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Achieve total supply chain visibility—and optimize your business at scale: Agistix


‘Cloud-based technology gives you measurable results in weeks, with minimal IT investment.’

Companies that ship goods can rely on Agistix’s analytics tools to gain total visibility into how their goods are moving throughout the supply chain—even with a highly complex web of partners, suppliers and carriers. Agistix runs on cloud technology that interfaces with partners’ disparate systems to give deep insight into what’s really happening across the entire supply chain. This visibility encompasses every transaction across all systems, carriers, suppliers and modes—and it empowers Agistix’s customers to tap into the many opportunities hidden in their rising tide of data.

In conversation with the Key Executive

Can you brief us about the history of Agistix?
We founded Agistix in 2004 to build a platform that could support global shipment execution across all modes of transportation. In mid-2008, our leadership team intensified this focus when they strategically decided to spin off our brokerage business. This decision soon paid off when Agistix launched true visibility capabilities that enabled corporations to monitor, manage and measure inbound, outbound and third-party moves regardless of the system or process used to tender each shipment. Today, Agistix offers shippers, third-party logistics providers, and carriers a single platform to automate day-to-day shipment activities, better manage exceptions, forecast freight spend and seamlessly integrate with supply chain data sources.

Can you tell us about how Agistix is positioned in the recent Market scenario?
With today’s complex ecosystems it is nearly impossible to achieve visibility to all goods as they move through a supply chain with a traditional solution. Agistix has taken a unique approach to ensure that as goods move through often thousands of partners around the globe all data on any single ‘transaction’ is captured and aggregated. Data and analytics are served up to every role involved in the supply chain, including sales, procurement, transportation, compliance, supply chain, and finance.

Traditional TMS players are able to provide their customers visibility only on certain segments, such as particular modes or regions. A few visibility-only companies focus on a subset of partners. Agistix is the only partner-neutral global supply chain platform that support both execution and visibility capabilities across all modes of transportation for inbound, outbound and third party shipments. Moreover, since we’ve wrapped our platform in web services, we’re able to create custom ‘point solutions’ allowing our clients to make supply chain data ‘self-serve’ to parties outside of the platform.

Can you provide brief information on your service/Product offerings and how does it benefit your clients?
Companies with complex supply chains need better ways to monitor, manage and measure global supply chain performance. Agistix delivers by empowering them to capture and structure a breadth of supply chain data that was previously unavailable to them. As a result, companies can now quantify critically important areas such as supplier routing compliance. They can forecast freight spend and freight accruals. They can measure time from order to invoice, and can proactively manage in-transit exceptions. By automating day-to-day tasks, we free up our clients’ time to better manage exceptions—and more importantly, to strategically manage their full range of supply chain activities.

How do you position yourself in the current domain? How do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives?
There is great pressure to optimize the supply chain in today’s corporations. But to do so, they need easy access to complete, current data and insights across their entire global ecosystem. Agistix has opened up an entirely new level of optimization with a cloud-based platform that achieves total visibility no matter where partners and stakeholders are based or how they choose to access the solution. By using Agistix, our customers get easy-to-use data-driven support to quickly reduce spend and increase efficiencies in their supply chain, without any business process change.

What differentiates you from others in the domain?
Agistix customers have a single place to monitor, manage, and measure global supply chain activity across all carriers, all modes, whether inbound, outbound or from a third party, domestic or international, and regardless of how or where the shipment was booked. We are the only platform capable of providing this level of visibility.

What are the challenges faced by you and your company?
The supply chain of today’s corporation contains a range of solutions and technologies, such as ERP, procurement, WMS, TMS, rating, booking, tracking, invoicing, and claims. This complexity grows across modes, industries, and regions. While the Agistix solution was designed to deliver results with speed, and in the face of this complexity, many customers are inundated by the burden of simply managing from day to day. We tend to align best with those executives and operational managers that understand that new technology has opened up the opportunity for further differentiation and proactive management of their supply chain excellence.

What can you say about the geographies of Agistix?
We typically target US based companies that have complex, global supply chains.

What are your present and future focus areas?
We move millions of transactions a day through Agistix, and so our focus is on our customers: to continually exceed client expectations with our network of integrations and micro-transactions; to support their evolving needs; and to continue to make our solution effortless to use even as their supply chains grow in complexity.

Client Speak
“Now we know exactly what we spend on freight – without having to track down information from different systems or carriers.” – XO Communications

Meet the Key Executive

Trevor Read, President and CEO: Trevor co-founded Agistix in 2004 because he saw a huge opportunity to deliver breakthroughs in how freight is managed by bringing new technology and approaches to the industry. Since then, Agistix has grown to become the respected partner of leading companies across industries by delivering a new level of visibility—and efficiency—to the supply chain.

Agistix is Trevor’s third technology startup in 20 years; each has been founded on the same principle—delivering operational best practices and process improvement to a new sector. Netclerk, Inc. (acquired by Builders Information Group in 2002) streamlined communications between 2,500 government agencies and contractors, telecommunication and utility companies around the globe. EBB Services, Corp brought new efficiency and best practice to the mutual fund industry.

“Agistix delivers by providing real-time information on all your shipments no matter how they were booked, which systems or devices you’re using, or who is in your network.”