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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Addressing the emerging need for simple, fast and secure networking solutions in a multi-cloud environment: Zentera


Silicon Valley-based Zentera Systems, Inc., a private company, offers the CoIP (Cloud over IP) CoNET™ platformthat creates a unified network plane across multiple private and public cloud domains, connecting and protecting enterprise compute resources while shielding applications and data deployed in enterprise on-premises environments and the public cloud.

Meet Dr. Jaushin Lee,President and CEO of Zentera Systems. Three years ago, when the cloud industry was struggling to keep up with changing customer needs and technology trends, the visionary network architect came up with a hybrid network configuration and management platform that enables enterprises to quicklyinstantiate virtual overlay networks on top of any public cloud.

CoIP: HybridOverlay

NetworkSolution Across“Cloud Islands”

“The public cloud vendors have evolved disparate infrastructures, which operate as segregated Cloud Islands,” according to Dr. Lee. “The solution for cloud ecosystems is CoIP, or Cloud over IP.  Like VoIP before it, CoIP overlays on top of IP networks, leading to deployments in days rather than weeks or months.”

Zentera’s CoIP CoNET spans those cloud islands, using but not changing the underlying IP networks as the forwarding fabric. CoNET is controlled and managed by the enterprise.

Zentera stands out in the cloud industry with its ground-breaking CoIP protocol implementation. The company is now positioned to capitalize on the emerging multi-billion dollar cloud market as the industry focuses on ways to implement secure hybrid networks.

With the overwhelming business benefits of moving to the Cloud, Zentera CoNET enables companies to apply their best network, compliance and InfoSec practices while simplifying cloud adoption. Dr. Lee believes that Zentera will greatly expand its customer base and become preeminent throughout the enterprise and cloud industry in the days ahead.

CoNET: Configures,

Instantiates, Secures and Manages Hybrid Overlay Networks

The CoNET platform is deployable via a single virtual appliance that can be installed on AWS or Microsoft Azure clouds in minutes. It is available for any public cloud and as a physical appliance.


Zentera’s CoIP CoNET Platform architecture is based on next-generation infrastructure virtualization technology. The platform allows MSPs, VARs and SIs, along with cloud marketplace and brokerage vendors, to support enterprises in adopting hybrid implementations without altering the enterprise’s underlying infrastructure.


zCenter is the management portal for the Zentera CoNET platform. zCenter enables Application Profiles, which define the cloud overlay network. Zentera CoNET zCenter portal showing a multi-domain overlay network with CoNET firewalls, LAN and WAN


zChamber is a software-based cloud firewall system that automatically provisions secure chambers in multi-tenant cloud environments and enterprise datacenters. Adding or removing servers to the chamber automatically updates the peripheral firewall rules on all servers in the chamber and provides notifications to IT admin for unauthorized access.


CoNET supports dynamically provisioned virtual WAN and LAN using private routing with any public or private IP addresses and using the underlying datacenter networks as the high-speed forwarding fabric with optional transport encryptions. CoNET WAN is the secure glue that connects federated clouds among outsourced datacenters.


zSafe offers end-to-end data encryption, transport and synchronization between domains. zSafe encryption keys are generated for each application profile and owned by the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises can protect their data in the cloud – even the hosting cloud service provider cannot access it.

Zentera Mitigates Cloud Adoption Security Concerns

Security is a critical consideration when enterprises are deploying IT infrastructure to the cloud—maintaining perimeter security when setting up a hybrid network using conventional methodologies is a significant and costly challenge.

CoNET includes a private routing plane, transport encryption within and across datacenters, cloud chamber firewalls, data encryption at rest and remote terminal systems with fast provisioning, minimal IT effort and enterprise-grade security.

Zentera’s CoIP CoNET as the new virtual network paradigm offers an additional layer of security on top of its fundamental capability of maintaining existing security for both the enterprise network and its applications while migrating to the cloud.