized in over 40 languages. East Asia in particular presents a massive opportunity, and as we continue to expand internationally this will be the next key region to crack,” says Stephen Parker.

“We live, breathe, eat and sleep digital solutions, and we’re committed to putting empowering technology at your fingertips.”

Meet the Key Executive

Stephen Parker, CEO and Founder: Stephen is both highly technical and highly entrepreneurial – combining coding expertise with commercial acumen to direct a thriving global software house.

Stephen remains the lead developer of Parker Software’s products to this day. Presiding over product innovation, Stephen drives new features, devises new technologies, and takes a hands-on approach in daily development. To that end, he is an atypical CEO; involved in strategic company direction right down to nitty gritty development details.