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A visionary with Financial Analytics expertise & entrenched business values: Anandsagar Shiralkar

thesiliconreview-vizitech-solutions-anadsagar-ceoJohn Ruskin had once said “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”. Vizitech Solutions is one such masterpiece, created by Anandsagar Shiralkar, an entrepreneur who has the sheer dedication and passion to don a name in the Financial Analytics industry. Today, Vizitech is a renowned name in the Software domain, and it is popularly known as the fastest growing offshore product development and software services company in India.

Before founding and funding Vizitech Solutions, Anandsagar had worked with companies such as Citigroup Global Markets Japan, Inc., Theta Music Technologies, and NTT communication.

Anandsagar has also taken the command and possession of his second entrepreneurial venture FTB Communications along with his dream venture Vizitech Solutions. FTBC’s focus is also to help and support Vizitech’s expansion in Japan.

FTB Communication (FTBC)–Meet the Indo-Japanese Communication Experts

FTBC  Offrings:

Language Services

With the dedicated team consisting of highly committed, self-motivated and versatile individuals, who always deliver more than what they promise, Anandsagar soon managed to expand his business interests by founding FTBC’s subsidiary FTB Trans Pvt Ltd., which supports customers in international dealings by providing expert “Japanese-English” translation, interpretation and allied business related services.

“We are continuously maintaining the quality demanded by our customers and are providing translation services to the customers who are expanding their global business. Till now, we have achieved translation of 10 million or more characters in fields like IT, Computers and Communications, Electrical and Mechanical, Finance and Securities and general business”, he added.



Sotaro Ueda, Translation Delivery Head, FTBC
As an MBA graduate from Southampton University, U.K., Sotaro Ueda serves as the Delivery Head of FTBC. With his experience of over 12 years in Language services industry, he ensures the highest level of quality and leads a team of passionate language experts to help FTBC exceed customer expectations.

Business Matching
FTBC, a business enabling company that aims helping overseas companies succeed in doing business in Japan.And as a door opener, FTBC offers services such as market research, feasibility study, direct marketing, prospecting, and support for closing new business for partners in respective countries.

Virtual Academy
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” – Alvin Toffler

As the professional training & education arm of FTBC, Virtual Academy provides onsite and online training to spread awareness about the applications of data analytics, the strategies for investments, and the importance of financial literacy. The training could be delivered through videos, which can be watched from any location or at anytime and which can be viewed on any computing device that has internet connection. Users can also watch these videos through class-room sessions as customized courses for topics range from understanding language and culture to managing productivity and profitability. Product feature videos are also available on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

“We have dealt with Anandsagar and his team both in India and Japan for the past 2 years and I must say that their financial products are built using state-of-the-art technology and are designed to organize and generate the required critical financial data in an instant. We find these tools extremely useful and they meet our business needs very well. I have been personally dealing with Anandsagar (CEO) and Gautam (COO) and Sotaro Ueda (Deliver Head) and I find them extremely knowledgeable and very competent and they always deliver more than what they promise. One of their other distinct strength is their comfort with the Japanese language and culture. I would happily recommend Anandsagar and his companies for meaningful partnership!” Shinichi Murakami, MD of Beacon Associates, Japan

“I’ve been working with FTB Communications for about 3 years now and have loved every minute of it. I am a proof-reader, copywriter and editor. I work with the team at FTB to make sure all documents read well from their translations. I have over 25 years of experience and have put it to good use with the amazing team that supports me.” -Lisa Steyn, Copy Writer, Cape Town

Close Collaboration of  Vizitech & FTBC with Customers Helps Increased Global Presence


“Our extensive experience in capital markets allows us to offer solutions for real business problems that we have experienced as insiders. This enables us to offer turn-key solutions that address pressing needs.”

*All data mentioned in images and products is representative and should be used as a sample representation only and should not be construed as actual customer data.