Top 20 Mobility Companies 2015

A Resolute Endorser Capturing the Mobility Space Openwave Mobility

john-giere-openwave-mobility"We operate within the policy control and charging space, with solutions includingmobile video optimization and mobile data charging.”

The latest inclination observed among the mobile operations is SDV/NDV and network virtualization. It has been gaining momentum since 2014, and it can’t be overlooked in 2015 too. It has been reconnoitered that operators form strong strategies on leveraging the technology and vendors are now jostling to position themselves as leaders in the space with NFV-ready solutions being introduced almost regularly.

Openwave Mobility enables operators to manage and monetize mobile data using the industries’ most scalable, Layer7 SDN/NFV enabled platform. Openwave Mobility delivers over 40 billion transactions daily and over half a billion subscribers worldwide use data services powered by its solutions. The company’s global customer base consists of over 40 of the largest communication service providers including AT&T, Du, KDDI, Rogers, Sprint, Telus, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telstra, and Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. The company has built a robust portfolio of Intellectual Property, which is growing month by month. Network Virtualization boosts up the industry with CAPEX and OPEX saving, but the next steps will be for OEMs to discuss new business cases beyond cost savings and harnessing the increased elasticity it’s enabling.

Additionally, mobile video has really exploded recently with the advancements in mobile devices and 4G super-fast internets as the major driving forces. “For example, mobile now accounts for 40 percent of the global watch time of YouTube. Along with this increase for mobile video data the demand for even greater mobility and service velocity takes place,” says John Giere, CEO at Openwave Mobility.

Openwave Mobility offers a software-based Layer7 Application platform, Integra, providing operators the optimum approach for enabling SDN & NFV in their PCC networks. Integra applies advanced video optimization to eliminate data congestion, while using Policy Engagement and analytics to increase ARPU through personalized data plans. The company is headquartered at Redwood City, CA, and empowers operators to manage and monetize the growth in mobile video and web traffic. By analyzing the data network and individual subscriber habits, Openwave Mobility eliminates data congestion exactly where it appears, while driving new revenues through real-time user engagement and personalized data plans. The company operates within the policy control and charging space, with solutions including mobile video optimization and mobile data charging. These solutions are supplemented by subscriber data management providing a single consolidated store for policy and subscriber data, and network analytics providing critical business intelligence to all solutions.