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A One-Stop Trade Source, Connect2India is making the ‘Trade’ in, with and from India Easy and Safe

thesiliconreview-pawan-gupta-ceo-connect2india“Connect2India, an exclusively India focused B2B Trade portal, offers a Technology-driven integrated platform for Indian and Overseas SMEs to promote and grow their business, without any geographical limitations”

Albert Einstein had once said “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Success chases you automatically when you start giving value to the actions around you. Believing the same, Pawan Gupta started his entrepreneurial venture Connect2India, a one-stop-trade-source for India, with a mantra to offer tangible value to its customers, Indian and overseas MSMEs. And, here they are today, holding a unique position in the Indian market as well as in the international trade industry with ‘value’ as their single most significant focus. Explaining on what motivates him, Pawan said, “One thing I have remembered very well from my MBA at London Business School, is to focus on ‘value’ and everything else will take care of itself. This was the advice our marketing professor gave at the end of the last session and I have tried to follow that ever since. The single most important focus of Connect2India since the start has been to bring the positive change in the trade industry by providing ‘value’ and this still motivates all of us here at Connect2India. We continue to innovative our trade platform to add value to customers and contribute to their business success.”

Based in National Capital Region, India, Connect2India offers value realization in the form of tangible business outcomes, as final deliverables to its MSME customers. As an e-commerce enabled smart trade platform, they focus on ultimate business objective of making trade simple, safe and smart with holistic view, verified data, trade intelligence, comprehensive resources and expert services.It further offers an instant business value for MSMEs with quick and effective digital presence, in-built ecommerce store, custom mobile-app and unique business brand.

…..And this is how Connect2India came into being
Carrying a strong technology background, Pawan’s passion for ‘International Trade’ motivated him to build Connect2India platform. His thinking got a strong foothold, when he noticed a striking development in the trade promotion policies initiated by the Government. Which stated that, there is a huge opportunity for Indian MSMEs to enter the export market as the Government too is focusing on exports with an ambitious target of USD 900 billion exports by 2020.

Connect2India was initially started as a one-stop-trade-source for overseas SMEs to effectively find, connect and trade with Indian MSMEs. The idea came from a realization, when doing a business in London; Pawan realized that the amount of risk and complexity involved in doing International Trade is very high, especially with developing nations.

The basic motto and reason behind Connect2India inception, was to make trade with India easy and safe. “Connect2India was born in 2015, with a single idea to provide all the information that would enable overseas SMSE’s to confidently do business with India. Today, we are doing our best in providing a Holistic view of verified Indian MSMEs, genuine real-time trade data, unique business analytics, expert trade intelligence and comprehensive trade resources.” The platform was launched to public in Nov 2015.

Platform launched for overseas businesses to connect to Indian SMEs

After a few months of its inception, team Connect2India in their effort to take feedback from clients, discovered a new notion “In our interaction with few of the Indian Companies, we found that there are many Indian companies, who wanted to grow locally in addition to growing globally. Which I personally think was a great step, as there is a lot of scope of trade growth in India. Today, we are one of the 3rd largest economies in the world, growing at 7.5 percent per annum. Soon, we brought a change in the market by enabling the sustainable local growth of these companies as well, through digital adoption & transformation of businesses. I think in today’s time, ‘going digital’ is a very cost-effective and result-oriented way to promote and generate business, especially for MSMEs. An effective online presence also provides global visibility” – Added Pawan.

Holding a strong foothold in the trade industry
There are around 51 million MSMEs in India, out of which a very small proportion has a digital presence and an even smaller proportion exports. Further, as per the recent scenario, it is difficult for overseas SMEs to trade with India because of the challenges and complexities associated, so today only a very small percentage of the global SMEs participate in trade with India.

Additionally, though there are more than around 375 Million active internet users in India, 136 Million active social media users and 77% mobile owners, the digital adoption by MSMEs, including having their own website, social media or dedicated e-commerce store stands staggeringly low.

With its integrated platform that acts as a one-stop-source for Indian SMEs to expand local, grow global and promote digital, as well as for overseas SMEs to effectively trade with India, Connect2India is uniquely positioned to serve the above mentioned unmet needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.

With its focus on value, within a short span, Connect2India has 20,000+ verified registered users, 12,00,000+ Google Indexed pages, top search engine ranking for 1000s of keywords and 20,000+ unique business visitors to the platform per month.

Creating a difference with ‘Value Additions’
Connect2India offers biggest differentiator with their unique integrated platform which offers one stop trade source; makes trade simple, safe and smart safe; targets both Indian and overseas SMEs. Additionally, there are few other factors that sets them apart from others:

  • Holistic view: This provides a simplified & unified view of company and engaging client with highly convenient access to any kind information regarding any company all-in-one place.
  • Competitive insights: This enhances trade intelligence and market understanding with unique data science & regressive analysis of raw trade and digital data by their automated and smart engines.
  • Company fraud detection: This unique feature ensures confidence and trust in businesses with conformance of company’s existence of manufacturing facilities and other factors.
  • Verified data: This emphasises data integrity and reliability by ensuring access and verification from reputed and trusted sources.
  • Hyper local clusters: This provides access to most authentic and relevant results from the businesses nearest to you.

With core focus on keeping things simple, all above functionality is made accessible in simple and easy to user manner. “Simplicity is bedrock of everything that we do here at Connect2India”, says Pawan. “We want to enable extremely sophisticated functionality for trade but even that is presented in an easy to use manner.”

Offering boundless ‘Trade Growth’ from an exclusive range of Product portfolio’s
Connect2India’s strategic offerings for trade growth in India, with India and from India are the one stop source for trade. The all-in-one platform ensures micro-to-macro level coverage to meet all the trade requirements of MSMEs with:

Digital Platform: A technology which is ready-to-trade in market digitally with pre-built digital presence, e-commerce stores and mobile apps.

Global platform: Catalyzes the international trade equipped with expert trade data, analytics, intelligence, insights, tools and utilities to expand Indian SMEs’ business globally and encourages overseas SMEs to trade with India.

Local platform: Provides a one-to-many solution to initiate, establish grow and expand trade locally with an easy and speedy access to verified business leads.

Resource portal: Facilitates all the necessary information and details related to global or country-specific trade resources, trade agreements, acts and policies.

Inspection platform: A single stop source for the complete and comprehensive company information and inspection that enable business gain confidence over integrity of the counterpart.

Serving a vigorous client base
Incorporated with a foremost goal of serving the unmet needs of Indian and Overseas MSMEs, Connect2India is focused on offering a single stop trusted source for overseas SMEs to trade effectively with Indian MSMEs and for Indian SMEs to promote and grow, without limits. The company’s prime clientele focus is on the following:

  • Indian MSMEs
  • Overseas MSMEs

Connect2India’s Happy Clients Speak
“Registering on Connect2India has helped my business grow faster. We got many leads after registering. I am sharing it as I consider it very helpful for my business.” – Dr S.S Mishra, Director, Green Edge Compliance Group Private Limited

“It’s really easy to use ‘Connect2India’ platform for trade related information and data. Trade insights and trade intelligence available on the platform is really useful. It is sure that the platform will help companies to grow their business.” – Rajesh Sharma, AGM, Caparo India.

“I have visited your site connect2india a few times to locate customers of our products world over and also to find out suppliers of required raw materials by our production units. I must say it has been a wonderful experience. You have huge updated data base. In fact I have asked my colleagues to check your site every day since it gets updated perhaps very frequently.
I congratulate your entire team for bringing such a platform for making international business really hassle free. It’s a great help for the entire business fraternity. Keep up the good work.
Thanks very much”
– Samir Varma, AGM – International Trade, Kutch Chemical Industries Ltd

“I have been using Connect2India for a while now and I find it really easy to grow my business using the services provided by Connect2India.” – Shekar Arora, Manager,Modcad tchnologies

Meet the Noble Creator

Pawan Gupta, Founder & CEO- The heart and soul of the company, Pawan brings extensive years of experience and expertise to his company. Carrying a hardcore techno-business background, Pawan is a rare combo, passionate for technology as well as international trade. Pawan founded Connect2India to break the barriers and alleviate the roadblocks in the MSME segment. He has a successful track record of building business grounds up in diverse sectors including global trade, technology consulting and e-Business products.

Pawan holds an MBA degree from London Business School and Bachelors of Electronics and Communication from NIT, Kurukshetra.

In the past, he led his company ‘Eximat Ltd’ to achieve SUN and IBM Advanced Business Partner status and signed-up reputed customers worldwide. The trade venture arm of Eximat successfully facilitated multi-million dollar recurring trade for and between entities across the world.

“Connect2India’s vision is to be the most trusted and the main stream source for Indian and Overseas MSMEs who intend to trade in, with and from India”

Reach out to Connect2India:
Contact: +91-7876759999