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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

A leader in providing end-to-end solutions in the FinTech domain: Vizitech Solutions

thesiliconreview-vizitech-solutions-anadsagar-ceoDetermined to offer next generation software services and solutions, Vizitech Solutions combines state-of-the-art technologies with a sound understanding of business processes to provide the best-in-class data analytics products and services to clients across the globe.

Ever since the global financial analytics market gained widespread popularity in cyber space, the Indian Financial Analytics industry has taken several positive steps to enhance its technologies and encourage the continuous growth of the analytics market in India. And, in order to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the financial data analytics space, several companies are exploring new technologies and attaining success at a pace never imagined before. Pune based, Vizitech Solutions Pvt Ltd. is one of those companies that has been in the news in recent times for their broad understanding of business processes and globally acclaimed solutions and services. The company was founded in 2013 when Founder and CEO Anandsagar Shiralkar saw the need for innovative financial product development in data analytics, and with his sheer dedication and passion, he built a name for himself and the company in a short time.

Today, Vizitech has grown into a service-oriented organization in the Fintech domain that offers a wide range of products and services, from customized product development, to ad-hoc research services. In addition, Vizitech has a Resource Consulting arm to provide Data Analytics experts on a contract, permanent or contract-to-hire basis, both on-site & off-shore.

Vizitech Research Services
The aim of Vizitech Research Services is to analyze equity markets using technical analysis and quantitative methods and create an innovative financial strategy that gives the company a competitive advantage. The company’s research, which started off with the constituents of major US and Japanese indices, has now increased to include the major indices in India and Hong Kong with further plans to expand into different geographies. In addition to creating technical and quantitative studies, Vizitech has helped several clients with customized tools and products. Vizitech’s strategies are back tested and run on a daily basis, and the performances of their services are monitored monthly to constantly re-calibrate their business operations and increase efficiencies. It is important to note that the company’s strategies have consistently beaten the TPX index in Japan.

At Vizitech, its team of professionals believes that a superb customer service is the key to the growth. Accordingly, every single employee abides by the traditional mantra of business practice: “Customer comes first and 100% customer satisfaction.” This has allowed the company not only to offer their services and products to local investors in India, but also to global Institutional Investors, Data Service Providers and Brokerage Houses/Banks. According to Anandsagar, “We are a Financial Analytics Company, focusing on Analytics and Financial Data by working with several data vendors. Since our establishment, we have been engaging in generating lots of appealing and creative data products popularly known as Competitive or Analytics products for Capital Markets. For days ahead in business, we plan to be part of the innovation in Fintech industry.”


Center of Excellence
In today’s volatile era of growing global competition, decreasing margins and increasing business risks, organizations are faced with the dual challenges of maintaining higher productivity and providing innovative solutions that will make them stand out from the competitors.

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a virtual organization that employs specialized skills to encourage and facilitate collaboration within a specific focus area. It also helps manage best practices for a specific functional area with an aim of increasing business success and productivity. The CoE framework encompasses all the strategic assets – people, processes and technology –that govern how the organizational unit always engages and delivers highly effective and efficient solutions for larger organizations.

CoE is another area where Vizitech is expanding into, by focusing on services such as the ones below:

  • Developing process models for managing application releases of e-commerce and payment gateway services/software applications.
  • Developing process models for infrastructure (servers, firewalls, and network traffic for heavy loads) and applications for monitoring uninterrupted services to consumers.
  • Utilization of a resource pool that has specialized skills, including methodology, process, continuous improvement techniques, and tools.
  • Following and adhering to the best industry practices such as the latest guidelines provided by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and adoption of the latest technology in data analytics.
  • Exploring various collaboration techniques that can provide a complete view of end-to-end processes across enterprises, and identifying opportunities that can combine common processes across chains of previously disconnected processes.
  • Discovery of redundant processes throughout the organization and providing opportunities for business process alignment.
  • The CoE aids the reuse of some existing programs/tools by acting as a common repository of shared artifacts, best practices, and knowledge across projects which can be reused with minimal changes and effort. This re-assessment helps drive the organization goal, thus reducing the time and effort to complete a project and achieve standardization.
  • In addition to knowledge transfer between the CoE and individual projects, the CoE promotes knowledge transfer between vendors and other external resources. This type of knowledge transfer is crucial to the success of any organizations as well as their rate of efficiency and self-sufficiency.

Product Offerings of Vizitech
Since the establishment of the company, Vizitech provides world-class products to its clients, and all Vizitech’s products are known for their simplicity, elegance and efficiency. Their financial products are built using the latest technology platforms and are designed to organize and generate critical financial data. Here are some of the case studies that demonstrate a few of Vizitech’s product development capabilities:

  • Helping analysts and portfolio managers to find normalized geographic sales exposures for whole investment or coverage universes.
  • Assisting clients to perform instantaneous and comprehensive stock screening that can be re-purposed and reused on an ongoing basis.
  • Helping customers to detect and reduce inefficiencies in analysis and increase effectiveness by plotting powerful relative and absolute valuation.
  • Helping analysts and PMs to quickly gain thorough insights on sell-side coverage.


Some of the Highlights of Vizitech’s Product Portfolio:
Consensus Sweeper
Consensus Sweeper is designed to capture all sell-side recommendations and target previous price changes in the last 24 hours or in any other preferred period through the daily clutter of research updates. To say it another way, it is a powerful aggregation tool that gains insights on all sell-side research market. The application uses a proprietary methodology to process and arrange consensus data meaningfully.

Coverage Auditor
Coverage Auditor is a useful tool that is programmed to track sell-side company coverage efficiently. This application is particularly helpful for sell-side management teams performing competitive analysis, for buy-side broker liaisons assessing the sellside’s breadth of coverage, and for sell-side sales personnel marketing their in-house coverage.

Relative Valuation Analyzer
Vizitech’s Relative Value Analyzer is a powerful data analysis and visualization tool that allows users to perform historical relative analysis in seconds. Whether it is PE, PB, PCF, EV/EBITDA, or EV/SALES, this product will quickly plot full historical series, including moving averages and standard deviations, based on Bloomberg consensus and reported data.

Fundamental Toolkit
The fundamental toolkit comprises of the following:

  • Relative Value Analyzer
  • Company 360 ( 360° view of a Company)
  • Stock Screening

Company 360°
Vizitech’s Company 360° can provide a quick visual financial snapshot for any businesses. It also serves as a quick demonstration of Vizitech’s capabilities in data visualization.

Stock Screener
Stock Screener provides clients with an easy and efficient method of performing highly flexible and comprehensive stock screening. This product sources data from Bloomberg and from any Excel-based data files.

Geographic Exposures
Which companies are mostly exposed to Russia’s financial downturn or to a slow economic growth in China, or to an economic recovery in Europe? Vizitech’s Geographic Sales Exposure can help answer these questions. Because of corporate’ disparate reporting practices, it is extremely difficult to easily identify companies with a specific sales profile, which could be a key indicator of stock performance

Deep Insight (DI)
DI empowers users to visualize multiple financial data sets (e.g., multiples, ratios, financial statements items, etc.) for multiple company universe for long historical series. DI is one of the few third-party applications that are focused on fundamental analysis. This tool is available in Bloomberg®’s App store.

Financial Model
Financial Model is a universal application wherein users can continue to use their own financial model template and automate the process of getting the historical data as well as forecasting the numbers easily using pre-defined and custom-made formulae.

Standing Tall among the Peers
With a focus on delivering top-notch products and services, the company uniquely distinguishes itself from competitors due to the following reasons:

  • Vizitech has 50 years of combined experience in Capital Markets.
  • Supports multi languages including English, Japanese, Spanish and Various Indian Languages.
  • Provides extensive client relationships in the financial services industry.
  • Posses a highly skilled team with best-in-class academic credentials.
  • Offers outstanding product quality validated by top global financial data provider.
  • Always guided by their motto ‘Listen to clients-Hire the best talent- Build simple solutions’.

Meet the Key Leaders

Anandsagar Shiralkar, Founder/CEO
An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Anand is responsible for setting up the strategy and direction for Vizitech. Prior to his role at Vizitech Solutions, Anandsagar was in charge of an analytics & alternative equity research team at Citigroup Global Markets Japan, where he worked closely with institutional investors creating popular analytical and quantitative research products and gained vast experience dealing with various market data vendors, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Toyo Keizai, Nikkei, AMSUS, IFIS, and Capitaline.

Gautam Kulkarni, COO

thesiliconreview-vizitech-gautam-cooGautam brings extensive years of experience to the company, through his work with Fidelity Investments Japan prior to his stint at Vizitech. At Fidelity, Gautam lead several projects in Equity and Fixed Income operations, with responsibilities spanning across project management, production support, vendor management, business analysis, and training. Gautam holds a degree in computer engineering and an advanced diploma in Japanese from the University of Pune. At Vizitech, Gautam is heading key operations and leading the team.

Pravin Lipare, Senior Technical Architect
Pravin has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and with hands-on on all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). During his tenure in the U.S., he has worked with NYSOGS and implemented a Mortgage Billing System. Also for Invest Bank, UAE, he has worked on a Credit Risk Management System (Basel II Compliant). At Vizitech, Pravin is Chief IT Architect and is responsible for bringing the innovation to implementation and user experience of Vizitech’s products and IT services.

Vizitech Offerings:




“Our financial products are built using the latest technology platforms and are designed to organize and generate the critical financial data you need in an instant.”