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Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences

thesiliconreview-thomas-erickson-ceo-acquia-2017Digital is everywhere – from the web to mobile to IoT and beyond – and so is the customer experience. Your customers want brands to meet them where they are in their own discovery journey – with relevance and in real time – and it’s up to you to have the right strategy and platform to make this possible.

Accelerate Your Digital Journey

Global organizations use the Acquia Platform to create a single, powerful digital foundation for delivering world-class customer experiences. With the Acquia Platform, organizations can realize the vision of personalized, contextual, and real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time, on the right device. These experiences can be easily deployed and managed at scale, for one to thousands of sites, driving transformative business results at breakthrough speed. That’s why organizations who think ahead like Intuit, Warner Music Group and Stanford University trust Acquia. It attracts new business and increases engagement by orchestrating one-to-one digital customer journeys across every touch point with data-driven personalized content and experiences for your customers. It also assembles new content and experiences leveraging open source Drupal content management system, Node.js, and decoupled applications. Seamlessly manage and control digital assets for the entire organization to ensure consistency.

Acquia Platform Features

The flexible, scalable and secure Acquia Platform allows your team to develop and manage engaging, data-driven digital customer journeys easier, faster, and with more quality. From brand websites to personalized experiences to omnichannel buyer journeys, it brings together all of the required tools, content, applications, and data on a single platform to make your digital customer relationships a success.

The platform is open and built to be API-first, which makes it easy to meet your organization's specific needs and environment. With Acquia, you’ll gain one foundation and native cloud platform that’s digital customer experience-ready to enable your IT, marketing and commerce teams to build and deliver the applications and content their customers demand – now and in the future.

Introducing The ‘Acquia Cloud

The leading cloud platform to continuously develop, delivers, and run digital experience applications and content. With Acquia Cloud, you get the tools you need to build, deploy, and optimize digital experiences faster. It uses a fully managed and updated LAMP stack for Drupal-optimized websites and Minimize time spent on keeping websites up and running, and scales your site on demand with its cloud service management. It quickly delivers great buyer experiences and business outcomes by bringing together digital experience and your commerce data to create a richer commerce experience for buyers through all stages of commerce.

Thinking Ahead: A Case Study

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a global semiconductor company that powers millions of devices around the world, including personal computers, game consoles, and cloud servers. All of AMD’s products provide fine-tuned performance that not only meets the needs of their customers but surpasses them; AMD wanted to guarantee that their web properties delivered the same experience. In conjunction with the release of a new line of Ryzen™ processors, AMD looked to Acquia, and digital agency FFW, to migrate their flagship, support and shop sites from SharePoint to Drupal 8.


In anticipation of the release of their next generation of Ryzen™ processors, AMD needed to complete their website re-platform in less than four months. In partnership with Acquia, AMD identified three goals that would determine the success of the new site:

  •  Improve customer experience to ensure that new features and functionality are easy to navigate, and establish a clear user path.
  • Enhance content editor, developer and admin experience to make content entry and publishing intuitive, and reduce strain on internal teams.
  • Centralized product data and marketing content to make relevant product information and post-sale support content accessible across AMD’s websites.         

The Solution:

When content editors can take advantage of easy-to-use interfaces for content entry and publishing, they are able to craft more engaging experiences and resources for their users. Therefore, the first step in improving AMD’s customer experience was to relieve the toll of web development on internal teams. With Drupal 8, content editors, developers and system administrators alike can leverage numerous modules and development tools out-of-the-box that reduced manual entry and increased efficiency. Drupal 8 also gave AMD control over back-end development; previously internal teams were hamstrung by only having access to the front end.


With Acquia, AMD was able to roll out a Drupal 8 site to support the release of its new line of Ryzen™ processors. The first phase of the re-launch included pushing 300 landing pages in addition to 40 product pages live. AMD now offers its customers a site that is visually engaging and serves robust product details and specifications in driving an engaging and immersive user experience. AMD’s new Drupal 8 flagship site has proven to deliver on this frictionless customer journey as users are visiting fewer than three pages a session before completing an action, such as filling out a form or buying a product. The steps required of a customer to complete this conversion are 10 percent lower than the industry average.

Laying the Cornerstone

Thomas Erickson, CEO: Tom is a founding director of Acquia, working with co-founders Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson to develop the company’s open source commercialization model and recruit the early team members during 2008. Tom joined Acquia as CEO in 2009, following the sale of Tele Atlas to Tom-tom, where he had been Chief Products Officer. As he has done throughout a 30+ year career in enterprise software, Tom is focused on driving customer success and business strategy at Acquia. Tom also leads the unique blending of open source, digital agency, and enterprise software backgrounds, fostering a culture which he perpetuates through extensive travel to the 11 countries and 5 US offices from which Acquia currently operates.

“We work hand in hand with our customers and partners at every step of their digital transformation and journey with an unyielding commitment to their success.”