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A leader of Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene & Ergonomics Management platform: ProcessMAP

thesiliconreview-dave-rath-ceo-processmap-18ProcessMAP was created on a simple vision - to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data. As the company’s partnership with customers has progressed, ProcessMAP has come to share their responsibility to improve people’s lives by creating a safer and healthier workplace and minimizing environmental impact. With its analytics-driven software, ProcessMAP helps customers across the globe optimize processes and performance, while mitigating risk.

Founded in 2000, ProcessMAP Corporation is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to manage risk in three key areas: Employee Health & Safety; Environment & Sustainability; and Enterprise Compliance. Its software supports global conglomerates to mid-sized companies across 125 countries in more than 27 languages.

In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, its EHS & Sustainability solutions provide proactive and preventative mechanisms for organizations to reduce risk and impact their bottom line. With ProcessMAP's cloud-based solution, information can be stored, viewed, edited and reported in a centralized database server. Task management capabilities, such as email notifications, activity workflow, and calendar setup promote accountability, increase productivity, and drive compliance.

ProcessMAP Solutions: Health & Safety and Risk Management

Smart organizations know that driving efficiency and mitigating risk is vital to a healthy bottom line. That’s why they choose ProcessMAP's integrated solutions. Now you can leverage its expertise from years of helping companies of all sizes manage risk in three key areas: Employee Health & Safety; Environment & Sustainability; and Enterprise Compliance.

Leverage the Power of Proven EHS & Risk Solutions

ProcessMAP's integrated solutions help companies manage data and processes in order to enhance performance, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and improve profitability. Its cloud-based platform is available as a comprehensive suite or as a modular solution.

  • ProcessMAP Enterprise: ProcessMAP's integrated suite of EHS solutions is used by mid-sized companies and global conglomerates to manage risk and improve performance in three key areas: Employee Health & Safety; Environment & Sustainability; and Enterprise Compliance.
  • ProcessMAP Edge: Even as a small or medium-size business, you have big safety responsibilities. But, you need to stay lean. And, you can’t afford to invest more than is needed. That’s where ProcessMAP EDGE comes in. Now you can access enterprise-grade software to simplify OSHA compliance and automate health and safety management – at a cost, you can afford.

Why ProcessMAP?

As you strive to navigate increasingly complex Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), Risk, and Sustainability demands, it pays to have a powerful global partner.

Leverage the Power of a Proven Partner

Whether your organization is a large global conglomerate or a mid-sized company, mitigating risk associated with EHS and sustainability, while preserving your financial health is challenging.

ProcessMAP understands the complex challenges facing your organization and has the comprehensive technology and expertise to help you solve them. With ProcessMAP, organizations increase compliance and enable intelligent business decisions to mitigate risk, while minimizing impacts to their bottom line.

Happy Customer

Case Study of Allergan

ProcessMAP provides Allergan with a fully-integrated, comprehensive platform to support its global sustainability initiatives. The system manages and measures environmental, health & safety, energy, and greenhouse gas KPIs, enabling reliable data reporting to internal and external stakeholders, including Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).


  • Increased efficiency by replacing Excel spreadsheets with an end-to-end sustainability management platform
  • Enables the leadership team to view sustainability performance against goals
  • The streamlined collection, verification, and analysis of environmental and social performance KPIs globally
  • Established a central repository to serve as the enterprise carbon accounting software platform to calculate GHG emissions
  • Facilitates reporting of key sustainability performance indicators to external stakeholders


“For more than 10 years, Allergan has been measuring its sustainability performance. However, with over 100% growth in the last 5 years, we realized that our underlying methods to measure and manage sustainability needed upgrading. Our selection of a global enterprise software platform such as ProcessMAP’s, demonstrates to our stakeholders and shareholders, that we are committed to improving our sustainability processes and efforts."

  • Sulaiman Hamidi, Manager EHS – Global Technical Operations at Allergan

Meet the Leader

Dave Rath, CEO: Over 20 years of experience in EHS and sustainability, information management, cloud/SaaS Software, and strategic management consulting.

Dave Rath is responsible for driving the overall strategy and vision for ProcessMAP, which has grown to become the world’s leading software platform for the environment, health, safety, and sustainability information management. Dave has over 20 years of experience in the EHS arena – from regulatory agencies to EHS management consulting and EHS information management solutions. Prior to ProcessMAP, Dave worked for ERM, the world’s leading multi-national EHS consultancy headquartered in London. During his tenure at ERM, Dave was involved in a wide range of EHS compliance and management consulting engagements for a wide range of customers, including GE, General Dynamics, and Bausch & Lomb. Prior to ERM, Dave served in many positions at the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).

BS in Engineering, Utkal University, India; MS in Engineering, Auburn University, Alabama.

“Leading organizations – from global conglomerates to mid-sized companies – trust ProcessMAP as their enterprise cloud suite. For over fifteen years, we have delivered breakthrough results in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Sustainability management across a wide range of industries.”