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A leading provider of customized service platforms based on Microsoft Unified Communications technologies: Luware

thesiliconreview-philipp-beck-founder-ceo-luware-2017For a business or any organization, the ability to build strong communication is one of the crucial aspects of its success. From effective communication with staff to reaching out to clients and customers, communication plays a huge factor in business operations. However, the business communication between customers and companies are getting more complex and challenging as a result of digitalization. The customer expectations regarding the availability of customer services are increasing; people are becoming used to obtain everything at one touch or a click in their gadgets as time management has become crucial for everyone. Thus, understanding the problems and symptoms to communication challenges within a business is the only way to find solutions to the obstacles. This led to the foundation of the company Luware in the year 2010 to provide the most suitable solution that allows organizations to not only satisfy the requirements of their customers but also to exceed their expectations.

Luware aims to be an one stop shop for Skype for Business. It provides solutions in the area of contact center, team ACD, or individual workstations for omni-modality like chat, voice, video, e-mail, social media and co-browsing. It also offers the full range of additional features for Skype for Business and Lync.

Dawning of the company

Headquartered in Zurich, Luware started its venture into the business by making a thorough investigation to obtain Cisco ICM (Intelligent Contact Management) to route calls on the Microsoft OCS (Office Communication Server). The operation was halfway successful, but then Cisco declined the use of API in that UseCase. This propelled the company to create its own products for its first ever customer- Medicall, a 24/7 hours call centre in the medical industry serving emergency numbers, which was looking for a new way to serve their customers.

Luware is driven by the values like innovation and infusing quality with simplicity in creating products for its customers’ success. It supports companies in adapting the communications between their staff and the customers to meet the present day demands. Thus this way the companies are in a position to meet the constantly rising expectations of the customers and ensure flexibility in work among its staff members.

“Serve your customers – don’t serve the Software”

Luware not only provides the accurate solutions for communications, but it also makes customer’s experience rich and worthwhile. The company’s solutions are based on Microsoft Unified Communication technologies such as Skype for Business or Lync that helps in transforming the path of customers into a unique experience in the digital age. In partnership with Microsoft products, the solutions provided by the company allow customer service representatives and internal services to handle all concerns individually, personally, and swiftly.

Overview of the Products

The company rolled out its first product to help Medicall’s staff in bridging communication with their customers. It offered a native integrated solution on the Lync 2010 platform so that the customers were able to reach their agent and continued working from anywhere, and most importantly it was so easy to use that thew were able to do the daily move add and changes by themselves.

The company’s product LUCS is a omni-modulity Contact Center solution designed completely based on the Microsoft UC Platform. The goal of the solution is to enable communications between businesses and their customers without being dependent on type of device or time of day, thus achieving a high level of cost-effectiveness in implementation and operations.

Team Manager, it’s another offering that complements the organization’s Skype for Business environment, and allows them to define groups for chat, voice, audio, video and app sharing. It also helps in creating reports about the whole team and their activities.

RTC LAUNCHER, the company’s new web application that uses the open standard of WebRTC among others, thus enabling end-to-end connectivity between web browsers and Skype for Business.

RTC LAUNCHER works by sending WebRTC requests received via chat, voice or video directly to the target’s Skype for Business endpoint. In other words, the targets only need to be logged on with their respective Skype for Business clients in order to be able to receive WebRTC requests. Connections to a target can either be established with individuals or they can be put through to a service.

The roadmap ahead

The company has already offered many products that serve the organizations and businesses best in fostering communications with their customers, and in the near future keeping the same goal in mind, it has planned all their prducts integrate into Office 365. RTC Launcher beeing the first, all other will follow. It has already built a reputation to understand the affected problem of organizations and work on it to help them in mending things and stir the work and culture of the organizations. The core conviction of the company that it wants to map out in the market is: “If you wanna get the problem solved go on with Luware.”

Meet the master brain

Philipp Beck is Founder and CEO of Luware, a leading provider of service platforms based on Microsoft Unified Communication technologies. After his electrical engineering studies at the Hochschule Rapperswil, where he pasted with distinction, he worked at the Institute for Networked Solution and deal with Microsoft UC environment. Since 2007, Philipp Beck holds the title Microsoft Certified Master for OCS, which he later confirmed with the title Microsoft Certified Master Lync 2010 and Microsoft Certified Solution Master Communications for Lync 2013.

“We have a strategy that we deliver all additional products customer needs so that they does not need to manage different Vendors for one UC Platform.”