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A true partner for your success, RNF Technologies offers one-stop destination for all your technology needs

silicon-review-raghib-khan-faisal-abidi-rnf-technologies“Founded in 2009, RNF Technologies is an IT services company that works with it’s clients to address the challenges in software development and it’s impact on productivity.”

Established with a purpose of digitizing anything and everything code-able, meet the true IT service provider that covers all aspects of web and mobile platforms. Offering 360 degree solutions for all digital needs of clients, RNF Technologies is a professional, technology oriented endeavor that develops in house products and provides tailored technology solutions to its clients.

RNF’s clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies and they come to them for a quick, yet reliable solution to their technology related problems. Currently RNF is registered in India and the US with their head office in NOIDA, India.

RNF’s journey in a nutshell
The brainchild of two techies, RNF is a culmination of the dream that the founders have had since college days. Incorporated in 2009, the idea behind RNF’s foundation was to craft an entity that can make its mark on the technology front, while at the same time empower its employees to work on diverse ideas and push the boundaries.

With their sheer dedication to attain glory, RNF has grown leaps and bounds. Having started out with the Indian market, they gradually moved to different geographies in the west. Their consistent performance, ROI oriented approach and high focus on customer satisfaction is what sets them apart. In the span of 6 years, they have grown from a 2 people company to over 250+ as of today.

Knowing the Key Leaders

Raghib Khan, Director and Co-founder– Raghib currently manages the products division of RNF which has seen exponential growth since its inception. The division is involved with the development of applications for the iOS, Android and Facebook markets.

He holds a bachelors degree in electronics & communication engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India.Shortly after his graduation, Raghib joined AOL where he served as a key member of AOL’s shopping portal team. During his time at AOL he worked on building several web based platforms and systems. His areas of specialization include data mining, search engines, scalable web platforms and mobile technologies.

AOL gave way to RNF Technologies in November of 2009 when he joined hands with his long time friend and classmate, Faisal Abidi. His extensive technical background ensured that he complemented the business development abilities that his partner brought to the table.

“We love what we do, which is what helps us come up with innovative solutions to conventional problems and what drives us to go the extra mile for our customers.” – Raghib Khan.

Faisal Abidi, Director and Co-founder– Faisal overlooks the services division of RNF Technologies. He co-founded RNF Technologies along with his long time friend and batch mate Raghib Khan in 2009 in Bangalore, India.

Carrying a bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India, Faisal started his career with Google India working in the online marketing space where he was recognized and rewarded for his innovative product ideas. Google was followed by British Telecom where he worked as an analyst and was involved in all aspects of marketing and business management of the highest level.

A marketing enthusiast, Faisal has been invited by Google to speak on various online marketing trends. He was an active researcher during college days and gained a lot of international exposure through research projects and paper presentations at reputed conferences.

“RnF Technologies strives to be the leader in what it does by combining a passion for technology and an intimate understanding of how businesses work” – Faisal Abidi.

Carrying deep domain expertise
Since its inception in 2009, RNF Technologies has evolved as a leader in offering different approaches, when it comes to using technology for running a business. Their customers are looking for a solution that helps their businesses grow. As a result, RNF concentrates on delivering positive ROI to their clients and think of themselves as the business owner in that pursuit.

RNF is unique because of its blend of youth and experience, and its extreme focus on customer satisfaction. They employ a great mix of business and tech guys to facilitate seamless effective communications across teams and geographies.

Providing one of a kind solution to all

“Our clients are the reason we are where we are”

RNF’s client base ranges from SMEs to huge multi-national companies. They efficiently help their clients to achieve positive ROI by optimizing their web and mobile sides of the business.

The company today, takes pride in having client retention that is better than most in the industry and that is a testament to the quality of their team.

Some of RNF’s biggest clients have been Dow Chemical Company, L3 Communication, Bally Technologies, among others.

RNF’s Happy Customer Speak
“The RNF team has been great to work with and extremely patient with a sometimes difficult situation on our end. Our ever growing and changing needs combined with the rushed schedule have made for some interesting juggling from the original requirement. Ali and his team have been great and the product is looking very solid. We only finally today have an update to our API that has been holding up our notifications feature. I believe with that, the team has what they need to make us production ready.” – Mike Chamberland, Vice President – Information, NextJob Inc.

The Future Sight
With their established footprint in India, RNF Technologies is currently working on scaling up their operations in the US so as to reach out to more prospects and offer superior customer service by being physically close to their clients. As part of this, they have recently opened a new office in Santa Monica, California.

“We respect our commitments by meeting them with ideas forged in the fire of innovation and credibility.”