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Accelerate, Secure and Analyze Applications in Any Environment: A10 Networks

thesiliconreview-lee-chen-ceo-a10-networks-18With a mission to enable intelligent automation with deep machine learning to ensure business-critical applications are protected, reliable and always available, A10 Networks is more than a technology company. It provides security, intelligence, and automation across its portfolio of secure application solutions services.

A10 Networks pioneered a new generation of application networking technologies. Its solutions enable enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organizations to accelerate, secure and optimize the performance of their data center applications and networks. The Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform of A10 is designed to deliver substantially greater performance and security relative to prior generation application networking products.

The software-based ACOS architecture provides the flexibility that enables the company to expand its business with additional products to solve a growing array of networking and security challenges across cloud computing and mobility. A10 Networks has a portfolio of application-layer networking products that assure user-to-application connectivity is available, accelerated and secure.

How A10 Solutions Can Help Your Business

A10 Networks’ portfolio of secure application services solutions is engineered to accelerate and secure the most important enterprise and service providers’ networks in the world.

  • Enterprise Solutions: Accelerate, optimize and secure data centers and clouds with application delivery and load balancing; DDoS defense and firewalls; SSL visibility and decryption; and analytics and software
  • Service Provider Solutions: Carrier-grade security and app delivery with DDoS protection and firewalls; IPv4 and IPv6 translation and management; application delivery and load balancing; and cloud and software
  • Security Solutions: Keep your networks and applications secure with DDoS protection, SSL visibility and decryption, secure application delivery and converged carrier-grade security
  • Cloud Solutions: Join the cloud revolution with cloud-native secure application services; cloud analytics, automation and control; and cloud application management

The Industries A10 Serves

A10 Networks solutions are designed with specific industries in mind. Whether you’re running a massive online gaming network, processing millions of financial transactions or protecting volumes of sensitive data, A10 offers solutions to ensure your application environment is secure, speedy and scalable.


Academic institutions face tight IT budgets yet require modern technology. They cannot afford to sacrifice performance and security. A10 empowers educational organizations with infrastructures that are fast, secure, and resilient to DDoS attacks and reliably overcome IPv4 exhaustion limitations.

Government & Federal Agencies

Government and federal agencies are held to the highest standards for application performance, security and data protection. A10 supports vendor-agnostic, defense-in-depth strategies to facilitate stronger cyber threat analysis, scalable mitigation, detection and remediation of encrypted traffic and DDoS detection and mitigation.

Online Gaming

Online gaming networks are sensitive to latency, packet loss, the scale of player access and geodiversity of users. The gaming industry also suffers from more than half of all DDoS attacks globally. A10 delivers premium application delivery and server-session connectivity for online gaming — mitigating the risk of downtime, reducing cost and protecting reputation.


Financial institutions demand mobility and rapid transaction processing through hybrid environments that unite services and applications. A10 helps financial institutions build and scale low-latency infrastructure for high-value transactions and high-frequency trading (HFT) environments that are fast, secure and resilient to DDoS attacks.


Technology and security requirements and regulatory compliance place major demands on healthcare providers. A10 offers healthcare organizations — from regional medical providers to the largest conglomerates — scalable and highly reliable networking and security solutions to help ensure global protection and availability.


Online retailers must provide safe and enticing customer experiences to build trust and consumer confidence, that requires speed and security. A10 helps expand retail networks quickly, securely and cost-effectively, while ensuring secure inventory and payment data, and PCI compliance.

The Top-Tier A10 Products

From load-balancing to DDoS defense, A10’s products ensure high-performance and unrivaled security. Take a look at A10’s product portfolio:

  • Accelerate & Optimize Apps: A10 Thunder®ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers) are high-performance solutions to accelerate and optimize critical applications to ensure delivery and readability.
  • Application Delivery in The Cloud A10 Lightning™ ADC (Application Delivery Controller) delivers load balancing, traffic management, security and per-app analytics for public, private or hybrid cloud workloads
  • Detect & Mitigate DDoS: A10 Thunder TPS™ (Threat Protection System) is the industry’s highest-performance DDoS defense solution. TPS offers fast, precise and scalable DDoS attack detection and mitigation.
  • Visibility into Encrypted Traffic: A10 Thunder®SSLi® (SSL Insight) is the market’s most comprehensive decryption solution. SSLi decrypts the traffic and enables security devices to analyze it without compromising performance.
  • Converged Firewall Services: A10 Thunder®CFW (Converged Firewall) combines data center and Gi/SGi firewall, secure web gateway, and IPSec VPN into a single solution with all Thunder ADC, CGN, and SSLi features.
  • Ipv4 Preservation & Ipv6 Migration: A10 Thunder®CGN (Carrier-Grade Networking) is an award-winning, high-performance solution for advanced CGNAT, IPv4 preservation and IPv6 migration with integrated DDoS protection.
  • Manage & Analyze Apps: A10 Harmony™ Controller delivers centralized management and analytics for secure application services. Manage A10 and third-party ADCs on-premise or in public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Centralized Management: a Galaxy®offers optimized global monitoring, consolidated management and simplified operations for large-scale Thunder® ADC and Thunder TPS®

Happy Customers

“By implementing A10’s next-generation Thunder ADC solution, GYAO! Improved its video streaming performance while achieving major savings: 80 percent lower cost per port.”

- Yahoo! Japan

“As it transitioned its TV station to a multi-platform station, Canal 13 turned to A10 to deliver automation and 24x7x365 security.”

- Canal 13

Meet the Leader

Lee Chen, Founder & CEO: Lee served most recently as co-founder and vice president of engineering at Foundry Networks. Lee was also a founding member of Centillion Networks (acquired by Nortel). He has held management and senior technical positions at Apple Computer, Convergent Technologies, and InSync Group. He holds an M.S.E.E. from San Jose State University and a B.S. in Electrophysics from National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.

“At A10 we strive to protect our customers with best-in-class solutions and services needed to win the cyber war. That’s why customers in more than 80 countries trust A10 and our suite of secure application services.”