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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

A leading Provider of Information Technology and Analytics Solutions: Apar Technologies

silicon-review-sai-sudhakar-apar-technologies“IT and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk about one without talking about the other.” – Bill Gates

As per McKinsey, by FY 2025 Disruptive Technologies would impact global economy by between USD 14 Trillion – USD 33 Trillion. Ten (10) technologies are projected to be driving the change. Apar, with its focus on Digital Business Transformation is working with enterprises to transform their existing business and is helping emerging companies to convert their disruptive ideas into Digital business reality – rapidly using an agile approach.

Apar Technologies has been promoted by Apar Industries, a US$ 900 million group listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Basil Growth Partners, a Private Equity Fund that invests in niche IT Services companies. Apar was incorporated in 2006 in Singapore with focus of Strategic Sourcing – Professional Services & Project Sourcing. Between 2006 and 2012, it grew organically across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

In late 2013, Apar embarked on an aggressive organic and inorganic growth strategy to rapidly scale its operations and expand its business – both geographically and across service lines with an aim to provide value added solutions to its clients. With over 2,200 employees today, Apar recommends the best-shore (onsite / onshore / offshore), best- approach (custom built / package implementation / hybrid) and best-fit (augment / outsource / dedicated center) model for each client.

Analytics solutions offered
Smart Airport: A cloud-ready comprehensive analytics framework for airports that can leverage existing infrastructure and systems providing access to key performance indicators across functions to improve performance and efficiency of a modern airport. Full range of dashboards, reports, statistical models for predictive analytics, extractors for all major airport source systems are a feature of the system. The solution is technology agnostic and works seamlessly with all leading platforms and source systems.

eGL: A Financial Data Analytics solution that provides platform agnostic integration across any ERP, Data warehouse and Reporting platforms which facilitates period end reconciliations. It provides ready integrations with financial data models and reports while providing flexibility to add/change business views.

eDM: A web-based enterprise data mapping portal to create, version, consolidate and manage data mappings and mapping documents. It offers digital review and approval process and notifications. It also aids compliance with regulatory requirements by providing alerts and audit trails.

eLite SIS: A new-age Student Relationship Management solution based on MS xRM stack. This provides advanced analytics to analyze the performance of a student vis-à-vis his / her peers, track their performance during their tenure at the institute in addition to analyzing the performance of the faculty and course to ensure productivity improvement for the institute.

eLite Call Center: An MS xRM based Call Center solution that consists of advanced analytics for Call Center Agent Performance and resource utilization.

The client dimension
Any enterprise which is keen on embarking on the “Digital Business Transformation” journey is a key focus for Apar. It has seen success across e-Governance, Banking & Financial Services, Logistics, High Tech and Healthcare sectors. Its key customers include, DBS Bank, CIMB, Bank of America, KTB, GE, Humana, Equinix, PUB, Changi Airport, Land Transport Authority, Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore, Amdocs and Vodafone.

The happy customers
“I feel that I must express my wholehearted appreciation about the outstanding service we received from your team during the Microstrategy implementation at OCBC NISP Securities”. – Enterprise Information System Head at Bank OCBC NISP.

“I thank you for supporting and delivering on demands raised on ad-hoc basis which has been effective in making the Teradata implementation useful to the community at EDB”.
– Head- BI & Big Data, Etisalat.

“I am writing this letter of appreciation for the quality service provided by your project team for timely implementation of the DTV assistance scheme”. – Deputy Director, Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Standing tall among the peers
Apar’s success mantra has been “Small enough to know you, large enough to serve you”. With focus on Digital Business Transformation and over 2,200 employees across the globe, the company is right-sized to:

  • Possess the right tools (alliances with best in breed solutions, automation tools, frameworks and IP) to architect and deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions to clients
  • Provide clients the right management attention
  • Be nimble footed in its approach and can scale very rapidly, based on client requirements

Meet the leadership team

Rajeev Srivastava, co-Founder & Chairman: Rajeev is the Managing Partner of Basil Partners, a PE firm with investments in 14 niche IT Services firms. Rajeev was co-founder and CEO of Apar Infotech which subsequently merged with Ness Technologies. Extensive IT industry experience includes stints with iGate and TCS.

Kushal Desai, co-Founder & Board Member: Kushal is also the Managing Director of Apar Industries. He was also co-founder of Apar Infotech and Joint Managing Director of GE Lighting India.

Sai Sudhakar, CEO: Sai has over 24 years of technology industry experience and 18 years setting up and managing IT services businesses in the Asia Pacific region. Prior experiences include assignments with Ness Global Services, ITW Inc. and CMC.

Sameer Kanwar, Group MD for Apar & General Partner for Basil Partners: Sameer has over 21 years of technology industry experience in Asia Pacific and Europe. Prior stints include assignments with Powerdesk, Ness, Parametric and Wipro.

Sanjiv Maheshwari, Group CFO, Apar & General Partner, Basil Partners: Sanjeev has over 27 years of Finance and operations experience with companies like Ness, Syngenta and Sandoz.