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Accelerates and Scales Out Data-Intensive Applications across a Distributed Computing Architecture: GridGain


In-memory computing (IMC) is an emerging field of importance. It is a quickly evolving technology, seen by many enterprises and are trying to implement in their environment.

Founded in 2007, GridGain Systems is one of the key players in the in-memory computing arena. GridGain offers the first enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform, which is built on Apache Ignite. The GridGain in-memory computing platform addresses today's Fast Data challenges and unleashes the competitive advantage of any real-time business, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. GridGain Systems solutions offer the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade in-memory computing solution for high-volume transactions, real-time analytics and hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP).

GridGain Systems customers including leading companies in financial services, fintech, software, e-commerce, retail, telecom, online business services, healthcare and more. Some of the major customers include Barclays, ING, Sberbank, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, RingCentral, Newegg, Finastra, Advent, Workday, and eTherapeutics. GridGain Systems investors include Almaz Capital, FortRoss Ventures, RTP Ventures, Huawei, and Broadway Angels.

The company also manages the In-Memory Computing Planet website where community members can come for the latest information on developments in in-memory computing technology and business trends.

The World-Class Technology

Built on Apache Ignite, the In-Memory Computing Platform dramatically accelerates and scales out existing data-intensive applications across a distributed computing architecture. The comprehensive in-memory computing solution includes an in-memory data grid, in-memory database, and a streaming analytics engine. It can also function as an in-memory data grid or it can be deployed as a memory-centric database which combines the speed of in-memory computing with the durability of disk-based storage.

With GridGain’s In-Memory Computing Platform, Query times are 1,000x faster than traditional disk-based systems because data is held In-memory and the system utilizes parallel processing. The system can be scaled out by adding new nodes to the cluster to manage petabytes of data from multiple databases while automatically rebalancing data across the nodes.

When inserted between existing application and database layers, GridGain can modernize existing data-intensive architectures. GridGain integrates seamlessly with RDBMS, NoSQL, and Hadoop databases and includes a unified API which supports SQL, C++, .NET, JAVA/Scala/Groovy, Node.js and more access to the application layer. It can run on-premise, in a hybrid environment, or on a cloud platform such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

The Best-Of-Breed Software and Services

GridGain Software Editions

The GridGain Professional Edition is a binary build of Apache Ignite which includes optional LGPL dependencies, such as Hibernate L2 cache integration and Geospatial Indexing. It benefits from ongoing QA testing by GridGain and contains bug fixes which have not yet been released in the Apache Ignite code base. It is suitable for small-scale deployments which do not require advanced resilience or enterprise-grade security.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition is built on Apache Ignite and adds enterprise-grade features including data center replication, enterprise-grade security, rolling upgrades, and more. The Enterprise Edition is extensively tested by GridGain and is recommended for production use in large-scale or mission-critical deployments, or environments with heightened security requirements.

The GridGain Ultimate Edition is for users of the Persistent Store feature in production environments. The Ultimate Edition includes all of the Enterprise Edition features plus a Cluster Snapshot feature which provides the backup capabilities recommended deploying the Persistent Store in mission-critical environments.

Professional Services from GridGain Systems

GridGain Support includes a subscription to the GridGain Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate Edition. GridGain Support includes timely access to the highly knowledgeable support team, access to software updates, and much more.

GridGain Consulting services can help organizations be more successful with Apache Ignite or with one of the GridGain editions. The company consultants can help with architecture design, custom feature development, and proof of concept deployments, performance optimizations, and similar challenges.

GridGain Training is available for GridGain and Apache Ignite. The training options can be customized to the needs of the customers or its team.


“While impressive, it’s more than the fact that we’re more than 20 times faster than without the GridGain solution. It’s the fact that we can now do what we couldn’t do before.”

  • Jonny Wray, Head of Discovery Informatics, e-Therapeutics

“GridGain ensures responsiveness regardless of how much information we need to search through.”

  • Sakari Paloviita, CTO, Intelligentpipe

Greet the Chief

Abe Kleinfeld, President & CEO, GridGain: Mr. Kleinfeld joined GridGain as president & CEO in 2013 and has transformed the company into the leading open source in-memory computing platform provider.

Prior to joining GridGain, Abe was president & CEO of network security leader nCircle, a company he led from an early stage with a handful of customers through ten consecutive years of revenue growth, five consecutive years of profitability, two acquisitions, over 6,500 enterprise customers worldwide and $40M in annual sales. Before nCircle, Abe was president & CEO of Eloquent, a leading provider of rich media communications solutions. Prior to Eloquent, Abe co-founded document management leader Odesta Systems Corporation. Abe holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the State University of NY at Oswego and is an avid photographer and science fiction fan.

“Being a thought leader in the in-memory computing community, we organize In-Memory Computing Summit in North America and Europe for hundreds of attendees who hear from tens of leading technology users and vendors.”