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A New Way to Consume Open Source, Avoid Distro Lock-In, and Stay Close To Upstream: Mirantis


Mirantis provides cloud-native continuous delivery and open cloud infrastructure software to top enterprises using Spinnaker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, and related open source technologies. The company follows a build-operate-transfer model to deliver Mirantis Application Platform, Mirantis Cloud Platform and cloud management services, and empowering customers to take advantage of open source innovation with no vendor lock-in. To date, Mirantis has helped over 200 enterprises build and operate some of the largest open clouds in the world as they transitioned to DevOps and cloud-native methodologies. Its customers include iconic brands such as Adobe, AT&T, Comcast, Reliance Jio, State Farm, STC, Vodafone, Volkswagen, and Wells Fargo.

Mirantis is a leader in OpenStack and Kubernetes code contributions. With over 400 employees, Mirantis is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, CA. Its top-tier investors include August Capital, Dell Ventures, Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Insight Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, Siguler Guff & Co., and West Summit Capital.

Mirantis Cloud Platform

It is a reliable, resilient and scalable multi-cloud platform that is vital in helping enterprises and service providers accelerate their application delivery pipelines. It builds and operates web-scale open clouds with Mirantis Cloud Platform.

What is Mirantis Cloud Platform?

Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is a comprehensive multi-cloud software stack built with an operations-centric approach. It continuously delivers automated infrastructure updates and intelligent application delivery through a CI/CD pipeline toolchain while also providing proactive monitoring and analytics to ensure maximum availability. MCP can include OpenStack and/or Kubernetes to offer bare metal, VMs and containers, along with Ceph, OpenContrail, and Calico for software-defined storage and networking.

Unified Private Cloud Software Stack

With MCP, you can offer developers bare metal, virtual machine and container resources for different types of workloads — all in a single cloud. You can also add Containers-as-a-Service and Mirantis Application Platform to foster grassroots adoption of CD best practices and standardized software artifacts, and accelerate your application pipelines as your company moves towards a cloud-native, container-first approach to apps. Solutions from competing vendors are unable to handle this breadth and flexibility with open source software, creating vendor lock-in and forcing you to create and manage multiple islands with different platforms

100% Open-Source

Why should you consider Mirantis your most trusted source of open cloud software? Mirantis is expert in multiple open source projects and communities, with nearly a decade of experience and leading contributions. With our know-how and continuous delivery of software updates, you’ll get new features, bug and security fixes with rapid velocity. You can also influence open source communities to incorporate your specific features by leveraging its relationships.

Continuous Innovation

Waiting for months to get a new release of your cloud software is the antithesis of the velocity you expect from open source projects. MCP solves this by continuously integrating the latest stable release of each software project/artifact in the company’s stack and continuously delivering the innovation to you, including support for fully automated in-service upgrades to the latest OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Mirantis OpenContrail release. Learn more about its latest features.

How Mirantis Provide Value to You

Unlike its competitors, Mirantis do not view open source cloud infrastructure or PaaS software as a way to lock you into other “cash cow” technology like an OS. It works with multiple open source software projects along with multiple best-in-class technology providers to bring you solutions that solve specific use cases such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Multi-Cloud App Delivery. It delivers value to the business through these solutions, using a Build-Operate-Transfer model to ensure long-term success, on your terms.

Application Software: Enterprise Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes

Migrate Existing Apps: Migrate your existing workloads by recreating on-premises application execution environments in GKE, EKS, AKS, or other public clouds.

Avoid Lock-In: Mitigate cloud lock-in with native Kubernetes integration and flexible cloud driver plug-ins available out of the box in Spinnaker.

Keep Things Secure: Maintain existing security standards by integrating familiar security tools and processes with continuous delivery pipelines to Kubernetes clusters.

Release Faster: Achieve 10 x improvements in the frequency of production deployments through continuous delivery automation and adoption of advanced deployment strategies.

Integrate with Existing Build Systems: Developers and operators can use the model-based design in Mirantis Application Platform to easily configure it to their own needs following the infrastructure-as-code approach.

Leverage Open Community: Spinnaker is the most popular open source enterprise continuous delivery platform for Kubernetes; battle-tested in production by hundreds of teams over millions of deployments.

Mirantis Mission

Words from the Chief:

“Our mission is to be the world’s most effective vehicle for converting open source innovation into customer value.

By providing continuous delivery of open cloud software via a managed services model, Mirantis enables enterprise application owners to become free of infrastructure and operations concerns. And, with an option to transfer operations control, enterprises can reap the benefits of open source standards and avoid vendor lock-in.

Howdy Chief! 

Adrian Ionel, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman: Adrian joined the company in 2009 and initiated its investment in OpenStack. Since then, Mirantis grew into one of the most respected companies in open source cloud software. Adrian leads the company’s development, rooted in a culture of customer care, curiosity and technical excellence. Prior to Mirantis Adrian was CEO and founder of eOnline, VP and General Manager EMEA at Qualys (NASDAQ: QLYS) and Venture Partner at Trident Capital. He earned an MSEE degree from the University of Erlagen-Nuernberg and started his career in R&D and product management. A Romanian by birth, Adrian has lived in the UK, Germany, and Japan and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995. Outside of work he loves power yoga, time with his family and the occasional mountain biking ride.

“We transfer cloud operations to you or a managed partner of your choice following our step-by-step off-ramp methodology. We train and certify your team in DevOps and cloud software, transfer operations processes and tooling, and gradually reduce our involvement to only support software escalation issues.”