50 Best Workplaces of The Year 2018

A People-First Business and Technology Solutions Company: Trility Consulting

thesiliconreview-matthew-d-edwards-founder-ceo-trility-consulting-18Trility Consulting is a business and technology solutions company designed to help clients achieve their objectives simply, securely and now.

Founder and CEO, Matthew D Edwards, knows the importance of a strong team. With a mission of working in the data-driven cloud engineering, IoT and cybersecurity spaces, Matthew works with two of his long-term colleagues, Brenton Rothchild and Eric Gerling. The three leaders, having built high-performing, resilient systems in multiple industries, have gained tremendous first-hand experience working together over and over again.

“Brenton and Eric are two of the primary pillars of the company,” says Matthew D Edwards, CEO of Trility Consulting. “We each approach problems from different angles, but we make a great team, working together to achieve our customer’s goals and objectives.”

Today at Trility Consulting, Brenton is the Chief Cloud Systems Architect and Eric is the Chief Technology Officer.

Working in industries such as cable, cellular telecommunications, consumer electronics, security, IoT, finance and insurance, Matthew, Brenton and Eric, along with the rest of Trility Consulting, have honed their working styles together to form an effective, mission driven team. If you are looking for experts to change your business and customer experience through the use of cutting edge full-stack cloud solutions (with a heavy focus on security, performance, scalability and reliability) -- look to Trility Consulting.

Interview Snippet with CEO, Matthew D Edwards:

Q. What makes Trility Consulting one of the best places to work?

Having successfully completed some amazing projects through the course of my career, I know it would never be possible without a great team of great people. I strongly believe Trility Consulting is a great place to work because of the types of people that we hire. Great teams are built one great person at a time.

Q. How are your customer reviews and how do you feel they relate to your offerings?

Our customers range from enterprise companies to start-ups. Our teams help customers understand where they are in relation to the market, crystallize their strategic objectives and associative needs and lay out what it will take to get from where they are to where they want to go. Because of our successes, we get calls to work with our customers again. That’s the best review - a second vote of customer confidence.

Our customers like us because we are down-to-earth, relational and practical. We walk into each contract focused on business goals first and foremost. Once we understand the business needs and goals, we provide a proposal that is usually a combination of business and technology solutioning. Our entire team works and thinks like that. At Trility Consulting, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a systems architect or a full-stack engineer or a DevOps person, we are all going to ask you one question first, “What problem are you trying to solve?” If you’re not able to clearly articulate the problem, we will help you discover and define the problem or goals first, and only then provide a possible solution path.

When you help a customer understand what they want and how you are going to efficiently take them there, the result is a happy customer, excited to work with you again and again.

Q. What are the initial challenges you faced?

Among services-based companies, decisions are often based on brand. When you have a new company and a new brand, it is often a challenge to be recognized.

We’ve enjoyed figuring out how to get our name, mission and brand out there. As a young company, we needed to learn sales, marketing and advertising strategies in an effort to make ourselves known. It continues to be a welcomed challenge.

Q. Tell us about Trility’s Veterans Program.

We are blessed to live in a great country. One of the reasons our country is so wonderful is because of the men and women serving in our United States Armed Forces. Our service men and women have sacrificed much, dedicating their lives to defending and caring for our people. But, after their military service, they don’t always have equitable methods to move from military responsibility into civilian life.

At Trility, we have a program for veterans who want to pursue a career in business and technology consulting. There are numerous skills and experiences that are gained from military service and we want those people, traits and disciplines in our company. We want to thank and honor our veterans with post-military opportunities. If you are a veteran interested in a technology career, we would love to talk to you about joining our team.

Gratitude to Our Veterans:

“We recognize and value the sacrifices you and your loved ones have made. You keep our country safe from harm, allowing us to live our lives as we choose. It is because of you that we can even pursue the freedoms and opportunities this great country offers. Thank you.”

The Future Roadmap

Looking ahead, Trility Consulting is expanding the team to serve more and more customers nationally and internationally. They look forward to promoting the brand and concurrently becoming a leading consulting firm specializing in surgically identified and applied business and technology solutions.

As well, the Trility team plans to increase their use of Trility’s sister company, IronBench ( IronBench builds cloud and cybersecurity products used by the Trility Consulting teams in-house, as well as, with customers when it makes sense. IronBench recently launched a new product called IronBench Access Manager designed to secure Linux assets both behind the firewall and out in the cloud.

The Man Behind The Venture

Matthew D Edwards, Founder and CEO: Matthew is a seasoned leader. He works as an international development, business management and technical consultant, writer, researcher, technology investment analyst, and speaker. In addition to working with Trility Consulting, Matthew also runs a non-governmental organization called Teach People (

With a willingness to work and live internationally in challenging and arduous conditions, Matthew believes in suiting up and getting his hands dirty.

“Everyone at Trility Consulting actively and continually pursues capability improvements. We enjoy being challenged and we enjoy projects of just about any size, complexity or industry. We believe both of these aspects together give us a competitive edge. Our clients know we are bringing diverse experience and current knowledge with us every day of the engagement.”