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Accelerating the delivery of core (legacy) applications as exciting new digital services: API Software from OpenLegacy, Inc

thesiliconreview-romi-stein-ceo-openlegacy-17Outdated IT systems are often the biggest Achilles’ heel for established companies seeking to compete successfully against upstarts. Established companies try to get as much as they can from their investments in legacy systems. When they come up against the systems’ limitations, they devise patches or work-arounds. While useful in the short term, over time these remedies can create incompatibilities and complexities due to discrete layers of additional application and integration technologies. Companies may find that they are actually increasing their operating costs in the long run and missing opportunities to embrace more efficient and innovative ways of working through digitization. To accelerate their time to market with new products and improve customers’ experiences, companies will need to simplify their approach to  core IT systems. That’s what OpenLegacy, Inc. helps to achieve.

OpenLegacy is a young innovative company that incorporates core (legacy) systems as part of a firm’s digital strategy. OpenLegacy specializes in automating API creation, optimization, testing, deployment and management for core (legacy) systems: the entire API lifecycle. Its patented approach bypasses layers of complexity to directly access and extend business logic to web, mobile and cloud innovations in the form of java objects, or as Rest APIs or SOAP.  This uniquely automated process is not only fast, easy and secure, but also does not require special staff skills or changes to existing systems or architecture. “We believe that the pace of change that technology is forcing on different markets will only increase and we hope that our vision of flat, simple, standard and robust distributed API integration will not only enable CIOs and CTOs to keep up with changing needs, but also regain their lead as the true drivers of innovation”, said CEO and co-founder Romi Stein.

API software  that transforms the market

The company was founded due to the founder’s painful experience of dealing with enterprise integration for 17 years. The realization that there has to be a better, faster, and simpler way to achieve the needed results was the driving force behind the initial technology and is still its guiding principle. Although the company has come a long way since the release of version 1 of the OpenLegacyAPi software, the basic principles of the product have remained the same: automation, flexibility, and reliance on robust Open Standards in order to quickly deliver an enterprise grade solution which solves major business problems in the field. OpenLegacy draws inspiration from its clients to help guide its product development growth. Its offering roadmap is continuously evolving based on market feedback, and it strives to have its product team constantly engaged directly with the sales and delivery teams.

OpenLegacy’s major takeaway from a recent project roll out was the excitement of seeing the platform being successfully implemented as part of a multi-billion mission critical business process in a matter of days. The company knew the stakes were high as they were displacing a popular integration and orchestration product  and everything must go smoothly. “Seeing it running live and proving that results can be achieved in days or weeks versus months from their prior solution was truly exciting and inspiring”, said co-founder CTO Roi Mor.

Focus on customer satisfaction

The key challenge that it faced as a young enterprise software vendor is the long sales cycle involved when dealing with large enterprises. Fortunately, it has a very senior and seasoned executive team that has helped navigate those waters.

Romi Stein says, “Spending the last 15 years prior to co-founding OpenLegacy at the IBM Corp. has taught me a great deal about the impact of technology and how it could be deployed in order to create value for clients - enabling them to improve, innovate and inspire their markets.” OpenLegacy is very much a customer centric company and its drive is to solve real business problems for its clients. They want to see their clients grow their understanding of what they can do with the platform and the endless potential it gives them to innovate in their respective markets.

Its consistent growth as an organization is based on client and partner demand and its commitment to excellence in execution and customer satisfaction. Digital Transformation is now a requirement for almost any company and market, and the speed, simplicity and security of its solution is unlike anything in the marketplace. The company believes the demand for its product will enable that consistent growth.

Helping organizations with microservices

OpenLegacy believes that digital solutions provide exponentially more value to society by unlocking their potential and providing new and exciting offerings and products not available before. The fact that they've invented  an incredibly fast and reliable way to connect core back-end systems with mobile, cloud and web solutions in minutes or days is unlike anything that the market has seen.

“While the current version of our API  software is unique and very successful, Version 4.0 allows customers to leapfrog from their existing legacy or on-premise applications into current, agile, flexible and robust digital-first microservices architecture. With microservicess, organizations will unlock their true potential to innovate and lead their respective markets with unprecedented time to value” said Roi Mor.

The  founders behind OpenLegacy, CEO Romi Stein and CTO RoiMor

As Chief Executive Officer of OpenLegacy, Romi provides strategic direction and oversees OpenLegacy’s day-to-day execution. Romi has proven experience in all aspects of information-technology business leadership. He has a uniquely deep understanding of how to lead in this market, gleaned from fifteen years at IBM’s global headquarters where he became intimately familiar with how one of the top corporations behind legacy systems operates. At IBM, Romi played a wide range of leadership roles, including Senior Investment Analyst, managing a Country Pricing Group; and Principal Market Development Consultant, where he contributed to the development and growth of new markets in North America and Europe and launched the first industry storage software virtualization family. Romi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree, both from Tel Aviv University.

thesiliconreview-roi-mor-cto-openlegacy-17As Chief Technology Officer, Roi leads OpenLegacy’s research and development activities in creating the first open-source legacy modernization platform. Roi brings a deep understanding and over 15 years of proven experience successfully leading large projects in Java, web, mobile, cloud, cyber security, and legacy modernization. At Software AG, he managed technology, infrastructure and methodologies in the company’s Israeli R&D lab. He also established a cyber solutions group at Intellinx, and earlier in his career, he spearheaded complex modernization projects worldwide for Sabratec. As an innovator who loves new technology, Roi continues to push the team forward, making OpenLegacy the de-facto standard for legacy API integration.

“Our mission statement is to disrupt the enterprise integration market and enable legacy and on-premise heavy enterprises to move with agility and speed.”