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30 Best Tech Companies 2017

A pioneer in technology, Intex Technologies is a major player in India in mobile handset & IT accessories.

thesiliconreview-narendra-bansal-intex-technologies“We adopt best practices from around the world, transparency and seek extensive feedback, to help us relentlessly work towards this goal.”

Intex Technologies (India) Ltd., incorporated in the year 1996 is a $950 million (INR 6400 crore) enterprise with a strength of 11,000+ employees in India. The two-decade old consumer technology company is one of the major players in mobile handsets, consumer durables and IT accessories. The company's flagship brand is 'INTEX'. The company's operations are managed on a world-class collaborative business solution – SAP on a Virtual Private Network. Intex is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

At Intex technology their mission is, Focus on customer delight, Seek technology and trade leadership, Ethical practices, Caring for the stakeholders and Conducting ourselves as good citizens. Intex's foundation is strengthened by its core values that reflect in the way they function and in their transparent, fair and ethical practices. They are crucial to all their decisions and help them deliver consistent growth for the company, year after year.

At Intex, exceeding customer expectations is a priority that guides all their decisions. The company consistently and dedicatedly strives towards providing innovative, high-quality products and services, attuned to customers' needs and aspirations, helping people around the world lead a better quality of life. With a firm belief that their employees are their most valuable assets, the company focuses towards creating an enabling work culture based on 'Organisational Excellence through People Excellence'. They strive toward achieving Global Technology, Trade & Market Leadership. And adopt best practices from around the world, transparency and seek extensive feedback, to help us relentlessly work towards this goal.

Ethical Standards

The company takes great pride in having set high benchmarks in Corporate Governance Standards and optimizing resource management. Their practices are transparent, fair and ethical while safeguarding the interests of stakeholders.

Meet the noble Leader

Narendra Bansal, Chairman & Managing  Director- A first-generation entrepreneur known for his irrefutable business acumen, Narendra Bansal is the founder and CMD of Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.

Narendra Bansal identified the high growth potential of IT hardware in India way back in 1990’s at a time when the manufacturing of IT products was a fledgling sector. Keeping India’s evolving market scenario in mind, he incorporated Intex Technologies in 1996 with just one product - Ethernet card. With a strong vision and high focus, Narendra Bansal successfully established ‘INTEX’ as a leading brand in the market against a backdrop of stiff competition from various successfully established MNC brands.

Over the years, in his relentless pursuit of excellence, he has strengthened the culture of innovation at Intex, explored new markets and extended the brand’s product portfolio and global reach. His persistence and profound market insights have enabled Intex Technologies to reach the pinnacle as a leading player in the mobile handset and consumer durables market. Intex has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years and with a CAGR of 81% over the past 3 financial years, the company has reached a turnover of almost INR 6400crore ($950 million) in FY 15-16. Today, Intex is the No. 1 Indian mobile handset brand and enjoys leadership positions in several product categories it operates in.

Always keen to take initiatives and explore new avenues, Intex has recently diversified in the sports arena and has acquired the Rajkot IPL team.

Narendra Bansal in 2016 has been awarded with some of the prestigious honors. He has recently been awarded for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Mobile Industry’ by industry body CEAMA. Earlier, he was awarded by PHD Chamber of Commerce with the ‘Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award’, honoured by Times Now with ‘Extraordinaire Award’ for Brand Intex, ‘Empresario Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Award 2016’ by the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) and the prestigious ‘Udyog Ratan Award’ conferred by Institute of Economic Studies (IES).

Accolades Attributed

Over the years, the company has constantly been documented across quarters, through various rankings and prestigious industry awards. It comes to serve as a validation of their sustained efforts towards delivering output that scores high in quality and standards.

  • Mobility Awards 2017 for Intex
  • Intex Smart World Bags Retail Excellence Award
  • Intex Women Leaders Honored
  • Intex Honoured for Marketing and Service Excellence
  • Intex honoured with Extraordinaire Awards by Times Now
  • Intex Technologies' CMD Mr. Narendra Bansal gets PHDCCI's Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award for 2016
  • Intex Wins Online Business Awards 2016 by Shop CJ
  • Intex gets Fastest Growing Brand in India in Telecom Sector Award at World Brands Summit 2016 in Dubai
  • Keshav Bansal Honoured with 'Young Entrepreneur Award 2015' by Future of India
  • Intex Honoured at NCN Awards 2016
  • Intex Honoured With Marketing Award
  • Narendra Bansal Honoured for His Outstanding Contribution to Mobile Industry by CEAMA
  • Intex wins India's Most Trusted Brands Award 2016

“Our vision is to make Intex a globally respected name and improve the quality of life of the people.”

“We focus towards creating an enabling work culture based on 'Organisational Excellence through People Excellence'.”

“Our practices are transparent, fair and ethical while safeguarding the interests of stakeholders.”