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ADURANT Technologies: A Global Leader and Best-in-Class Cloud Services Solution Provider

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” -Jack Welch

ADURANT Technologies is a Cloud Services Solution provider, specializing in Data Management and Infrastructure Technologies. The ADURANT Team has extensive experience with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Technologies and specializes in architecture, delivery, portfolio rationalization, support and life cycle management of Big Data, Data Management and Infrastructure Technologies. ADURANT is a Cloudera and Oracle Gold Partner and authorized reseller.

A Veteran Owned Business, Adurant Technologies core values are grounded in decades of exercising Integrity, Excellence and Service. Company’s Cloud Services are founded in developing a strong Strategic Portfolio that addresses clients business needs.

ADURANT’s Popular Cloud Solution
The company specializes in architecture, delivery, portfolio rationalization, support and life cycle management of Data Management and Infrastructure Technologies.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions Enterprise Management
Solutions- Enterprise management and monitoring services allow their client to determine the depth and breadth of Cloud and understand the relationship of Services from application to disk. Oracle Enterprise Manager is a key component to getting a full view of Cloud capabilities.

Disaster Recovery Solutions- By definition, disaster’s are unexpected. Leverage ADURANT’s extensive contingency and disaster planning skills to provide viable Cloud Solutions to support business in the event of a disaster.

Platform Cloud Solutions
Structured Data Management- Structured, performant, and secure SQL services are the lifeblood of automated business process. ADURANT provides full featured, robust Data Management solutions from architecture, implementation, tuning, data architecture rationalization, and consolidation of SQL databases.

Big Data- Hadoop and NoSQL databases have revolutionized the unstructured data space. Whether its the latest in Hadoop clustering or managing data from impressions to relationships, ADURANT provides a lifecycle management approach to transforming unstructured and structured data for business.

Data Warehousing- Data Warehouses and Operational Data Stores are the foundations of your Business Intelligence services. They provide a wealth of actionable history related to customers, business relationships, operational efficiencies, and financial performance. Mining information from these systems to understand your marketplace, adjust business strategies, and adjust tactical business processes is a significant component of your competitive edge. Unleash the full breadth of your business experience through rapid aggregation of data and cogent mining of this history.

Infrastructure Cloud Solutions
Linux- Oracle Linux release is the only open-source operating system that offers zero-downtime patching. It is optimized for enterprise data management systems and is one of the most heavily tested Linux distributions against real world workloads. ADURANT provides consulting on how to design, implement, and manage Oracle Linux in environment.

Virtualization- Virtualization is the foundation of Infrastructure Cloud Services. Whether you are just starting a server consolidation project or advancing on the benefits of applications assembly, ADURANT will help maximize these opportunities.

Systems/Storage- Oracle x86 systems and the ZFS Storage Appliance are optimized for data management workloads. These systems are integral components of Oracle’s Engineered Systems. Leverage Oracle’s 30 years of sustained systems engineering to provide robust infrastructure for data management services

Knowing the Key Executive
Brett Weninger, Managing Director- A business-focused technology leader, Brett has been driving value into organizations for over 20 years. Prior to founding ADURANT Technologies, Brett was at Oracle for 10 years where he managed various high-profile internal and client facing programs and projects. These responsibilities include managing Oracle On-Demand’s (now Cloud Services) Systems Architecture Team, developing and managing the Systems Architecture Program for Oracle’s Global Single Instance transformation story and deploying Oracle’s first Disaster Recovery environments for its production systems. Prior to working in Technology, Brett was a Command-in-Control Officer (Captain) in the US Air Force. While on active duty, he was directly responsible for commanding US and multinational, global air operations in direct support of US Foreign Policy and United Nations resolutions. Brett is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.

“Leveraging your data, empowering your business”