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A Single, Unified Solution to Drive Profitable Wholesale Business: Telarix Solutions


"The de-facto standard in electronic information exchange.”

Telarix, Inc. was founded in 1996 to provide cost management solutions to telecommunications service providers in order to reconcile bills, perform usage audits, and gain visibility into their costs and develop routing techniques to reduce those costs. The company created a unified software product called iXTools® which encompass wholesale functions under one data warehouse and database. iXTools® was born when Telarix started developing into the selling side of wholesale, where traffic flows were measured and the profit/ loss of buying and selling activity was accurately calculated. Telarix Inc. is headquartered in Washington DC, with global offices in Malaysia, India, Singapore and UK.

In 2007, Telarix developed iXLink®, a neutral business information exchange that today is used by over 4,000 carriers and performs tens of thousands of monthly transactions in price lists and document exchange. Over the years the firm has added several enhancements to iXLink®, such as the ability to understand destinations and develop the destination code needed to route calls.Telarix further expanded their services in 2010 when they entered the wholesale billing arena.

iXTools and iXLink
iXTools® and iXLink® are award-winning service products available in both licensed and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models for voice, video, data, and SMS. The services provide carriers with complete end-to-end automation for rating, routing, billing and partner relationships.

iXLink, an industry solution offered exclusively by Telarix, provides a secure, reliable, neutral business-to-business information exchange platform that enables all communication service providers, regardless of size, to quickly and efficiently automate interconnected processes and access and share business documents among their trading partners. iXLink® was originally designed in 2007 to deliver a common price list exchange for a few carriers to trade price lists with each other. But in recent years, the majority of large operators around the globe have rallied around iXLink, making it the de facto industry standard.

iXTools is a comprehensive management, optimization and settlement solution that automates a carrier’s routing, wholesale billing, settlement, audit and trading processes. The platform includes core modules that allow for business intelligence gathering to support all other platform functionality; optimal routing strategy support, offer management and decision support to simplify and automate the buying, pricing and selling processes of wholesale interconnect, billing and revenue assurance and end-to-end audit and dispute management.

Key to Success
The key to Telarix’s success and  the main differentiator is their integrated portfolio that provides carriers with complete end-to-end automation for rating, routing, billing and partner relationships, a unique offering in the market. This enables Telarix customers to simplify the complexity of their back-office systems while reducing the risk of revenue leakage while growing their revenue by eliminating disputes, and also improving operational efficiency as they prepare for future technology advancements. In addition, Telarix’s automated contract platform, iXLink, connects over 4,000 users and ensures that they can negotiate and finalize contracts more efficiently. There is no other company in the market that offers this combined functionality.

A wide clientele of leading telecom carriers
Telarix primarily focuses on the wholesale communications industry with clientele made up of service providers throughout the world. Their clients span the globe and include a vast community of leading domestic and international telecom carriers in the world, including companies such as Telus, Deutshce Telecom, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T,Telefonica, Etisalat, Digicel, Claro, KDDI, Singtel, Vodafone, Zain, and China Mobile.

An eye towards the future
Telarix has always kept an eye focused towards the future, looking to continuously enhance its product portfolio in order to provide seamless support and innovative solutions for its carrier customers. With a complete portfolio of leading edge solutions, including next generation solutions for big data analytics leveraging heuristic machine learning, Telarix is at the forefront of the industry to support the trends of today and tomorrow with greater scalability and speed to manage the volumes of data carriers will need to embrace.

As new challenges emerge in the ever evolving telecom industry, such as the growth from mobile apps, OTT partners and issues like public safety and national security, Telarix continues to be at the forefront of innovation through automation, allowing carriers to efficiently operate and secure their wholesale businesses. Carriers are enabled to not only survive but also thrive in the marketplace.

“With Telarix, we have been able to convert our complex, segmented system into one comprehensive platform inclusive of both domestic and international wholesale billing. We now have access to consistent, company-wide data, have integrated business support in each step of the value chain, are SOX compliant and, most importantly, we are poised for growth.”
– Maria Mehrens, Director Carrier Management & Roaming at Telefonica Germany.

“The key to our success and our main differentiator is our integrated portfolio that provides carriers with complete end-to-end automation for rating, routing, billing and partner relationships.”

Meet the Master

Marco Limena serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Telarix, joining Telarix in 2016 after over two decades of experience in the telecom, mobility, and cloud hosting industry. Marco previously led HP’s Network & Service Provider Solutions business globally. He has also served as the President and CEO of VoIP communications software provider Sylantro Systems, and most recently was Vice President in charge of driving growth of Microsoft’s B2B hosting and cloud business. Limena holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Università degli Studi di Padova.