10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2016

A2Zapps – Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Use Computing for Work


“A2Zapps believes in giving back to society in any manner possible.”

Founded in 2007, is a Cloud-based Mobile-first Operating System (OS). And, today the company is credited for revolutionizing the way Businesses use computing for work and to collaborate within their employees, partners and customers. The OS-A Super App – is built on platform-neutral and device-agnostic HTML5 technology with industry-standard REST API, and is available on any devices at a subscription fee affordable to the smallest businesses and the largest corporations.

Why A2ZApps

Scalable & Secured Server Infrastructure – flaunts a proven track record of consistent 99.9 percent uptime with its world-class data center equipped with backup, failover and disaster-recovery facility.

Point-and-Click Database Designer – At the heart of every app is a database that stores information about your employees, events, inventory, or just about anything else. makes setting up a database easy, with wizards that walk you through the process of building custom objects, fields, and relationships. Defining relationships amongst entities have never been so easy.

Point-and-Click UI & App Designer – Define as you like it custom user interface components- page layouts, custom views, useful links, drop-down menu tab and many more.

SMS & Email Gateways, to include message-based communication – A2Zapps’s messaging infrastructure relieves developers of the cost and complexity of maintaining email and SMS gateway systems. It provides reliable delivery and scalability. Your app can easily include messaging features through flexible messaging API.

Built-in security and sharing rules – With, you can seamlessly control the data access for each user to the granularity of object, record or even field. Create custom rules for role based access that can be enforced across the user interface, API, search results and analytics.

Built-in Real-time Analytics – Because your customers need real-time visibility into the business data, A2Zapps includes built-in reporting and dashboards that users can set up and manage by themselves.

Custom AJAX Code – Build your custom pages, logic or user-initiated integration code using web 2.0 technologies such as HTML5, AJAX, jQuery etc. and store them within A2Zapps platform.

Auto Back Ups – Customer data is backed up nightly. With a well thought out hardware redundancy and fault tolerance a disk failure will leave you unscathed. Even in the event of a major disaster, there are procedures in place to recover customer data and protect against data loss.

New Features Every Month & Auto Upgrades – At the heart of every app is a database that stores information about your employees, events, inventory, or just about anything else. makes setting up a database easy, with wizards that walk you through the process of building custom objects, fields and relationships.

Agile, to accommodate change – Due to its rich functionality, components and designer tools, one can build and deploy social enterprise apps very fast.

Social, to promote collaboration – A2Zapps cloud platform comes with ready to use Chitchat app that allows organizations to build multiple private social networks for different stake holders: employees, customers and partners and hence enable collaboration. This has been extended to the custom apps as well to imbibe the social in nature in each app you build.

Windows-like Desktop Interface, to improve user experience – Your new application will automatically be accessible through a super cool online Windows-like desktop interface.

Awards in their Credit

  • Star Innovation Award- got 2009 Star Innovation Awards from ICEM in 2nd Indiara International Innovation Summit.
  • India’s Small Giants- Award was presented by Shri Khiraj Mishra, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister of MSME.
  • TATA-NeN- Top 30 Hottest Indian Startups out of 588 companies by TATA-NeN.

Knowing the Mastermind

Kantanu Kundu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer – A pioneer, thought leader and innovator, Kantanu brings his two-decade experience in IT and promotes Cloud computing through A2Zapps. He has strong technical background across product management, consulting and SaaS, PaaS and Cloud computing industry. Kantanu has been invited to speak on various subjects at many industry fora. He was also invited to be a part of CII’s National Committee on IT, ITeS & e-Commerce (2009-10). The Confederation of Indian Industries is India Inc.’s primary liaison group for government and aligned entities globally.

Kantanu has always been one step ahead of the curve in learning and updating his knowledge and skills in the domain, even starting a small office in the early days of IT. His unique domain knowledge got him sent to the US in 2000, as a consultant working for the then ERP giant PeopleSoft. Later he joined when it was a small private company with less than 100 employees as their first global integration specialist in 2002.

Kantanu graduated in Electronics and Telecom Engineering from REC, now called NIT, Kurukshetra, India.