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A Superior Solution: Profisee, an Atlanta-based Data Management Platform, Plans to Seize Underserved Markets

thesiliconreview-len-finkle-ceo-profisee-18“Our approach begins with focusing on the business outcome, building a business case and providing a quick win solution with the aim of delivering incredible value, and industry-leading customer satisfaction” Len Finkle

With data management covering a broad solution space to solve hundreds of business issues, it can be overwhelming for companies to know where to begin. Successful customers look for research, case studies and examples from companies that look familiar to their own business. When searching for data management information, companies turn to Profisee for successful examples by business challenge, industry, and/or role – whichever is relevant to them. Profisee has customers in almost every industry, of every size, solving business issues with a strong data management strategy.

Profisee operates as a master data management (MDM) and data quality software company. It offers a suite of solutions that provide data stewardship, data governance and data quality capabilities to customers deploying multi-domain MDM solutions; Profisee offers an innovative approach for matching, de-duplication, mastering, and record harmonization; as well as, a Software Development Kit (SDK), that enables users to develop purpose built business applications.

The company also provides a Data Quality offering, which provides global address validation, completion, and geocoding services; and data services for mail-to locations (suite/apartment data), contact name, email domain, and telephone validation for North American addresses.

In addition, Profisee offers LightSwitchtm, a suite of purpose built MDM applications built to integrate with specific source systems. (such as Dynamics CRM,, Workday, SAP, etc.). These out of the box applications help customers migrate and integrate their data faster, with lower cost, added accuracy and with enterprise scale.

Profisee serves any industry, with a global customer base and partner eco-system.

The company was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Len Finkle, Profisee CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Explain to us about Profisee and the factors that differentiate it from other vendors in the master data management space.

We have been focused on data management from the outset; innovating the approach to MDM has been our singular priority. By far the biggest challenge organizations face is to justify the business case for MDM. We provide an organization with a fast path to mastering its strategic business initiatives while allowing enterprise flexibility on scale, only limited by the imagination and innovation as to how the organization wishes to digitize, transform and better manage their data. This is opposed by the majority of the vendors in the data management space that must rely on custom code deployments, connecting their own disconnected solutions to provide ‘a solution’, and therefore struggle with usability, performance or scalability making for a frustrating customer experience.

How did Profisee become a game changer in the data management landscape?

By 2020, data is expected to be 10x what it is today. Data needs to be managed proactively and should be treated as a critical asset of the organization if the organization truly wishes to digitize its business and set it up for future success. We focus on aligning both business and IT around the priorities of data management, so that they can collaborate on solving for business outcomes, not just the data. Many organizations start building a massive ‘360 customer solution’ for data management without any particular business challenge or benefit in mind. Our approach begins with focusing on the business outcome, building a business case and providing a quick win solution with the aim of delivering incredible value, and industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Profisee has positioned itself as the fastest growing multi-domain enterprise MDM platform, uniquely combining deployment speed and ease, with industry-leading performance scale. Profisee’s affordable and accessible approach to data management is disrupting a costly and complex legacy MDM market, helping to accelerate their customers’ digital transformation strategies.

Elaborate on the features and functionalities that your firm provides to business data users.

At Profisee, user experience that delivers on ease of use, speed and scale, without functional compromise is our delivery strategy. Traditional MDM platforms are complicated and technical. However, Profisee simplifies the entire process via user experience and uncompromising performance allowing clients’ agility and access to driving necessary data governance, and analytics, without having to write code, or be a data scientist. The platform’s drag and drop interface is designed to, empower business data stewards to perform the actions and analytics faster and more affordably.

Explain briefly about Profisee’s partnership with Microsoft.

Profisee, a Gold ISV and Co-sell partner, exclusively partners with Microsoft on the Profisee Platform. There is significant momentum in driving Azure consumption as customers move applications to the cloud. With our flexible deployment options, across our existing customer base, and new prospects, we are driving a noteworthy uptake in new business over the last year. With our long-standing Microsoft relationship, we have deep roots in product development, including our latest innovation: LightSwitch™ for Dynamics 365, and LightSwitch™ for Reference Data Management, available in the Azure Marketplace. LightSwitch™ provides a simple data management strategy for quickly migrating data from Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and other platforms to Dynamics 365. Data migration is critical to any digital data management strategy. LightSwitch™ gets the data clean, migrates it clean, and then keeps it clean. We look forward to continued and increased global partnership with Microsoft and their strategic partners.

What are the factors that make Profisee one of the best companies?

As we focus on the future, we view our mission to bring master data management to every size organization. Our customers benefit from easy to use and deploy, low-cost solutions, while maintaining enterprise performance scalability and award winning customer service. These key factors overcome the historically not good enough, costly MDM approach of legacy MDM vendors. It’s true that organizations need data management help more than ever for their data-driven strategic initiatives. Profisee delivers on this need and will continue to innovate and disrupt the data management market.

How does the future look for Profisee?

Profisee continues to outpace the industry growth average. Our next incremental growth curve will be driven by our global Partner Alliances program–consulting partners, reseller partners, as well as our ISV/white label partnership opportunities. We will rely on our partner channel to help drive company growth, not justin the U.S., but globally. Our worldwide presence now includes 24x7 support in the U.K., EMEA and Australia. We plan to extend our reach to other parts which include South Africa, and Asia. We see an increased demand for cloud deployments, as organizations look to achieve greater levels of profitability, reduce risk of customer attrition and enable top-line revenue growth. We are pleased to play a major role in our customers’ data management strategy.

Len Finkle: A Dynamic Leader

Len Finkle comes to Profisee with over 25 years of software sector executive experience, including vast knowledge of both the large enterprise and middle market. His early career included positions of progressively growing responsibilities with companies such as MAI Systems, Dun & Bradstreet Software, PeopleSoft, and Pivotal Corporation. Len then spent 10 years at SAP America where he achieved an extraordinary track record for growing new markets and driving software and services related revenue, including sales of SAP’s entire suite of enterprise applications, data management (MDM), analytics, EIM, cloud solutions, and maintenance services. Positions at SAP included: Senior Vice President of Business and Technology, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the $250M Northeast Region, and Global Vice President of Emerging Markets. Mr Finkle’s background encompasses a wide range of companies from start-ups to the largest software companies in the world with key learnings of world-class processes and best practices penetrating new markets and driving top quartile customer satisfaction.

“Our affordable and accessible approach to data management is disrupting a costly and complex legacy MDM market, helping to accelerate their customers’ digital transformation strategies.”