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SILICON100 2017

A vision of connecting internet with smart communicating objects and machines: LeewayHertz

thesiliconreview-akash-takyar-ceo-leewayhertz-17“We build mobile apps for enterprises and enable businesses to implement their mobile strategies.”

LeewayHertz is one of the fastest growing mobile apps development company. Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, it mainly enables businesses to implement the mobile strategy. With over 400+ apps designed, developed and deployed for all major platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows, Cloud and Wearables, LeewayHertz are experts in its field and deliver outstanding solutions to its clients. Based on LeewayHertz client’s needs and requirements, it has highly skilled team designs, develops and deploys enterprise-grade applications for all mobile platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, and supporting cloud infrastructure.

It is one of the first to deliver commercial apps for the iPhone platform. Leeway’s organization has a team of HIDE certified design experts, and it has delivered over 450+ apps in both the enterprise and consumer app space.

A hard-working team of LeewayHertz has a reputation of proven expertise in delivering apps within tight deadlines. At LeewayHertz, it aims at providing end to end solutions for app development, using its very own in-house facilities to deliver app consulting, designing, and development services. Together, it helps in fulfilling the app development needs of organizations, be it startups or enterprises.


LeewayHertz helps its clients in implementing their mobile strategies. Its consultants help companies achieve their mobile objectives by understanding the full life cycle of each project and constructing a roadmap to meet your business goals. We apply our knowledge and competence to the business environment, focusing on great app design and modern user interaction methods and then applying them to your business requirements. Our HIDE certified design experts have proven expertise to execute your enterprise’s mobile strategy and deliver a beautiful, crisp mobile application.

Custom app development requires experience engineering; that LeewayHertz have in-built expertise to deliver mobile apps that can scale with the ever-changing landscape of the mobile app industry. “We offer app development services including concept creation, designing user experience, native app development, quality assurance, and deployment,” said Akash Takyar.

Services of a company are most profoundly built to serve the customers. Customers, being the core reason for the growth and development of the company, needs to be based mainly on customer’s needs and requirements.


Building IoT ecosystem demands a new type of consulting approach, one that encourages an intense collaboration between domain experts and manufacturers and IT consultants. It needs to bring together the breadth of integration know-how as well as the depth of domain and device specific knowledge. It takes care of the entire software side requirement, and builds the end-user applications. It uses a structured approach and the following principles to create custom IoT apps for businesses:

  • Connect existing technology to build a secure IoT platform.
  • Create seamless experiences across platforms and channels.
  • Pursue continuous improvements.
  • Deliver a functioning IoT environment to collect data relevant to the business.
  • Analyze collected data for insights that can be used for decision-making


LeewayHertz started the process by having clients elaborate on their app idea or the business problem they are facing. Once it has been thorough understanding the problem, it began capturing all of the requirements in a Scope of Work document. Then when everyone is on the same page, its creative team will quickly produce an Interactive Creative Brief to demonstrate understanding of client’s application and showcase its mobile app expertise.


Once LeewayHertz have completed the profiling process, it then creates the Design Proposal. Design proposal covers all the discovery, design, and documentation for the client’s app project. It then commit to a fixed price for the project, at the end of which, the client will retain full ownership of the complete pixel perfect screen designs of their app solution, from the front-end to the back-end. As a part of this process, its clients get to work with the company’s award-winning user interface design team to bring the app concept to life, while documenting the complete technical architecture required implementing the app.


After LeewayHertz have completely captured the functionality and user experience during the Design stage, it provides a Development proposal with fixed cost for the Development stage. After receiving a sign-off on the Development proposal, the development team begins coding the entire app solution and sending the client periodic test releases of the app for them to install, experience and give feedback. LeewayHertz’s fixed cost includes comprehensive quality assurance, as well as submission the app to the relevant app stores, or facilitating distribution of the app within its client’s enterprise.

Meet the duo dynamic

Akash Takyar founded LeewayHertz Technologies in 2007 and under his guidance, LeewayHertz has made a name for itself and attracts world-class talent to the company. His mastery of usability, interface design and system architecture has propelled the company to create aesthetically beautiful, useful and highly functional applications. Akash has been awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award and nominated for Most Popular Entrepreneur by Sun Microsystems Sun Startup Essentials.

Viresh Bhatia is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO and technologist, with more than 20 years of experience in the global software industry; notable of which is his guidance of InstallShield Software Corporation to incredible success. A receipt of multiple industry awards and recognized by prestigious publications, he served as president and co-founder of TiE Midwest. Also, he is a member of the Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering’s Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of Telerik Corporation.

“We combine our application strategy experience with an understanding of your business processes and your audience to deliver the right solution.”