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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

A leading provider of information availability software solutions: Attunity


‘Real-time information availability software that enables access, sharing and distribution of data and files across heterogeneous enterprise platforms.’

Attunity Ltd. is a provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, management, sharing and distribution of data, including Big Data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms and the cloud. Its software solutions include data replication, data flow management, test data management, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity, data warehouse automation, data usage analytics, and cloud data delivery. Using Attunity’s software solutions, customers have real-time access and availability of data where and when needed.

Attunity has supplied software solutions to enterprise customers for nearly 20 years, and has deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide. Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through a number of partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and HP. Headquartered in Boston, Attunity serves its customers via offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and through a network of partners. Attunity was founded in 1988.

Attunity solutions meet the wide range of information availability needs that enterprises face today.

Move Data

Attunity Replicate makes real-time information availability a reality for organizations with its optimized data ingestion capabilities. The solution provides high-performance data replication and loading, with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. It automates the end to end replication process, and loads data quickly and efficiently. Unlike other products, Attunity’s data replication software drives the data change utilizing next-generation change data capture (CDC) technology, combined together with intelligent in-memory transaction streaming. These enhancements significantly improve the performance of high-volume data ingest uniquely optimized for database, data warehouse, Hadoop and Cloud targets. Attunity Replicate also now integrates with Apache Kafka APIs to deliver data to HBase, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, and other Big Data platforms.

Attunity CloudBeam automates and accelerates data loading from multiple data sources to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud environments continuously. The key benefits are:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) for so you’re working with real-time data
  • Data integrity with check mechanisms
  • Monitoring for peace-of-mind, control, and auditing
  • Secures data transfer with industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Financial savings

Attunity Connect, an easy-to-use, standards-based data access solution, provides data accessibility and availability – quickly and easily. Built with a straight-forward, out-of-the-box configuration, it provides real-time, seamless connectivity for a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources.

Attunity Connect’s drivers make enterprise data sources, from Windows to Mainframes, accessible by Java, .NET, and web applications, as well as by reporting, business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data integration platforms.

Broad coverage: available for many supported data sources
Low cost of ownership: easy to configure and maintain, frees up IT resources
Real-time: To meet the needs of today’s business and support better decision making
Reliable and Secure: provides protection against ‘bad queries’ and their impact on source systems

The Gold Client Solutions suite of products resolves these data management challenges by allowing SAP users to replicate and move data from and between SAP applications and data warehouses. It provides the most practical and flexible approach to selecting and replicating data based on any criteria and controlling the amount of data being copied – from individual transactions to larger volumes. With its powerful and flexible methods of transforming, synchronizing, and copying select data across your SAP landscapes, Gold Client is a complete software solution to manage data volume and availability for enterprise needs.

Attunity Managed File Transfers (MFT) enables IT professionals to realize faster access to information, improved operational efficiencies, peace of mind with secure policies in force, and reductions in administrative tasks throughout their internal infrastructure and B2B ecosystems.

Designed to meet the needs of any size organization, Attunity MFT’s modular design, intuitive “familiar” interfaces, business application connectors and new managed folders capabilities ensure rapid adoption and usage by end users. For environments with heavy-production transfer automation requirements, Attunity MFT’s highly-scalable architecture, reliable operations and extensive API enable seamless integration with enterprise business processes and IT workflows.

To ensure continuous availability of data and accommodate virtually any scenario, Attunity RepliWeb solutions enable you to centrally manage replication, synchronization and applications across any network or topology. Attunity RepliWeb solutions help to overcome challenging network connections, enable real-time updates, and provide centralized visibility into your processes.

Prepare Data
The Attunity Compose platform automates the manual, repetitive aspects of data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment, operations, impact analysis, and change management. By simplifying ETL, development and deployment tasks, Attunity Compose empowers BI teams to flexibly deliver timely insights to the business.

Analyze Usage
Attunity Visibility is the only solution that provides detailed insight into business activity, data usage and resource consumption so that you can:

  • Measure data usage and user activity by business lines and departments within your organization.
  • Identify individual application users and BI reports that impact system performance on the data warehouse.
  • Rebalance data and workloads to the right platform by identifying unused data and resource-intensive workloads.
  • Optimize multiple data delivery platforms with an integrated dashboard to diagnose and assess performance bottlenecks.
  • Measure and audit the utilization of information assets to make smarter infrastructure investments.

“Choose Attunity, your answer to accessing, moving and managing your information faster, more effectively and with the highest return on investment.”

Meet the Key Executive

Shimon Alon, Chairman and CEO: Shimon Alon, Chairman of the Board, was appointed Chief Executive Officer on June 1st 2008. Previously, Alon was CEO of Precise Software Solutions, a leading provider of application performance management. Following the acquisition of Precise by VERITAS Software Corporation in June 2003, Alon served as an executive advisor to VERITAS. Prior to Precise Software, Alon held a number of positions at Scitex and its subsidiaries including President and Chief Executive Officer of Scitex America and Managing Director of Scitex Europe. Alon holds a degree from the Executive Management Program at the Harvard Business School.