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10 Best Healthcare Companies 2017

Achieving milestones in defining, measuring and innovating healthcare: SNG - Sun Narula Group

thesiliconreview puneet narula jt md sng sun narula group 2017

The present day technological advancements are completely transforming healthcare. While focusing on managing health outcomes, healthcare enterprises are constantly striving to reduce healthcare costs and optimize patient care experience. However, they have to address the inherent challenges of modernizing technology systems in order to meet the demand for patient engagement, business and clinical analytics, enhanced resource utilization, and infrastructure development. Healthcare technology is more than just managing patient records and coordinating care, and that’s where the SNG Group can help by providing solutions that support the delivery of high-quality care and improved patient satisfaction.

SNG a.k.a. Sun Narula Group has been in healthcare business since the very inception of the group itself.  Founded in the year 1953, under the guidance and leadership and founder Late Prem Kumar Narula [1942-2014], popularly & respectably known as PK, who has been largely responsible for introducing many first in the regional healthcare space with the latest and best technologies available from world-over.  For the past over two decades the team of the duo Pankaj Narula, Director & Head Business Development and Puneet Narula, Director & Head Projects and Technical, [sons of the founder P K Narula] have taken SNG business to new and unprecedented heights.

Healthcare solutions and products offered by SNG in South Asia region are specifically designed for hospitals for safe, secured and swift storage, transports and delivery of materials, under the vertical – Materials Handling Systems. This vertical consists of state of the art:

Pneumatic Tube Systems


Software & PC driven system with hi-tech stations including Standard Stations, Compact Stations, Horizontal &Flaplog Laboratory Receiving Stations, Multi-send & Multi-receiving Stations, Auto unload Stations etc…  The Pneumatic Tube Systems [PTS] offered by SNG enables transport of drugs, injectables, pharmaceuticals, IV fluids, Blood & Tissue samples, Blood Plasma, Surgical Instruments, soiled and fresh linen, documents, records, X-ray films, patient food trays etc… etc… at high speeds between 3 to 20 mps.  SNG Enjoys No. 1 position for the continuous past more than 12  years in South Asia with more than 400 hospitals and laboratories using these in their respective facilities.

Automated Waste & Laundry Tube Systems


SNG also offers the Automated Waste & Laundry Tube Systems for transport of bags containing either soiled linen or hospital wastes.  In the same way as the Pneumatic Tube System (PTS), the Automatic  Waste& Laundry System [AWLS] works with tube transport, in a bigger format [400-500mm Ø]. Instead of carriers with samples or materials, AWLS transports bags with garbage or dirty laundry. Transport is via state of the art pneumatic system to the actual end collection points [waste container or laundry room].

Even today most hospitals use the obsolete & antiquated archaic system for the removal of wastes & linen viz. trolleys & carts for manual transports & disposal, gravity chutes etc., which are  inefficient, labour-intensive, environmentally damaging and potentially high bioz-hazard & inhygenic and also are a major source for  HAIs [hospital acquired infections]. Hospitals in particular produce large amounts of garbage and dirty laundry, and therefore AWLS not only saves time but also makes a significantly contributes to infection control & hospital process automation & optimization. AWLS minimize the contamination- and infection hazard and prevents odour pollution.

Modular Operating Theatres & Packaged Turn-Key Solutions


SNG is competently placed to design the best and efficient Pneumatic Tube Systems, Laundry Tube Systems, Modular OR Systems, Turnkey ICUs, ERs & Patient Rooms Solutions right from design to execution etc...onturney-basis.  SNG’s Solutions include hospital and general furniture, patient handling solutions, ceiling supply pendants, IV track systems, partition systems, medical and general lighting, wall surfaces, drop ceilings, Clinical and modular work stations, storage solutions, mobile solutions, data and power cabling, finishing and interiors etc...

SNG is supported by World renowned manufacturers & OEMs, experts, strong R&D, complete in-house design, pre-sales and post-sales teams in place, and capabilities to adapt and cope with the dynamic, continuous improvements & introduction of new technologies & solutions.  With over 500 leading hospitals & healthcare providers etc., as its customers in India [as at August 2017], SNG’s  Solutions are the most preferred ones.

Knowing the leader behind SNG - Sun Narula Group, Puneet Narula, Jt. Managing Director

Puneet has been working with SNG since 1989 as the Head of Head Projects & Technical. He is largely responsible for overall operations of the organization and project management. He has been largely responsible for immaculate customer support services of the organization.  Head has been trained by some of the leading OEMs and Technology Centres from Europe & USA.  He has excellent relationships with some of India’s leading healthcare providers including Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare and Columbia Asia Hospitals. He also has excellentrelationships with overseas OEM partners including Swisslog, Guldmann, ProvitaMedical, etc.

“SNG offers quality customer support services with regional presence to suit the needs of different customers with quick response.”