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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

A technology-focused approach delivering magnificent results: ByDesign Technologies


The shortest distance between two points, as the saying goes, is a straight line. But the path to innovation is not a straight line; it is dynamic, collaborative, abstract and–always challenging.

At ByDesign Technologies, experience has paved the road to their innovative platform. The company has included nearly 20 years’ worth of challenges, opportunities, mistakes, forward thinking and lessons learned into their current platform.  What they have learned allows clients to face their rocky roads with confidence that they can make it over them.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, ByDesign’s offices include a courtyard campus of two buildings with 44,000 square feet, providing plenty of room for creativity to fuel the pioneering nature of the company. Since inception, ByDesign has been the originator of many “industry firsts.” In 2000, the company launched the first cloud solution.

ByDesign started out to provide a solution that could help fill the tremendous gaps between what companies needed and what was available. As an expert in both software development and customization, Founder Jeff Ayscue knew that there had to be a faster way of connecting the client to their needs. This prompted an idea that has fueled the culture of ByDesign every day since – “there must be a better way, and I am going to find it.” This Innovative spirit requires ByDesign to forge new roads and foster creativity, progress, and achievement.

The seasoned team at ByDesign is a rare and deeply valued secret weapon. Many employees have been on staff a decade or more. It is inspiring to see how ByDesign continues to keep its employees so happy.

The Company That Thinks Like A Client

At ByDesign, innovation is a critical business competency, and it drives everyone to accomplish more while aiming continuously for a new personal best. It is unique in its vision of constant growth, innovation, and collaboration. During the past year, more than 600 enhancements and updates were released, free of charge and given to all clients.

Two years ago ByDesign completely reimagined their shopping cart and then for more than a year they continued to fine-tune it until it reflected an ideal consumer experience. Over the past year, they have released the new cart to all clients completely free of charge. Their consultant portal has also been through their reimagination process and was completely updated and released with absolutely no cost to their clients.

“What has impressed me most about working with ByDesign has been their continual innovation combined with an ability and willingness to work openly with us in providing the best possible experience for our Consultants. Their team is both friendly and accommodating and I have found them to be nothing but supportive in our ongoing commitment to provide our Consultants with the tools they need to be successful. “- Ryan Reeve, Founder, Paparazzi Accessories.

If a feature is desired that is not included in their releases, customization is an easy option. This too has a unique ByDesign twist creating a compelling advantage in which a client funded enhancement will at some time in the future be shared with all clients. At first blush, one may miss the immensity of this disruptive and collaborative philosophy. Clients receive the benefit of their customizations as well as all the enhancements requested by other clients. So in its essence, ByDesign has discovered a way to let all ships rise in their community, leaving none as an island, without the latest and greatest version of its platform. And their clients perceive this to be a distinct advantage. 

For companies who don’t want to build out their own custom stack, ByDesign’s open platform (via APIs) enable clients to leverage the best of all worlds: a robust out-of-the-box solution with extendibility. They deliver one-stop shopping with a modern consumer shopping experience, a feature-rich Representative back office that is designed for the user experience as well as a powerful corporate back office that allows clients to do exactly what they need to do.

“The ByDesign growth model allows pure haven (Global Ventures Partners) to run our business on a platform that is in a continual state of enhancement. As our business grows, so do our technology requirements. ByDesign continually adds features to their system that allow us to more easily and efficiently accomplish our business needs. This model allows us to invest more of our resources in marketing our brand and supporting our Consultants instead of needing to fund every enhancement ourselves. The ByDesign growth model is the difference maker for pure haven.”  - Char Knox, President, pure haven

How many companies today want to have a staff of developers and to internally manage the IT complexities of a direct selling business? Many people are in love with the idea of an open platform but quickly learn that this is hard work. Complete customization is not a simple path and often not fully understood by users until months after they sign on the dotted line. This under scores the value of working with people who understand where you want to go and the most efficient way you can get there.

ByDesign has built their award winning brand by continually striving to do better, and in the process they have opened the door to a better way for all of us. 

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Jeff Ayscue is the Founder and CEO of ByDesign. Jeff is an accomplished software executive with more than 20 years' experience in the industry. He was the founding programmer of the Freedom platform, launching the first web-based software for the industry. Over the past 18 years, Jeff has continued to create first-to-market solutions that simplify the many complexities behind party plan and direct sales business models.


Daryl Wurzbacher is the President of ByDesign. Daryl began his career at ByDesign Technologies as the Director of Technology. His strategic leadership, innovation, and energetic contributions led to his appointment as President in 2015. During his tenure over the past decade, Daryl has been integral to the accelerated company growth along with the international expansion.

"Being a thought leader is never popular. But, those that change the world are rarely recognized as they change it. It is only when others begin to copy you, that you know you were ultimately right in your decisions to step forward when no one else would."