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A Leading Demand Generation Agency and Data Provider: HIPB2B

thesiliconreview-bret-smith-ceo-hipb2b-18HIPB2B helps businesses connect with interested individuals at the companies they want to reach. Founded in 2009, HIPB2B have grown from a handful of family members in our founder’s garage to today’s thriving team.

Over this time, the company has perfected a demand generation process using a combination of marketing automation, email, and historical data to serve your content to potential leads. When they interact with your content, HIPB2B validate their information and deliver only the most interested engagers to you.

“We make sure our data is clean so you can be assured every dollar you put towards leads with HIPB2B is well-spent,” says CEO of HIPB2B, BRET SMITH. “Even with these high standards for data quality, we don’t compromise the fulfillment and delivery speed of your purchased leads.”

HIPB2B draw from a database of over 28 million contacts, sending only to those contacts that match your targeting criteria. Together with HIPB2B, you can broaden your reach within core audiences or gain traction with fresh demographics.

HIPB2B have a formidable database, filled with millions of actively-validated contacts, from which its data specialists assemble an audience matching your exact targeting criteria. The company fulfills your campaign rapidly, usually within days of you sending over your content.

It curate its data so you don’t need to worry about the connections you receive being ready for nurture. HIPB2B’s dedicated Contact Verification team ensures every lead delivered to you has current, accurate contact information and company details.

Furthermore, HIPB2B also sponsors the 7,600-member Demand Generation and Content Marketing Group on LinkedIn. Its group is a platform to discuss relevant topics, ask questions, and share opinions with thousands of like-minded professionals. The company takes pride in maintaining a brand-neutral, spam-free environment.

HIPB2B Solutions Overview

Classic Lead Generation

Today, the business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem is ruled by self-education. Potential buyers are moving increasingly further through the buying process before talking to a sales rep. The key to developing modern business relationships is connecting potential buyers with relevant content early in their buying process. Unfortunately, starting a conversation is the hardest part of the process.

Running a classic lead generation campaign with HIPB2B allows you to put your top-of-funnel, educational content – like white papers and eBooks – in the hands of your target audience. Early-stage interaction with leads positions your company as a trusted advisor and sets your team up for warm conversations down the line. In fact, Forrester Research reports that 65% of decision-makers will award business to the company that first creates the buying vision.

When you work with HIPB2B, you choose the ideal audience for every campaign. Based on your criteria, HIPB2B create a target group of contacts from its database. It then delivers your content to these contacts through a series of optimized email broadcasts. As the campaign progresses and users interact with your content, it deliver leads in incremental batches until it reach your specified count.

Supplemental Content Creation

In a typical email campaign, the promoted content is preceded by a brief email message and an informational landing page. Depending on the campaign, a form and a thank you/confirmation page might also be involved. Together, these items introduce the star of the show, your content. HIPB2B call them the supplemental content package.

To get your campaign up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, HIPB2B offers custom copywriting and email design services. Using your asset as a reference, its in-house creative team assembles all the supplemental content needed to get your campaign off the ground.

  • Email: HIPB2B designs a fully responsive HTML email to start the process on the right foot, no matter the device.
  • Landing Page: It highlight the best features of your asset with a custom landing page. It builds both traditional landing pages and frictionless (form-free) landing pages based on client specifications.
  • Content: You provide the content to get the campaign started. HIPB2B can run it as is or send it to its design and editing team to do some touch-ups.

Campaign Engagement Data

Form completions are only a small portion of the total engagement in any given campaign. On average, only one of every three users that reach the landing page complete the form. In other words, a majority of the users that click through your email never see the related asset.

Forms create a lot of friction with your audience. Nobody wants to go through a background check in order to read your content. Even short forms quickly become a roadblock for prospective readers. This is especially true today when data security and privacy are top-of-mind for consumers.

Why put a barrier between your audience and your content? If the goal of the campaign is to get the key information in the hands of your ideal customers, why stop two-thirds of your audience from ever getting there?

HIPB2B offers frictionless Campaign Engagement Data (CED) campaigns for exactly that reason. The process is exactly the same as a Classic Lead Generation campaign with the exception that there is no form on the landing page. Instead, users can click to view the asset directly. By matching users to records in its database, HIPB2B is able to provide full business card data for all those who engage with the asset.


“HIPB2B’s Engagement Data offering has helped Aberdeen maintain a robust database of net new names who are highly targeted and engaged. This offering has allowed is to improve conversion on our nurture programs equal to or better than what we had previously seen while allowing our program to remain successful in an environment of increasing expectations. Depending on the campaigns and segments, we have seen a conversion lift of 15-25% compared to the traditional methods of list buys and have allowed us to demonstrate that our internally-developed nurture programs work as expected.”

- Dennis Behrman, VP of Marketing, Aberdeen Group

“Your content is at the center of any campaign with HIPB2B. Whether you’re promoting a white paper, report, video, or on-demand webinar, we create the supplemental content needed to deliver your asset to your target audience.”