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SR 2015 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies

A niche business specializing in Workday Financial Management applications: Decisif Consulting

Decisif Consulting is an international consulting firm specializing in the deployment, integration, and continued support of Workday Financial Management applications. They offer a wide range of on- and off-site services and are committed to successfully delivering large-scale projects to global customers on time and within budget.

With offices in San Ramon, CA & New York, NY (USA); London (UK), Paris & Bordeaux (France), Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (NZ), Decisif Consulting was incorporated in 2003 by Sylvain Nguyen. Having worked for PeopleSoft, he had gained an inside knowledge of how to design a global ERP and was ready to use it to start up a consultancy which would do things differently. A few years ago, seeing the potential of a new cloud based ERP named Workday, he decided to reinvent Decisif and become the new specialist of global deployments of Workday Financial Management applications. With a team of ERP veterans located in Australasia, Europe and the US, Decisif started helping global clients with their deployment of the revolutionary Workday applications. Now recognized as a leading provider of services for Workday Financial Management applications, Decisif is expanding into new territories and is seeing 100% growth year over year to accommodate the booming market of Workday clients.

With seven strategically established offices worldwide – San Ramon, New York, London, Paris, Bordeaux, Tokyo, Auckland and Sydney, Decisif has a 24/7 operating window. Described as awesome and inspirational service providers by clients, they are content that their clients are very satisfied with the service provided, but are still always striving to raise the bar. To this end Decisif will conduct yearly client surveys, to find out if there are any areas in which they can improve.

Tailor made offerings
Decisif has three distinct lines of service: Consulting, Solutions, and Support.

Solving problems- Decisif offers pre-packaged localizations for Workday Financial Management applications. They have localizations for over 25 countries – and counting. Solutions include country specific tax processing and reporting, statutory reports, international banking and third party software integrations and other regional compliance solutions.

Pre-packaged solutions- The scope and depth of Decisif’s work in this area is unique in the Workday ecosystem. Their pre-packaged solutions allow clients to deploy on a global scale both rapidly and effectively. Decisif Solutions are fixed-price, out-of-the-box packages that are pre-configured and pre-tested. Their solutions come with 12 months unlimited maintenance, ensuring clients stay compliant with local statutory requirements.

A global reach- Decisif has successfully developed global localizations for Workday’s six core countries – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland – as part of the Workday 25 rollout. Decisif has also created pre-packaged solutions for many other countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australasia and Africa.

Decisif consulting explained- Decisif specialists possess dual expertise in business process and ERP deployment and will help maximize the client’s Workday investment to its fullest potential. Extensive knowledge has been accumulated implementing ERP systems across 5 continents over the last 15 years.

The Decisif difference- The team works exclusively with Workday Financial Management. After many years in the ERP industry, Decisif consultants are experts in their niche, enabling successful global deployments of Workday Financial Management and letting their clients experience the Decisif difference.
Exceeding expectations- Decisif consultants go above and beyond to deliver extra service.

Global support service- Decisif services clients 24/7. Decisif consultants can be where one needs them in a short span of time.

Keeping you in control- Decisif will not ask the client to commit to a long-term contract, or demand a retainer to be at the end of the phone when they need help. Decisif provides support in a “pay as you go” style through the cloud. Their web-based issue-management workflow tool, helps them prioritize requests, obtain approval on quotes and deliver the solutions seamlessly and in complete transparency.

Decisif support in action- Decisif has created complex reports for a cloud-based travel industry operator for their international operations.

Team Decisif describes itself as a truly global company, with their team being made up of people all around the world working together in real life and virtually. “Our clients are companies who need global and local expertise in many countries. They need experienced consultants who understand the local tax and statutory environment in the different regions where they need to produce financial reports. We have a significant library of pre-packaged country localizations for over 25 countries and counting. Clients can buy these off-the-rack with 12 months unlimited maintenance. It’s a big time and money saver and takes the guess-work out of deployment and ensures compliance with local requirements. We understand the complexities – financial and otherwise – of being a global company. This helps us know what our clients need and how best to work with them in order to maximize their investment in Workday. Our company culture is uniquely humble; we let the results of our work speak for us. In our business, trust and integrity are vital. These attributes are the basis for relationships formed over time which have helped us to build a reputation we are proud of”, added Sylvain.

Decisif is not only a provider of consulting services for the leading cloud based ERP, but is also a global company using the latest cloud based solutions internally. Their team can access information, collaborate, communicate and deliver services virtually from any point of the globe. As innovators, explorers and early adopters of new technology, the company’s business objectives are closely linked to those of their clients. They work with forward thinking companies who share their vision to harness the extraordinary power and flexibility of Workday Financial Management to streamline their internal processes so they can concentrate on core business.

The team at Decisif just established a presence in Tokyo, Japan to improve their coverage of the important Asia-Pac market and is looking forward to expand their global footprint in EMEA, South East Asia and South America in 2016 and beyond. The team that is presently focusing on building an identity as a Workday Advisory partner, has emerged fast into the Workday ecosystem and already has an impressive global presence. They also expect to continue doubling the size of their practice for the next 3 years and be present in 15 countries by 2018.

Meet the Leader
Sylvain Nguyen- Founder and CEO
Sylvain Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Decisif Consulting. In addition to over 15 years’ experience designing and implementing global ERP systems such as Workday, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, Sylvain has experience managing teams worldwide and delivering successful, large-scale projects to global customers. Sylvain now spearheads global deployments of Workday Financial Management and advises global clients on deployment in over 30 countries.

His areas of expertise and achievements include:

  • Recognition as an expert in global deployments of ERP applications and a regular guest speaker at software vendor conferences around the world
  • Creation and management of organizations and improvement of processes and tools to support high-growth companies
  • Management of international and virtual teams around the world.

“Unleash the full power of Workday Financial Management.” – be Decisif