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A Partner for Cost-Effective Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions Offering Scalable, Reliable, and Compliance Hosting: Wowrack


Wow Technologies, Inc. (Wowrack) is a cloud service provider; offering various Hosting services including Private Cloud Hosting, Hybrid cloud infrastructure, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, colocation, Virtual Private Servers and Bandwidth Delivery. The company’s competency includes being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor compliant and high traffic web applications that require scalability, fast performing, and secure infrastructure.

Founded in 2001 by Erward Oskcar and Jimmy Pandra, Wowrack found its roots in the dedicated server and complex hosting/managed hosting business. Like many startups during this era, Wowrack was running out of the residence of the owners which has evolved into Wowrack owning and operating its own world-class 18,000 sq. ft. data center along with POP’s throughout the globe.

From the beginning, Wowrack always said that its existence is not based on dollars and cents but instead, based on the importance of relationships – customers, vendors, and partners alike. By providing a solid reliable service coupled with its expertise in managing complex IT solutions, it has been able to maintain and grow these relationships as well as continuing to grow year after year with new customers.

The Wowrack Difference

Diverse Experience

Wowrack employs over 100 direct employees with a multitude of experience in various technologies including (but not limited to) VMware, Hyper-V, Cloudstack, Open Stack, all Linux flavors and associated open-source software, Docker, Chef, and so much more!

Truly Awesome Service

If we are not going above and beyond the call of duty, we have failed. Our customers expect the best when dealing with Wowrack. We are a client-driven company that cares immensely for our customers and delivering what they actually need vs. what the client thinks they need.

Easy To Work With

Wowrack works very hard to provide a solid service that is also cost-effective. We do this by working very closely with your personnel to establish what your real needs are and make sure you get the perfect solution that will satisfy those needs. We will not sell you something that you do not need!

Astoundingly Client Centric Since 2001

Regardless if it is private cloud, colocation or business continuity planning and execution, customers have always come to trust Wowrack as their ultimately cloud solutions provider for all things related to server and cloud infrastructure and beyond! Moreover, not only does it provide the physical solution, but it also backs its service with its phenomenal support engineering team available 24/7/365 on-demand with the option of proactive management.

Private Cloud Hosting: Cost-effective single-tenant customized solutions built client-specific. Wowrack mix and match various hardware and software components to meet the demands of the organization while optionally managing all or aspects of the environment.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting: Combine the benefits of the public cloud with the privacy and security of a Wowrack private cloud. Wowrack gives the freedom to get the best of both worlds in addition to allowing you to even combine the multi-cloud infrastructure with the own equipment that one may already own!

Managed Hosting: Wowrack’s team of 24/7/365 engineers are standing by to provide unparalleled support including maintenance of the cloud infrastructure layer from datacenter physical layer, cloud layer, up to the Application infrastructure layer such as a database, web services, security services, and disaster recovery as a service.

Case Studies

Fire and Vine Hospitality

Fire and Vine Hospitality, a Pacific Northwest hospitality leader, operates iconic and successful restaurants, hotels, and winery businesses was looking for the most efficient and scalable solution to run their business platform with a proven provider that could ensure service availability, overall performance, and a stress-free experience.

The Solution

Fire and Vine selected Wowrack as its Cloud Solution Provider, purchasing a hosted private cloud solution branded Wowrack Turbo Cloud that is backed with Samsung Enterprise Flash Storage.

Wowrack Turbo Cloud was set up as a private cloud solution for Fire and Vine, meaning Single tenancy, and rendering availability for Wowrack to guarantee performance, as no other tenants are competing for critical resources. The Turbo Cloud is set up with a redundant platform with multiple computer hosts, a failover storage unit, as well as redundant Flash disks, and space-efficient snapshots. The inline compression and deduplication of the Flash storage help to significantly reduce storage usage and operational costs.

In addition to the storage snapshots, Wowrack Turbo Cloud also provides Virtual Machine operating system, and application layer back up, and a retention policy that adheres to the company’s Data Protection Policy. Further, with regards to performance and the virtual backup environment, Wowrack also delivers the Infrastructure solution to the cloud with a myriad of connectivity and security technologies, including MPLS routing, Site to Site VPN, Single Tenancy Hardware Firewall, and Security Solution.

“With Wowrack Turbo Cloud, the staff at the restaurants waits less and our customers get a faster response time from the system,” says Lee Spires, Wine Syndicate Director at El Gaucho Restaurants.

“We are also seeing a much more stable Virtual Desktop environment. Our email also seems to be working faster. This has been great…” added Spires.

Meet the Magnificent Trio


Erward Osckar, Managing Partner & Co-Founder: Ed is a seasoned executive and great leader with personable charm and significant experience in the web hosting industry since the late 1990s. Ed has co-founded and run several web hosting companies globally that have focused around the managed hosting, dedicated server, colocation, IT consulting, cloud computing and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Jimmy Pandra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder: Jim’s expertise in Internet data center design and day-to-day operations makes him an invaluable asset to the Wowrack management team. Jim’s knowledge in the Internet hosting industry – coupled with his passionate customer-centric approach—has earned him accolades from customers.

Rudy Setiawan, Vice President, And Global Infrastructure & Co-Founder: Rudy has always been the most technically capable among the management team. Rudy is a network engineer by trade and has held a Professional Cisco certification for many years. Rudy has been directly responsible for managing many large ISP’s Internet routing protocols since 1995.

“Wowrack is often seen as an extension of our clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and looks to us for trusted, sound advice with a reliable service to back it up.”